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A Tug between Buds

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Myself and a few friends are in a moto cross team, so we travel the countryside a fair bit going from place to place. I usually work tuesday to friday lunch most weeks, so I'm still earning money to pay for various things (aside from the regular stuff like rent and bills).

A little while ago I had to take two weeks off to travel to a big event that everyone in our team was going to, so before then I skipped a few smaller events leading up to it, just to boost my savings a bit.

We had to travel four days, we could have done it in two but only one person could drive the truck with all our gear in it so we stopped more frequently.

One night on the way there, I was feeling rather restless, we usually stop at quiet motels along the way that are pretty cheap and know about from other teams and friends. I just couldn't sleep. At one point I had a raging boner it hurt, so I had to pull down my pants to relax it. We usually sleep in the same beds together, that is the same people sleep in the same beds if there aren't any single ones. Me and my best bud were in one together. He knew I was restless as i'm usually the first to sleep. My tossing and turning was keeping him awake a little bit.

'Can't you sleep?'

'Nah, too restless plus I got a rager so bad it hurts'

There was silence for a bit.

'You mind if I give you a tug? It might help'

I didn't reply for a bit. I was thinking about it, there was only us two in the room and I had no alternative apart from myself anyway.


'Umm..yeah, ok'

'Ok dude, imma find a pair of gloves and some paper towel or toilet paper.'

He got out of bed, grabbed his phone so he could see where he was going. Meanwhile I just stared out the window, seeing if I could get to sleep.

He came back a minute or two later and slipped back into bed.

'I got my spare gloves and got some toilet paper, I think I got enough so there wouldn't be a leftover mess.'

I turned over to my side facing him and pulled my pants down a bit more. He placed the toilet paper underneath the area where he was tugging me. He held underneath while the other hand was palming/rubbing the head of my penis in his palm.

It felt pretty good.

'how's that?'

'pretty nice actually'

He kept doin that for a bit and then the holding hand moved up and down the shaft, with the fingers occasionally reaching my testicles. The soft fabric of the glove was pretty relaxing.

'Just let me know when you're ready to go'


He continued doing the same motions. It was fairly rhythmic, to the point I was starting to fall asleep. I was edging closer and closer but at the same time I was getting sleepier and sleepier.

'Get ready, almost there'

Though as soon as I said that, a few moments later I came. Not sure how much because I fell asleep right after. When I woke up there wasn't any trace of a mess.

The next day I felt rather relieved in general, probably because I hadn't had a tug myself in a couple weeks and all that sexual tension was building up. Nothing was said of it the next day apart from a 'Sleep well last night?'

Though I did wonder from time to time on that trip if he did give himself a tug afterwards, if he kept those gloves or still has those gloves. I never saw what they looked like. He's got pretty good hands though, that's for sure. If the occasion arises, i'll probably return the favour.



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