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A Walk in the Country

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Thank you Solo Touch for providing such a wonderful place to visit. I love spending time reading here and masturbating myself to so many great orgasms. Here is one of my most arousing memories. It was just a walk that by accident became a wonderful experience and a great masturbation memory.


My family has a country home sitting well back off the road on 50 acres that we use as a cottage. We all like it better than a typical cottage because it is so private with neighbors far away. The house sits high with rolling hills and a large inground pool.

The joining property on one side is owned by a fairly young professional couple about mid 30's with no kids. I'll call them Jack and Jill for privacy. I have met them many times over the years when we have had BBQ's or invited them for a party or swim even though they have their own pool.

The day this took place was three years ago. I was at the house with my parents, aunt and uncle. I was 19 at the time and I loved spending time at the house as much as I could even when I came without friends for the weekend.

Most times I am there I will walk our property through the trees and into the back fields and onto the farm behind us. I just love the peace and quiet. By the way I should add that many times over the years I have stopped to masturbate on my walks. I'm going to guess I have done it more than 100 times. It is very erotic to stop where it is wide open, take off everything I'm wearing and masturbate nude in the warm sun. I have even left my clothes on the ground and continued walking nude. It's a great turn on to be walking outside naked even though nobody is around. I always fantasize that maybe I'll meet somebody by accident and then have no choice but to be seen nude. OK, back to the story now.

This day like so many others I was off for a walk. Nobody wanted to come so I knew I could enjoy some nude masturbation time in the warm sun.

This time on my walk I went around close to Jack and Jill's property. There house also sits way back from the old dirt road giving lots of privacy on large acerage. As I made my way along the old wire fence I got to where I could see their house. As I continued walking I noticed through the tree line that someone was out by the pool. I kept going then stopped when I realized it was Jack laying nude. I could hear music playing not too loudly. I did not see Jill so I assumed he was alone. I was very interested in seeing this good looking man naked so I quietly crept to the best viewing spot I could find and sat down knowing it would be difficult for Jack to spot me. I sat watching Jack for about 20 minutes. I had a perfect left side view full length of his naked body and he looked so nice.

A few minutes past then he stood up and went into the house. I got a nice view and noticed he hung nice and long. Seconds later he returned with a magazine and lay back down. He started reading the magazine blocking the sun with it at the same time. As he was reading I was just close enough to see he was getting hard. His nice cock was now turned up laying pointing toward his face. I thought for sure I was going to get a masturbation show from this man then not seconds later I did. I was now in heaven because he had his hard cock in his hand slowly running it up and down. I knew I would not be able to just sit there so slowly I removed all my clothes to secretly join him.

Jack stood up and I then got a nice view of his hard cock sticking straight out. He walked in the house and I whispered begging him to return. He did return very quickly with a bottle in his hand. This time he sat up and placed the magazine in front of him. He took whatever was in the bottle and rubbed it on his cock then went right back to masturbating. By now I was very wet and was enjoying rubbing my clit while watching my secret show. I had a few nice orgasms while watching Jack stroke his cock but I had to keep quiet. Jack kept it up for about 20 minutes then he tilted his head back and enjoyed a nice orgasm himself. I knew he was cumming from his body moving around but I was too far away to see his cum squirt out. Just after he came I enjoyed another beautiful orgasm fuelled by what I had just witnessed. I sat for a few moments enjoying the afterglow of my masturbation time and orgasm I had with Jack even though he had no idea. As I watched him clean up his chair with the towel I knew he must have squirted quite a bit. Jack went inside again with his cock still half hard and I grabbed my clothes under my arm and left. I walked naked to the back of our property where I stopped in the clearing and masturbated a while more. I had such wonderful orgasms that day. Now I was able to let loose with my usual sounds of delight when I reached orgasm which I find always makes them more intense. Once I masturbated myself enough to feel satisfied I lay back and let the sun dance on my body.

When I got back to the house my mom said I was gone so long they were about to come and look for me. I'm sure glad they didn't. I excused myself and went to wash off the bottoms of my feet that always get black if I walk nude too long. Once I was clean I spent the day by the pool with my eyes closed dreaming of what I had done earlier that day.

The next time I talked to Jack I looked at him in a whole new way. I wish I could tell him what I saw and did that day but I'm too afraid. Maybe one day if the time is right. I know he would have to keep it a secret too.

Thank you all who read my story. Please comment and add a bit about you too, if you will. Keep enjoying your bodies as much as I do mine.




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