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A Very Friendly Maid

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Our maid, Auntie Bee, would 'tickle' me to orgasm so I could sleep.


My first memory of feeling good between my legs was when I was about 6 or 7 years old and our maid, Auntie Bee, would 'tickle' me there to help me go to sleep at night. I don't recall anything further happening, until I was fourteen years old and had gone off to camp for the summer.
Returning home was just as great as going, since I was sick of camp fires and sleeping on a hard cot. But, at night, after lights out, I heard some of the girls touching each other and making each other feel 'dreamy creamy', and I had become excited by this, wishing I, too, could feel that way.
Finally, on the last night of camp, the girl in the next cot came over to me and asked if she could make me feel really good between my legs. Remembering Auntie Bee's gentle fingers, and lying in wait for nine nights, I gladly agreed. She rubbed and tickled my pussy until I could hardly bear it anymore, and straightened out my legs real stiff and began thrusting my hips up in the air right against her hand. She rubbed me harder then, and I experienced my very first orgasm. It surely was 'dreamy creamy', alright. Far more exciting than Auntie Bee's gentle tickling.
I'll never ever forget the night I got home. I got home and had greeted everyone and relayed my camp stories around the dinner table, it was soon time to go to bed, and Auntie Bee said she'd be up in a few minutes to tuck me in. Although she thought I was getting a bit too grown up to be tucked in, my mother liked the idea on the nights she and Daddy were going out. My homecoming night was such a night.
I took my bath, and as I stepped out of the tub there was Auntie Bee with a towel waiting to dry me off as she'd always done. I stood there while she briskly dried me, but this night she took a little more time with my legs and hiney, being sure to slip the towel into my creases and rub lightly. Being the experienced woman I'd become the night before, this made me feel quite good and I rather enjoyed it, but didn't want Bee to see that.
For the last year or less, Auntie Bee had just drawn the covers over me, turned off the light, and wished me good night. But, that night she hesitated, and sat down on the side of the bed. She asked about my good time at camp and were there any other things I did that I'd tell her about? Had I made good friends with any of the girls? Did we get very close and give each other back rubs, etc. ? I admitted we had. Well, Auntie Bee's eyes began to shine, and her hand began to gently stroke my arm.
She asked me to tell her all about it ... especially the massages. Did any of the girls massage me where she used to? Between my legs?
I didn't want her to know about my last night's experiences, but telling her about the massages wouldn't hurt. So I told her all we did was scratch each other's backs and sometimes go way down to our bottoms, but no one ever tried to 'slip into the folds', as she'd described it.
She slid her hand under the covers to my knee and seemed to just be absent mindedly stroking my leg, but as I told her about the massages, her hand slid up to my tummy and groin area. Her hands were so soft and moved so nicely, and the heel of her hand slipped down over my mound and gently rubbed back and forth over the top part of my little slit (my clitoris) and before long she had me softly rocking back and forth trying to move my hips so that her hand would rub me lower down right on my pussy.
She kept whispering to me about the massages by the girls, and saying things like,' ... because if they rubbed or touched you right here you'd feel really good and might not want them to stop ...... ' and she gently rocked my pussy back and forth with her hand as she rotated it around and around my mound.
I became so very excited I told her she was making me feel just like the other girl had made me feel. So, she made me tell her just how that was and she duplicated the movements. She'd see that I was about orgasm, and she'd stop moving her hand and hold it real still for a minute or so - then start again. She made me so crazy hot that night that I just wanted to feel that incredible explosion feeling, and finally did feel myself go over the top during one of her stopping times. She rubbed very fast then, while I was jerking my hips around, and it seemed to keep me going longer than my first experience.
When I had calmed from the orgasm, she kept her still hand on my pussy. She said I could tell her now because I was more calm. So I told her in more detail and began to squirm a bit. She moved her hand just a little at first, then picked up the speed more and more until I was having my third ever orgasm. With rests in between of about 2-3 minutes she saw to it that I kept having little orgasms and I don't remember now how many I did end up having.
When she said good night, and said she was glad I was home, she promised me she'd massage me there every night if that's what I wanted. She'd teach me how to do it to myself, but I had to honestly tell her about every or any time anyone else touched me there. I promised and fell into an exhausted sleep.
Auntie Bee was with us until I was 17 years old, at which time she left to be with her family, who needed her, in another state. Auntie Bee taught me how to do myself, and also kept up her 'massages' the whole time, and while I quickly became savvy about what was really happening, it was great to have someone who would masturbate me whenever I wanted. By the time she left, I had her giving me orgasms whenever I wanted one - in all positions - standing, sitting, leaning over with my legs apart. However I wanted it is how she did it. I knew she loved it, just like I knew she would masturbate afterwards down in her room. I used to sneak down to listen at her door.
I told her when my first date touched me there, and how shocked he was when I touched him back and stroked him to orgasm. I thought she'd cum right there hearing that. I told her when I was first licked to orgasm, and she would have nothing but to do it to me herself, then. She kept doing this until the day she left.
I would make her sit on my dressing stool then stand in front of her in my heels and push my pussy to her face so she could lick me. She loved it and in no time at all I was splayed backwards on the carpet with Auntie Bee slurping at my clit and pussy lips until I came. My God but that woman could vibrate her mouth and chin so fast!
It was strange that we existed quite normally when I wasn't busy having orgasms by her hand - but, exist we did and my family never suspected a thing. They had accepted that Auntie Bee helped me a lot and had sort of become 'my own personal maid', as they joked. Indeed she had.
The night of my 16th birthday party was an incredible night that I will also remember. My date had felt me up but good, but got nowhere because we were at my house and he had to go home afterwards. So, Auntie Bee saw to it that I celebrated my birthday with two intense orgasms while laying on a lawn chair by our pool at 1:30 am.
But, Auntie Bee didn't know of the visit of my girlfriend, Shelly, who'd returned after a ride with her date. She was turned on and wide awake, and we slipped into the pool where we masturbated each other until we came, again. Both of us having had a few orgasms early in the evening.
Yes, I missed Auntie Bee, and was crushed when I learned she'd gone to be with God. There truly wasn't another woman in the world that could make me feel as she had done. It took me a number of years to realize that I was mainly straight, preferring men sexually, but there was a true bi side to me when it came to Auntie Bee.
Thanks for listening. Dredging up all of these memories and feelings while I wrote this, made me stop to masturbate twice!



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