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A True First-time Story

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An incredible first time experience.


I was a sophomore in college at the time this story took place. I had met this girl in one of my classes when I was a freshman, but I really hadn't given her much attention until I saw her at the swimming pool the next summer. She was wearing a very tiny, low rise bikini, and kept wrapping her long legs around her boyfriend's waist and sliding up and down just barely perceptively. I could tell her boyfriend had an enormous boner, and that she was feeling it. I spent hours jerking-off while thinking of this scene.

Later that year, she showed up in one of my classes at the beginning of the fall quarter. The weather was quite warm still, and she wore short skirts on some days, and short shorts on others. I couldn't help but notice her long legs. One day I finally commented that I thought she had beautiful legs. Here I was, somewhat embarrassed, commenting to her about her legs, and I didn't even know her name. She then told me her name was Kathy; we exchanged some small talk; and then she said she had broken up with her boyfriend. I took that as an invitation to call her later.

We had a good phone conversation, and decided to go out on a date. Over the next three or four weeks, we had several dates. I had little experience dating anyone. In fact, I had actually 'dated' only one other girl, and that was for no more than five or six times right after I graduated from high school.

Each time Kathy and I went out, I would invariably get a boner that stayed hard pretty much all through the date. I could tell that she noticed. I caught her many times looking down at my crotch. Given what I had seen at the pool in the previous summer, I assumed she knew all about guys and their boners, and I started to feel more comfortable when she looked at mine.

One weekend, after our third or fourth date, we decided to go to a drive-in movie. There were not many drive-ins left where we went to school, but this one was very large and usually had a lot of cars in it. The movies were old but they had been big hits in their time. I was really quite disappointed with the way Kathy had dressed on this date. Given the way she dressed at school, I thought she would wear a short skirt or shorts, to give me a good view of her beautiful legs. But instead she wore fairly tight jeans and a shirt tied around her waist. Later, I found out that she was also wearing a bra. Not exactly what I had in mind.

Within about the first 20 minutes of the first movie, we began kissing and it got pretty heavy. Before long, I had her shirt untied, and I began feeling her breasts through her bra. Try as I might, I could never get the bra unfastened. Fortunately, her bra was very thin; it often felt like I was rubbing her boobs directly. They were quite large, and more than filled my hands. Her nipples were very erect. Even with the thin material between my hands and her breasts, the feeling was just exquisite.

This was my first time feeling a girl's breasts. I wasn't sure what to do next. I felt like I should go further, but was just too scared. Apparently, that was okay with Kathy. She began rubbing my thigh, and worked her hand up to the tip of my penis. She gently began rubbing it through my pants. I was already super hard from rubbing her breasts, and when she started rubbing my penis through my pants, I thought my whole body was going to explode. I told her that I had to unzip my pants and take my penis out because it was aching so bad. She said that was okay with her, and that's what she intended to happen.

Once my penis was out of pants, she began stroking it gently, using long, slow strokes. I tried to reach for her crotch also, but she told me to sit back and watch the movie and enjoy what she was doing to me. By this time, I was totally under her control, so I did as she said.

I don't know if she actually knew what she was doing, but she brought me to the edge of cumming and kept me there for what must have been 30 minutes. She would ask me every few minutes if what she was doing was okay. I could hardly answer, and all I could say was 'yes!' After what seemed like 20 minutes or so, she asked me if I was getting ready to cum. I told her that I thought I had been ready to cum ever since she started, but for some reason, I was right on the edge, but hadn't been able to. She asked me if I wanted her to speed up or slow down, or grip harder. I told her to speed up just a little, use longer strokes, and grip just a little bit harder. She did, and I even got closer to cumming, but not quite yet. She told me that her hand and arm were getting tired, and that she may have to stop and rest for a minute. I told her that was okay if she needed to.

She stopped for a few minutes to rest. We just sat closely, hugging and kissing, and occasionally watching the movies. She would sometimes touch my throbbing penis, occasionally stroking it lightly. After we rested a few minutes, she asked me if I would like for her to finish me off. I said, 'Do you really have to ask?' She looked at my penis, laughed and said, 'I guess that was a pretty stupid question, huh?' So, she grabbed a bunch of tissues and started stroking me again, this time with faster, longer, firmer, strokes, like she really knew what she was doing, and was focused on getting me off. I started shaking all over, and I had the most intense climax that I had ever had. Cum went everywhere-all over the inside of the car, and all over Kathy's hand.

It took us awhile to clean-up, and I had to rest a few minutes, but within a short period of time we were back to watching the movie, which was near the end. Then it was concession time. I think we left after having a couple of drinks.

After that, we had many more dates, and I sometimes got my wish: Kathy would often wear short shorts and mini-skirts, and no bra. More than once during the next summer, she wore a micro-bikini. We made mutual masturbation a part of every date. She initiated our petting sessions as often as I did. I have never met another woman who could give a better handjob. To my knowledge, Kathy remained a virgin until she married another guy a few years later. What a lucky guy he must be!



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