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A trip to the southern states

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Although Lisa was always my favorite masturbation fantasy, I never thought it would go beyond that, but when it turns out that I was Lisa's favorite masturbation fantasy......


On a recent business trip to the southern states, I had to lay over near my sister-in-law's house, so I decided to visit. Lisa and I have flirted over the years, but it was all just innocent fun. Until this visit. She met me at the airport and the brief kiss on my lips was different, and the way she looked at me told me something was up..

On the way to her house she told me of her problems with her husband, and his lack of attention to her "needs". Her sister had told me that Lisa often complained of his small cock and she never felt satisfied when he would finally have sex with her. She also kept asking about me, how big I was and wanting lots of details on our sex habits, etc.. When I asked what exactly she told her younger sister, all I got was a wry smile. I am 6'5" tall, lean and blessed with a thick and long cock.

We finally arrived at their house, and I asked where everyone was. All Lisa said as she looked deep into my eyes was that they will be back tomorrow. That's when I noticed three of the buttons on her blouse were undone and her hard nipples were poking through the thin material. I tried to push the nasty thoughts out of my head, but my cock wasn't cooperating and I know Lisa could see the outline of my cock against the thin material of my slacks, I don't usually wear underwear, so the impact her beautiful breasts had on me was quite obvious.

She made us a pitcher of margaritas and we sat on the porch and got caught up on family, kids, etc. As the sun started to set and the tequila ran through my veins, I could not stop thinking and picturing the two of us doing all sort of things we should not do. I decided I should take a shower to cool off and wash away the grime of the day's flight.

The bathroom that I was using is a "jack and jill" style with two access doors, so it's a passage between Lisa's bedroom and the guest bedroom where I am staying. I stripped off my clothes and got in the shower, letting the cool water refresh me. The sheer shower curtain leaves little to the imagination for anyone walking through and I saw Lisa quietly and slowly walking by. Just seeing her made my fantasies start up in my head and my cock started to swell. I like to keep my cock and balls nice and smooth, so as I glide the razor over my skin, I run my other hand up and down my 9" shaft. I decide that it would be a good idea to cum here and now so I won't be as tempted by her later if she has "ideas". The baby lotion bottle is nearby so I pour the slippery liquid all over my cock and balls and into my cupped hand. Leaning back against the shower wall, I close my eyes, picture her sliding up and down on my cock and start jacking off in long, slow strokes. As I get close to cumming, I reach around and start working one finger up my ass, then two, then three. I'm pumping my fingers in and out of my ass and really working my cock now. I'm so close and just then I hear a sound, opening my eyes I see Lisa has moved the shower curtain slightly and she has pulled her sun dress up and her hand is in her panties rubbing furiously. She looks at me then disappears into her bedroom. I didn't know what to do, the moment was gone, so I rinsed off, and got out of the shower.

I put on a thin robe and went out to kitchen. There was a fresh pitcher of margaritas on the counter and a note that said to take the drinks out to the deck off the back of the house, and she would be right out. Their deck overlooks the backyard pool and there are no neighbors near. I sat on the glider and sipped a margarita. Lisa came out, got herself a drink and sat next to me. She was also in a thin robe, and her silhouette behind the full moon started my cock to rise. She looked at me and said that her sister didn't tell her the truth when she said I had a good sized package, she said "you're cock is huge, and I know we can't fuck each other, but I think we can have fun in other ways". I couldn't believe this was happening. She got up and brought over a chair, put it right against my knees facing me, sat down and reached under my robe grabbing my hard cock. I cooperated by sliding out of my robe. As she stroked me, with her other hand she took out a bottle of astroglide and squirted it all over my shaved cock and balls. She wrapped both hands around my cock and pumped me slowly. We were sitting close enough that I reached out and undid her robe, pushing it aside. I slid one hand down to her pussy, and it was baby smooth and dripping her juices. While she slowly stroked me , I worked most of my hand into her, and started fisting her at the same tempo as her hands were moving up and down my cock.

After a few minutes of this heavenly experience, she reached into her robe's pocket and took out a pair of nipple clamps and a dildo that was almost the same size as my cock. She told me to put the nipple clamps on her and pull on them gently. As I did this, she took a long double headed dildo from her other pocket. Lisa told me to slide myself to the edge of the glider, and as I did this she lubed up both ends of the dildo with astroglide. She whispered, "I saw you finger fucking yourself in the shower, I've always wanted to feel a cock in my ass, so let's do this for each other". I was in heaven as she slid one end of that big rubber cock up inside of me and she worked it in and out, deeper with each thrust. When half of it was inside of me, she put the other end against her own ass, and pushed herself on to it. I thought we would both cum right there, but we held on. With one hand I tugged the chains of her nipple clamps, and with the other I pumped my engorged, throbbing cock. I was so close now. She was clenching that double headed cock with her muscles and pumping it in and out of me. Then Lisa took that other rubber cock and started pounding her pussy with it. She was moaning and telling me she felt my big cock deep in her pussy and she started cumming, her body shaking and convulsing. That sent me over the edge, and my first shot of thick hot cum landed on her chest, then more and more ropes of it splashed onto her belly and her smooth pussy.

We laid there motionless for a long time, regaining our breath and enjoying the afterglow of a truly incredible experience. I heard the nipple clamps hit the deck floor, then as I thought she was pulling the big rubber cock out of our asses, she slowly pulled back until just the tip was still inside of me, then she slowly buried it all the way in again. And again, and again..



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