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A Week at the Shore

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This past summer I spent a week at the shore with my cousin Annie, Aunt and Uncle and my cousin Jeff who brought a friend named Pat.


I arrived on Sunday and the house my uncle rented was beautiful and right on the beach. That Tuesday afternoon I left the beach a little early fearing I got too much sun. I showered at the outside shower and when I went in the back door Pat was laying naked on a lounge chair masturbating. I don't know who was more embarrassed, and I just stood there for a moment, and ran up to my room. I only saw him a few times the rest of the day and knew he was avoiding me.

The next day on the beach, he came over and apologized to me. I just said it was ok and that I was sorry for walking in on him. He sat down and the next thing I knew we were discussing masturbation and laughing about it. I even admitted that I masturbate once or twice a week. The discussion continued and Pat started asking me how much I saw and that he was embarrassed at not having a very large penis. At that point I didn't know what to say as the only time I have seen boys before it was babies or real small boys. I have seen pictures but I was not sure of what is big or small since some of them were porn and I know the real big ones are not normal. The conversation led to talking about sex and how I masturbate and how it feels which was sometimes embarrassing.

The more we talked about it the more comfortable I felt and started telling him things I have never told anyone. I could see him constantly looking at my breasts and could see he had an erection. When I asked him if he did have an erection he said he couldn't help it and that I turned him on. That night Annie and I went to the movies and got home pretty late. I did tell her about me walking in on him naked and him masturbating and we both had a good laugh over it.

The next day when we left the beach Pat asked me to go on the boardwalk with him and I accepted. When we got back we watched tv for awhile and then around midnight Pat asked me to go out on the patio with him. We did kiss for a while but mostly talked again for over an hour. Again the conversation turned to sex and masturbation and this time I could feel myself getting aroused and wondering if Pat was also. When I finally went to bed I played with myself and had a few orgasms thinking about Pat.

The next day on the beach he came over to me again and he started asking me to watch him jerk off. He said it really excited him that I caught him doing it that day. I was flabergasted and got up and walked away from him and went in the water with my cousin Annie. I told her what he asked and she started laughing which made me laugh also. Then she started telling me I was crazy if I didn't watch him. She asked me how many chances I had to see a cute guy do that and said she would if he asked her. The more I thought about it the more excited I got. Annie and I went out again that night and when we got back I told Pat I would watch him. Since Jeff and Pat were sharing a room I told him to come to my room after everyone went to bed.

He finally came to my room about 1:00 am wearing only boxer shorts. At first I think he was nevous about masturbating in front of me and we just sat on the bed and talked for awhile. I did let him kiss me and he wasn't actually groping my breasts but he managed to get his hand under my night shirt and brushed across them with the back of his hand. All I had on was a nightshirt and panties with no bra. When I looked down I could see his erection and told him so. He stood up and took off his shorts and layed on the bed. He had brought a small bottle of hand lotion with him a squirted some on his penis and started to masturbate.

I could tell he was a little embarrassed because he was blushing, but he continued to jerk himself. I could feel myself getting aroused and couldn't take my eyes off his penis since it was the first time I ever saw anything like this and could feel my clit getting wet. Then he asked me to let him see my breasts. A few boys have tried to touch them before but none have ever seen them. I'm not sure why, but I pulled up my night shirt to my chin as he stared at me and within a few seconds he ejaculated all over his stomach. I let my nightshirt back down and got him a towel to clean up with. We just sat on the bed for a while talking and he was still naked. I couldn't help but watch as his penis shrunk soft and small. Pat then put the towel over his lap and covered himself.

I told him his penis wan't that small and we complimented each other and he said he really liked my breasts. We started kissing again and he gently pushed me down on the bed and layed beside me naked. We were french kissing and I could feel his hands under my nightshirt and he started to hold my breasts. I was so aroused then that I didn't try to stop him and let him take it off altogether. He started rubbing and kissing my breasts till he finally put his hand in my panties and started to finger me. He got to his knees and I let him take off my panties then he got between my legs and fingered my vagina.

I know he wanted to have intercouse but we didn't have a condom and I am still a virgin and didn't want him to anyhow. I kept having orgasms as he fingered and kissed almost every part of my body. I thought I was in heaven especially when he was kissing me inside my thighs with his fingers in my vagina. He came up beside me again and I could feel his hard penis against my leg. I got on my knees and put some lotion on my hand and started to masturbate him. Pat just layed there with his legs spread apart as I rubbed his balls with one hand and masturbated him with the other. I really enjoyed doing it to him and watching him cum and the expression on his face as he did.

The next few nights we did the same and it was better each time. Sunday came too fast and it was time to go home. Pat lives about 30 miles from my house and we were able to get together seven more times since then. I won't see him again till the middle of October. I hope he thinks about me as much as I do him, as when I masturbate he is always in my thoughts. I told my cousin Annie everything and I think she is jealous since Pat is such a hunk. It was the best vacation I ever had.



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