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A Walk in the Woods

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There are many ways to masturbate. You can do it quick. You can whip your dick out through the zipper hole and do it. You can do it in your bathroom or someplace else in the house. It's true that there are many ways but there is only one best way and for everyone it's different. For me, it's completely naked, outdoors with the possibility of being caught and having an audience. These are conditions that my wife and I can generate whenever we want to. Don't get me wrong, most times actual sexual intercourse in the sexiest positions are involved. But some days just watching each other play with themselves or each other is the goal. And it's wonderful.

There are a few notable times and places in my mind. As we drive we masturbate all the time. We pulled into a visitors center and did it bottomless once. We did it on the deck of our house a number of times. We even did it on a hotel balcony on vacation a couple of times. But my favorite spot of all is just off a hiking trail in the mountains.

We went specifically to find a good spot to sit in the sun and play with ourselves. We walked into the trail for close to an hour before finding the perfect spot. It was a designated resting spot with tree trunk benches. It was in a clearing but provided some shade. As we walked along we encountered a couple of other hikers along the trail so we both knew that the possibility of someone coming by was there, but there were not so many that it was just too dangerous to do. We stood in the sun and started kissing to really got into the mood. Before too long we were getting undressed. We took off every stitch we had on. We set our clothes neatly so that if needed we could throw them on quickly. We put our underwear down as a barrier against the wood and straddled it facing each other. We took our time and kissed each other passionately for a few minutes as our hands found each others body. The temptation to plow my dick into her wet pussy was strong but that wasn't why we were there. She wanted to get herself off and let me watch. As my fingers danced around her clit they were getting soaked by her wetness. I would take it and rub it on my dick. In turn my precum found its way to her fingers and she rubbed it onto her clitoris.

The time came when she pulled away and laid back on the bench. She spread her legs as far as possible to expose her beautiful mostly shaved pussy and swollen clitoris. A small trickle of juice ran from her pussy to her ass crack. She was absolutely beautiful. She always starts slow, using one hand to spread her incredibly pink pussy and the other to rub her clitoris. My dick was so hard that it was almost sore. Her perfect soft breasts with her nipples pointing skyward were held in place between her outstretched arms. They danced to the rhythm of her fingering, covered in scattered sunlight. Pure pleasure was on her face. I was enjoying the show immensely.

Some time passed before she put her spreading hand on her breast to play with her nipple. Whenever she does that I know it's getting close to orgasm time. Her fingers started rubbing her pussy mound quicker and quicker. Her lovely pussy lips had no choice but to bend and fold under the pressure of her hand. She went from heavy breathing to quiet moaning. Within no time she gasped a deep breath of air as her legs went into the air spreading wide. She rubbed her pussy in a fury. Her quiet moans turned into long loud moans and her pussy began to twitch out an orgasm. I held my cock hard and stroked furiously until a thick stream of super white cum shot out all over her stomach, hand and pussy. We were both cumming at once. I love the sight of my baby fingering my nasty cum all over her pussy dripping between her fingers and ass crack. Her fingers slipped even more easily from the lubrication of my cum.

Her orgasm passed and her legs came crashing down onto the ground. After catching her breath she put her hand up to her mouth and tasted the mixture of my semen and her pussy juices. She cleaned every drop off and licked her lips as if it was the best thing she ever tasted. I laid on top of her between her with her legs hugging my body and my still hard cock rubbing against her sloppy wet pussy and kissed her deep and long. I could feel the slippery semen between us but I just didn't care at the moment, she felt so good.

Eventually we sat up and cleaned up. We sat a while still naked in each others arms. More than a few times we went hiking there and ended up naked. Whether it's sex or masturbation, it has become a favorite place of ours.



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