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A Visit To the Therapist

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I was a depressed 20 year old, stressed out about just starting work, when I was persuaded by a friend to make an appointment with a family friend of hers, who was trained as a therapist.

I wore a sundress and underware on the day of the appointment, and when I got there, the therapist friend was a 50 year old obese man. He grunted when he talked and was breathing so heavily that I worried he might have a stroke or heart attack right in front of me. He began asking me questions about my childhood, and about how the work was going, how I was eating and sleeping, things like that.

He then asked if I had a boyfriend. I said no. He asked about my past sexual experience, which wasn't much. I wasn't a virgin, but I didn't have much experience with sex or about my own body either. He asked me if I'd ever had an orgasm from intercourse, and I said I didn't think so. He asked me if I ever masturbated, and I said yes, occasionally. During this conversation he kept glancing down at my legs which were exposed a little above my knees as they were crossed. He said that he apologized for asking such personal questions, and I said it was okay, I didn't mind. I had never seen a therapist before and didn't think anything was unusual.

Then he said that I might not know this, but he was also a medical doctor before he had become a therapist. He said that he wanted to give me a physical exam as well to see how my reflexes were or if there were any physical problems that might be contributing to my depressed feelings.

He took a small hammer from his bag and tapped just below my knees and elbows. He took out a stethoscope and listened to my heart, pressing the instrument just under my left breast and checked my lungs at the same time. He felt my neck, and then asked me to lie back on the couch so that he could feel my abdomen. I really wasn't paying attention to what he was doing, but even though he was old and fat I began to like the feeling of his hands on my body! I guess I had been too long without a boyfriend!

Then he said that it might make me uncomfortable, but he wanted to do a pelvic and vaginal exam on me. I was a little nervous at this stage but said, okay. He told me to undress, and as I was taking off my dress and shoes, he went over to his desk and shuffled some papers, not watching me. When I took my panties off, I kind of sat back down on the couch and he came back over and helped position me lying on the couch the way he wanted me.

He was sitting on his wheeled office chair and I was laying back on the couch with my legs spread over each side. He gently spread my labia with his fingers and was looking at me intently. When he gently pushed back the hood over my clitoris, I began to feel warm and tingly down there, but I acted as if I didn't feel anything.

He apologized again once or twice if this was making me uncomfortable, and I said no, it was fine. He began circling his finger around over my moist clitoris, and started talking about female sexual response as an indicator of general health. I was very shy and didn't really hear everything he was saying. As he continued massaging my clit, my vagina became wet and lubricated and I began to feel really aroused. He commented that that was very good.

He took a finger from his other hand and started pushing at the entrance to my vagina. By this time it was feeling great and I was starting to breathe more heavily. I kind of laughed a few times, but he kept saying, relax, relax, you're doing good.

He eased his middle finger in and slipped it in and out of my pussy, he didn't have a glove on or anything, and continued rubbing my clit with his other hand. I had a boyfriend who fingered me a lot and it brought back memories of him. I started panting, moaning a little, and thrusting my hips up against him a little. I entered a mental fog of arousal and soon I passed a point of no return where I didn't care if I DID have a big wet orgasm right in front of this doctor.

When my vagina started to contract around his finger, he stopped moving it and just held it still, while continuing to rub my clit. I don't know how many times my pussy contracted so tight around his finger as I came, but it seemed to last forever. The fresh smell of my juice was in the air, and his hand was glistening wet that had run down all the way to his wrist.

When I was done, I felt kind of dazed (but MUCH better!) and he took his hands off me. He got up to wash his hands and give me some wet wipes to clean up, and I noticed a large bulge in his pants. He told me that I was a very healthy young woman. He was so doctor-like about it all that I didn't really understand at the time that what he'd done wasn't right! All I know is I enjoyed it and had no regrets letting him do it. I went to talk to him for a couple of appointments after that and he wasn't creepy or pervy at all, though nothing like that ever happened again.



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