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A Visit To the Philadelphia Jacks

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It had been nearly nine years since I last visited the Philadelphia Jacks club, a jerk off group situated in the old city part of Philadelphia, while traveling through the USA.

My memories from that first experience are simple but bliss. Me naked (apart from sneakers), on a couch giving a 40 year old white man a handjob while admiring a young black guy stroking his willy next to me.

My travels would see me in Philadelphia for Tuesday when the club would hold one of its meetings. I had planned it that way although I told everyone I needed to stop over in Philly while waiting for a night train. Which was kind of true.

The party kicked off at 7:30pm so I set off from my hostel towards the club's venue at around the same time. I was outside the door at 7:45pm and decided to ring the bell straight away, not really caring if the locals knew what was going on inside.

Once inside I walked up the stairs, signed my name on a disclaimer sheet, and made my way to where cocks of all shapes and sizes were swaying about.

A friendly naked man greeted me and after I paid a fee, and stared at his dick, gave me a bag to put all my clothes in.

I quickly took my clothes off, except my sneakers of course, and made my way to the main area as my cock started to grow.

Now a little about me - I'm a slim but toned guy who has a 20cm cock. Uncut (rather a unique thing in the US). I enjoy group masturbation sessions, I attend adult theaters for that reason, but hate it when it turns to kissing/sex. It's a reason why a place like the Jacks is so great, while most attending are gay-orientated it is all about the wanking.

Anyway back to the jack off party. There was probably 15-20 fully naked guys in there all stroking their dicks.

I stand there for a minute or two to assess the situation. There are two fit looking guys mutually masturbating on a couch in the corner, while the majority of the men are huddled around a young man who is obviously offering handjobs.

I see the same couch (well it was in the same position next to the several televisions playing pornos) I sat on nine years ago as a nude 21 year old. A healthy looking 40 something blond haired man is sitting there watching the pornos. He is wearing a leather cock ring and enjoying himself. His penis is probably 17cm long. A Turkish man is fapping furiously next to him but moves over to watch the two young guys in the corner. I move quickly onto the couch.

A veteran of the wanking circuit I feel comfortable and the 40 something blond haired man feels this - so quickly feels my very erect member while I do the same to him.

Within seconds we are jerking one another while others gather around to watch and wank. One man decides to kiss and lick my nipples but he gets the idea quickly that I do not like it and moves back to the handjob drive thru behind us.

My friend nearly comes so I slow down and let him wank himself, both of us leaning closely in while perving on the other's personal stroking.

While this is going on a young Korean student sits alongside my friend and begins to play with himself. I must admit I do find Asian cocks rather cute. It is small by Western standards but the way their willies stand proud is rather hot.

I start looking towards him and my friend notices this but it doesn't matter to him as he shoots his white load all over his tummy. After a couple of deep breaths he cleans up and makes his way to the changing area. Nothing is said but that's the way I like it.

I waste no time scooting over to the Korean and after a quick feel of his thigh I reach over and touch my first Asian penis. It feels great.

His face is one of a rookie in his first group jacking session but he has the biggest smile as he grips my rock hard cock.

We start jerking off together and that's all I can remember. Don't know what porno was playing or if others were watching - though I'm sure that Turkish guy was fapping furiously to us.

I realise the time is 9pm, I need to catch a train, and my Korean wanker tells me he doesn't want to cum just yet. I don't want to cum either but a train ticket tells me it time to cum.

I begin bashing away like the Turkish guy and within minutes I squirt cum on myself, the Korean and the couch. When I recover a young Filipino guy hands me some water spray and tissues. I didn't notice him sitting next to me while I came.

Like my friend before me I just get up and make my way to the changing area but I turn around to see a man in his 50s with a nicely sized, nicely erect member between his legs taking my place on the couch.

I get my clothes and leave before I get horny again. Sadly it was a very important train I needed to catch but I will return to Philadelphia Jacks again.



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