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A VERY Merry Christmas

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This is very long, but the back story is important so that you can understand my relationship with 'Nikki'


"Nikki" is a friend of mine from high school in Minnesota where I still live. She currently lives in a Denver suburb, but her parents still live near me. This past summer, our class celebrated our 10 year reunion. About 4-6 months before the reunion, I e-mailed her with preliminary plans for the reunion (of which I was in charge) and casually mentioned that I hoped that she and her husband would be able to make it. She had just gotten married (for the second time) the previous summer. She replied that she and her husband were splitting up. I was shocked, frankly. Nikki is an intelligent, attractive and friendly young woman. That she would have two failed marriages within 10 years of graduation was beyond my wildest imagination.
After reflecting on this information for the better part of a day, I composed a brief but heartfelt message to her. We were hardly close friends in high school, but we had a lot of classes together and she confided in me on more than one occasion. I was concerned. I didn't think she was a candidate for suicide, but you never know. Basically, I told her that I would support her any way I could, even as just a long distance e-mail pal.
You may recall that late in the spring of 2002 there were some serious wildfires near Denver. When I first heard the news on TV, I instantly e-mailed Nikki to see how she was and if she was in any real danger. She replied that she didn't think the fires were going to affect her but that she kept a suitcase packed just in case. As it turned out, of course, the fires never got within 30 miles of Denver.
For various reasons, she was unable to make it to the reunion. I was a little disappointed but I understood. I had hoped that getting together with some of her old friends might help cheer her up. Not to be, I guess. Anyway, all of that led to what happened on the evening of Christmas Day.
She didn't tell me that she was coming home for Christmas, not that I would have expected her to do so. However, she had no reason to stay in Denver with most of her family in Minnesota. I found out she was in town when I listened to a phone message she had left while I was attending services in the afternoon. She wished me a Merry Christmas and wondered if we could get together to "catch up" some time before the end of the weekend when she went back to Denver. That wasn't going to be easy. My parents and I were in charge of the Family Christmas for 35 people. I would be at that until at least 6 PM. I had to work nights the rest of the week. I called her back and told her. "What about Christmas night, after your gathering?" she asked. I actually had planned to see the Tom Hanks movie that night anyway, so I asked if that sounded good to her. We agreed to meet at my place and then go together.
After the movie, we were both hungry, but nothing was open of course. I offered to take her back to my place for some left overs from the gathering. She agreed and off we went. After we ate, we sat on my couch to chat. Eventually. I asked what happened in the marriage and she said that her husband was cheating on her. "Less than a year after the wedding?" I asked. She shook her head yes and said that he had actually been fooling around before they got married. I said that fooling around is something I could never do. When I'm with a woman, there is no one else. "Maybe I should have married you!" She said with a laugh, then added, "maybe then I wouldn't be a two time loser."
"Don't think of yourself as a loser. Those guys are the losers. I can't imagine why anyone would want to hurt you by doing something like that. You're smart, you're pretty. Any guy with a brain would consider themselves lucky just to know you," I quickly said.
She started to tear up and said that that was the nicest thing anyone had ever told her. I opened my arms and let her fall on to my chest and cry for awhile. After a few minutes, she looked up and gave me a deep passionate kiss. I started to pull back. She was vulnerable. I had no intention of taking advantage of the situation and risking her friendship. And I told her so. She confessed that "catching up" wasn't all she had in mind when she called. "It's been a long time since my divorce, you know. Let's just see what happens," she said. I reluctantly said "OK" and added, "if you want to stop, just say so."
I leaned over and pressed my lips to hers. I embraced her tightly as I leaned back to bring her on top of me. Her breasts pressed against my chest as I rubbed her back and and down to her backside. I gave her a little tongue as I started to pull her blouse out her pants underneath her sweater. She leaned up and I gently removed both so that she had only her bra covering her average for her size (32 B) tits. She is only about 5' 3", 115 pounds. She helped me out of my top as I unclasped her bra revealing those perky beauties. I pulled her close and started licking one and then the other until both nipples were nice and hard and I heard her make a soft moan.
By now, I was sporting a good sized erection and Nikki finally noticed. She unzipped my fly and freed my 7 inches from my boxers. She licked her hand and started stroking me very softly. She was still straddling my legs and I was continuing to kiss her and rub her back. Although the pleasure she was giving me made it in increasingly harder for me to concentrate on holding her close.
She gradually increased her pace of stroking and after about ten minutes I announced that I was about to cum. She kept stroking and let my semen flow out over her hand and onto my underwear. She licked some off her hands and gave me a wanting look. I slid out from under her, slid off her pants and panties and positioned her so that I could have access to her clean shaven pubic area. I asked why she shaved. She said her 1st husband asked her once and she decided that she like it that way.
I diddled her little clitty for a few seconds and then went to work on the rest of her labia. I made slow circles around first her outer and then her inner lips. She was not very wet, so I casually asked if she was enjoying what I was doing. "Oh yeah," she moaned. "Why?" I said, "you're not getting very wet."
"I usually don't," she replied. I shrugged and resumed my rubbing of her vulva. After about 5 minutes of teasing her, I plunged in my index finger and started stroking her inner vaginal walls. She was breathing very heavily now and was very red in the face. I reached up with my other hand and played with one of her breasts, tweaking the nipple a little. I finally moved to her front vaginal wall to find her G-Spot. It didn't take long. After only a few strokes of my index finger, her back arched up and she started shaking in the throes of a powerful orgasm. I removed my finger to taste what little juice there was until she recovered.
When she did she looked up at me and said, "That was great. I haven't had that strong of an orgasm in a long time. I think that deserves an extra present." I suggested that we might be more comfortable in my bedroom. She nodded and I led her in there. Once there, she wasted no time in removing my pants and underwear revealing my cock which was ready for more action. She indicated for me to lie down. I did and she positioned herself towards the foot of my bed so that she could get at my genitals, but I could not access hers.
A couple of strokes and I was fully erect. She licked every inch of my swollen shaft slowly before flicking my balls with her tongue and then swallowing each individually. She moved to start sucking my shaft when I said, "Hey this isn't fair, I want some too!"
"What do you mean?" she asked. I swung her legs over so her pussy was right in my face. I gave it a quick kiss and a few teasing licks. She tensed and said, "I've never had a man do that before."
"Really?" I asked. She nodded and said "really." I said, "I think you'll enjoy it."
Nikki went back to sucking my dick while I began to explore an area where no tongue had been before. If this was her first time, I said to myself, I am going to make sure she likes it. The fact that I had already cum once and that I was so intent on pleasuring her, delayed my ejaculation. I explored every millimeter of her sex box with my tongue. I also noticed that she was producing a lot of lubrication. Maybe fingers didn't get her wet, but my tongue sure did. She had two powerful orgasms, even more intense than with my fingers, before I realised that I was making her suck me too long. She didn't seem to mind as she never stopped slurping away. I focused my attention back on the pleasure I was receiving and in another minute told her I was cumming. She removed her mouth but kept it close and gripped my dick tightly so that I would spurt into her mouth. Most got into her mouth, but some dribbled out the sides. She wiped her fingers around her mouth and then licked them.
We lay naked together for a long time just holding each other. After a awhile I asked if she wanted to spend the night. It wasn't particularly late (about 11 PM) and her parents only lived a few miles away. She agreed and said that she had a bag in her car (recall that she had driven to my place). "Did you plan this?" I inquired. "Well, no," she replied, "But I did tell my parents not to wait up for me." We just held each other close most of the night.
In the morning, I grabbed her bag out of the car, made breakfast and brought it to the bedroom before she woke. I gently kissed her on the lips to wake her. After we both had showered and dressed we talked until I had to leave for work. She gave me her cell number and told me to call her sometime Friday so we could get together. We haven't had full sex yet, but there are still two days before she leaves. I definitely think that our relationship has reached a new level.



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