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A Very Happy Masturbation Enthusiast

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This is my personal story and it's all true. I hope others relate to it. I love this site since I found it a short while ago because it's a great way of exchanging experiences with others.


Throughout my life I've always been an avid masturbator, but until a short while ago I've always pleasured myself in private. About five years ago I got married to a great guy, and initially we had a pretty good sex life. However, like so many other couples the initial thrill tailed off a bit after the first few years, so I have continued to satisfy myself out of necessity.

I have always masturbated about once a day (since I first found out how) and on occasion more, although in a happily married home it has occasionally been hard to find the opportunity. But if I don't get some release I'm pretty quickly climbing the walls with frustration, and my pussy gets to a state of continual arousal which just has to be satisfied!

Normally, though, I get time to myself at some point during the day (when I'm not at work) and if necessary I'll quickly pull my pants and knickers down and give myself a quick orgasm while sitting on the couch in the den. I prefer to take more time over it though, and like most people my preferred location is in our lovely comfortable bed where I can delight in getting my fingers really wet with my pussy juices and stroke away at my clit until I give myself a lovely and intense orgasm. I do have a vibrator (a present from an old boyfriend) which is carefully hidden away in one of my drawers, and sometimes if I think I will have more time I get this out and it adds to my sensations. Not all the time, though; mostly I prefer the feeling of just using my fingers.

Until very recently I have always been petrified of being found out by my hubby (who works longer hours than I do), and there have been one or two close shaves where I have been happily pleasuring myself in our bed when I have heard hubby drive up to the front of the house and have had to scrabble my clothes on and put the bed straight. I have often wondered how I have got away with it as the delicious aroma of my cunt on my fingers is very obvious to me until I get an opportunity to wash my hands!

I also sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and since for good reason I always wear a nightgown (because it's open at the bottom!) I am easily able to surreptitiously pull it up and start stroking away at my clit until I have a lovely quiet orgasm or two without disturbing my hubby who's fast asleep and oblivious to what's going on just inches away from him. Then I fall into a lovely deep satisfied sleep until morning. Much better than sleeping pills!

I have always wondered how my hubby has coped with the lower level of sexual activity since we got married since he was always very enthusiastic when we were more active. We do still have sex, but it's more like once a week nowadays and I am sure that most men think about sex more often than that. But since we had never broached the subject of masturbation I had no idea of how he dealt with things. I was always interested and the thought of men stroking their cocks has always been really sexy to me, maybe because I love doing it so much myself. But I just couldn't bring myself to talk about it. Whenever we're together we always concentrate on giving each other pleasure.

All that changed recently though, which is the crux of my story. We were sitting watching TV and he cuddled up to me as we often do. This time, however, I was wearing a top which had a ribbon holding it together at the top and no bra. He pulled at the bow and opened the top, which released my breasts (they're not large but nice and sensitive). He started nuzzling away at them, and I could feel my pussy suddenly flooding. It started to tingle in that lovely way and I just couldn't resist dropping my hand to it and putting some pressure on my clit, gently massaging it in a way that I thought wouldn't be detected. I could feel my orgasm building in a lovely way when suddenly he lifted his mouth from my breast and said 'Are you masturbating?' in a sort-of accusatory way. I can't tell you exactly how I felt but it was surprisingly delicious, a combination of guilt and a thrill at being found out doing something that had previously only been very private.

Of course I had to admit that was exactly what I had been doing. This opened the floodgates and he then wanted to know all about my masturbation habits, and I have to say that it turned me on immensely to tell him how much I loved masturbating and how often I did it. I couldn't resist keeping my hand on my pussy and gently pressing on it through my pants while we talked and he soon noticed. At that he suggested we both stripped off and retired to bed to continue the discussion.

When we got onto the bed we carried on the discussion and he admitted that he also loved masturbating but had not found it easy to get opportunities to do it. Turned out he often went into the toilets at work and jacked off there, which I found very exciting to think about him doing that, although I also felt very guilty that he hadn't been able to do it at home like I could.

While we talked I leant back against the pillows and dropped my hand to my pussy which was absolutely dripping. I started to pleasure myself in time-honoured fashion when to my delight and amazement (only because it was so novel) he started to do the same with his rock-hard cock while lying next to me. I can't tell you how much it turned me on to be doing this with him, it was a real revelation and I don't think I had ever been quite so turned on before. Pretty soon I felt my orgasm coming and for the first time I orgasmed by my own hands in front of him. Seconds later he orgasmed as well, squirting his come onto my fingering hands.

I can't tell you how sexy the room smelt, the combination of my pussy and his come was absolutely delicious. We fell into each other's arms and kissed passionately. For some reason I felt immensely close to him which I found rather odd, but it has been the beginning of a second phase in our relationship. Now that we are open about our shared love of masturbation we feel free to indulge ourselves without hiding it.

Sometimes he will say to me that he feels like 'relaxing' (our codename for it) and normally I will want to join him in bed for a nice masturbation break, but sometimes he will go off by himself and re-appear some time later when I will give him a big kiss and ask him if he had a good time.

In return when I am feeling horny I will do the same, and although I love it when he joins me I also love it when I am lying there pleasuring myself to the background noise of him moving around doing some housework or whatever, excited by the fact that he knows exactly what I'm up to. Often he will come in and watch me, standing in the doorway while I stroke away at my pussy. Sometimes he will open his flies and take out his cock and whack away with me or jump on the bed and start suckling at my breast, which is always the trigger for a particularly strong orgasm.

The other time when we are now not bashful about our masturbation is in bed, and at any stage of the night either one of us will feel the urge and start masturbating which often but not always triggers the other one to join in.

Many of our masturbation sessions end up with it progressing to actual sex but I know I cannot talk about that further here!

Happy masturbating to everyone, it really is a great and exciting pleasure and I urge you all to share it with your partners. I personally think it should never be seen as a substitute for sex, it's a different thing in its own right and in my experience sharing it with your partner as well as sex, leads to more fun all round.



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