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A Tomboy's Story

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My name is Mollie. The other day I walked into our computer room and noticed that my son had left the computer on again. When I went to shut it off I looked at the monitor and it was on this web site. I sat down and started to read the stories. An hour later I stopped, it was really bringing back the memories. I thought it might be fun to share one, so I dug out one of my old diaries and pulled this out from its pages.

Growing up, I was a tomboy. I loved to play outside, climb trees, and play sports. My mother never let me wear a dress because my underwear would always show when I was playing. I never played with dolls or liked the colour pink. When we moved to this city I was in the second grade. I didn't like playing with the girls because they had different interests than me. Second grade was where I meet my three good friends, Tommy, Jimmy and Timmy.

At first they didn't want to play with me because I was a girl. After I proved that I could run as fast as they did and throw just as far as they could, they began to accept me. We were very competitive, always trying to out do each other. We played on softball and basketball teams together. In the fourth grade a bully tried to pick on me because I was a tomboy, but the guys teamed up on him and forced him to leave me alone. I was proud to be the only female accepted into this group. We were true buddies. We had a lot of fun growing up together.

Then there was the summer break between seventh and eighth grade. It had been a warm summer, not too hot, but hot enough to wear shorts and T-shirts everywhere. One morning, towards the middle of summer, I grabbed my basketball and went to shot some hoops at Tommy's house. Jimmy and Timmy were already playing a game with Tommy when I arrived. They stopped the game and we started a game of Horse. After two hours of playing different games we decided to go into Tommy's house.

None of our parents were at home during the day. They all had jobs and worked. Tommy's mom would always leave us lemonade in the refrigerator and cookies on the counter. We would go in, kick off our shoes by the door and head into the kitchen. We would then take our drinks and cookies down to the family room. On this day the boys had their baseball cards out. I didn't collect cards, so I would just watch. What happened next caught me of guard.

'Mollie, would you go home now?' Tommy asked.

'What did I do?' I asked.

'We want to do some guy stuff, so could you leave?' Tommy answered.

This made me mad. They had always included me on everything. I never was excluded before because I was a girl. I was not leaving until I found out what was going on.

'What kind of guy stuff?' I asked in anger.

' Just some guy stuff, you wouldn't be interested in,' Tommy said.

Now I was really getting mad. I have been told that I have quite a temper.

'How would you know I wouldn't be interested,' I quickly replied.

Jimmy then blurted out, 'We thought it would be cool to spend the afternoon naked.'

'See, you wouldn't be interested, go home Mollie,' said Tommy.

I was so mad that I really didn't think things through, I just reacted.

'Oh yeah, maybe I would,' I said firmly.

I pulled off my T-shirt, ripped off my bra, shoved my shorts and panties down and kicked them across the room. I then walked over to Tommy.

'What do you think now, buddy?' I said as I poked my finger at Tommy's chest.

The room was quiet, not a sound. It was at this moment that I had realized what I had just done. I had never felt so exposed in my life. I was so embarrassed. I slowly looked down at myself and saw that I was very naked. I knew I had to look at the boys. When I looked up I could see their stunned faces. It was too late to cover up.

'Wow, Mollie really is a girl,' stuttered Jimmy as he broke the silence.

They were just as nervous as I was. This gave me a small amount of courage. It was time to be brave.

'I am naked, so what about you guys?' I said as loud as I could, but it couldn't have been more than a whisper.

Did I really want to see these guys naked or not? I had never seen a boy naked before, how would I react? All of these questions and more came to mind.

'Well if you can do it, I can do it,' Tommy hesitantly said.

He then slowly pulled his shirt off and just dropped it. He looked me in the face, smiled and pushed his shorts and underwear off. When he stood up I could see that he was embarrassed. He started to cover his peter, but then stopped and dropped his hands to his sides. All I could do was stare. As I watched his peter it began to grow. It was becoming stiff. This was all so new to me.

'What about you guys?' Tommy asked. It almost sounded like a plea for help.

Timmy and Jimmy looked at Tommy and their faces got red. Then they looked at each other. I could see that they had bulges in the shorts.

'Come on, are you going to do it or not?' Tommy pleaded.

Timmy and Jimmy both looked at the ground. Jimmy started first. In one quick motion his shirt was gone. His shorts and underpants came off more slowly. Jimmy pushed them to the ground and stepped out of them. He then stood back up with his hard peter standing out. It wasn't as big as Tommy's.

Timmy looked at us all standing there naked. He shuddered for a second and a wet spot formed on the front of his shorts. Timmy's face became very red.

'What happened to Timmy?' I asked. I really didn't know much about sex at that time.

'He came in his pants,' Tommy answered.

Timmy really looked embarrassed. With out thinking I ran into the bathroom, grabbed a towel and went over to Timmy. I knelt down in front him.

'Let me clean you up.' I said.

I wasn't even thinking about sex, I just wanted to help Timmy. He grabbed the towel, pushed down his pants, and wiped himself off. He kept his peter covered with the towel until I stood up and backed away. Timmy then dropped the towel and reluctantly removed the rest of his clothing.

I looked in the mirror hanging on the wall and saw all four of us naked. This suddenly felt natural. As I looked in the mirror I began to walk around. I watched myself as I walked. It was like I saw myself in a different light. I was becoming a woman. I could see in the reflection three sets of eyes following me. I stopped in front of the mirror and gazed at myself. I cupped my boobs with my hands. My head was full of all kinds of sexual questions. Not seeing real live naked boys before I wanted to know how they were different. I wanted a closer look. I had so many questions and this seemed like a great time to find out.

'Does anybody want to play doctor,' I asked. I really wasn't sure that I wanted to.

'Let's play in the kitchen,' Tommy answered.

We all helped to clear the dinning room table. I asked who wanted to go first. Jimmy said he would. Tommy had him climb up on the table. Jimmy lay quietly as we began to explore. I really wanted to touch his peter, so I gently grabbed it with one hand. It actually grew harder. I could feel the blood pulsing. Timmy and Tommy stepped back to watch. I placed my other hand on his balls and gently squeezed them to see what they felt like. Then I put both hands on his peter to turn it slightly so I could get a better look.

I couldn't believe that I had my hand on Jimmy's peter. I started to slide my hands up the shaft and Jimmy gasped. A small drop of fluid appeared on the tip. I moved my hand up and down the shaft again and Jimmy moaned. I asked the other two boys if they knew what was going on. They told me to keep rubbing. I started to stroke up and down slowly. Jimmy's breathing changed. I stroked a few more times and Jimmy grunted and fluid shot out all over. Tommy and Timmy started to laugh. They told me I'd just jerked him off. Timmy handed Jimmy the towel. I really had no idea what I was doing at the time.

I then asked Tommy and Timmy if they jerked off. They both became red in the face. I asked them if they would show me. Tommy said yes, Timmy said no. Tommy placed his hand on the shaft of his peter and started to stoke it, slowly at first and then a little faster. It didn't take very long and fluid shot out of the end of his peter. Jimmy handed the towel to Tommy. I hoped they threw that towel away!

Jimmy jumped down off of the table. I knew it was my turn. The guys didn't want to see another boy; they wanted to see what a girl looked like. Before I got up on the table I asked them if they had ever seen a real live naked girl before. Not one of them had, it was their first time. I climbed up on the table. Jimmy asked if I would lie on my stomach. I was really aware of how naked I was, but they let me touch them so now I would let them touch me.

I was lying on my stomach. Jimmy wanted to look at my ass hole, his words not mine. I was really feeling nervous and exposed, so I asked him why. He told me he had never seen one on a girl. Jimmy spread my checks and they all took a look. Tommy then told me to roll onto my back, and I complied. Timmy slowly reached over and rubbed one of my nipples, it perked up. Jimmy then touched my other nipple and it perked up, as it actually felt good. Jimmy asked me to spread my legs, I knew this was coming.

'Yes you can touch it,' I answered, before they asked. The bad thing about being a girl is that all the good stuff is hidden. Tommy was the first to touch my pussy. Timmy said he couldn't see anything. Jimmy went and found a flashlight.

Jimmy turned on the flashlight and shined it on my pussy. I could see the light on my pubic hair. Timmy touched one of my pussy lips. It sent a tingle up my spine and I gasped. Tommy then told me that I was becoming wet down there and wondered if I had peed. I told Tommy no, that liquid was coming from inside my pussy. Tommy stuck his finger in me, pulled it out and put it up to his nose to smell it. From the look on his face it didn't smell like roses.

I could feel Timmy spreading my lips apart and the tingling felt really good. Tommy then told me my pussy lips were growing and becoming redder. I told Tommy that it was supposed to do that. I began to wonder who was learning more from all of this. I thought that this was strange way to find out about how my parts work. I was getting this new feeling from down there. I didn't know what is was, but it was sensational. Then something caught Tommy's eye.

'What is this?' Tommy said as he touched it. I almost sat up. It felt like a jolt of electricity. They all saw me shake.

'Are you okay Mollie?' Jimmy asked. I really wasn't sure. Tommy told me it was this bump at the top of my lips.

'That must be my clitoris,' I whispered. Well I knew now that it worked. Tommy touched my clitoris again and began to rub it. It felt very sensitive.

'I don't know if I want you to do that Tommy,' I said. Tommy stopped, and pulled his hand back. I was really feeling tingly now. I didn't know what was going on and was scared.

I jumped off of the table and ran to the family room quickly grabbing my clothes. I couldn't find my panties or bra so I jumped into my shorts, held my shirt over my boobs, and ran home. I flew into my house and went right for my bedroom. I stopped in front of my full-length mirror. My shirt fell to the floor. I removed the rest of my clothing. There was my naked image looking back at me again. I could still feel that tingling in my pussy. I slid my right hand down until it covered my pussy. I was watching myself in the reflection.

I slowly slid a finger inside myself and began to rub. What was I feeling? The more I rubbed the better it felt. I started to rub more firmly. I could feel the wetness. This feeling was becoming stronger. I began to rub harder; it was like I lost control of my hand. Suddenly I felt this jolt go through my whole body. I could feel my whole body quiver. I looked in the mirror and my face was flush. My legs felt like gelatine, so I sat on the floor. After I caught my breath I stared at myself in the mirror and wondered if things would ever be the same.

The next morning came and I really didn't want to talk to the boys. I was afraid of their reaction, so I laid in bed for a couple of hours. I forced myself up, changed into my street clothes and headed for Tommy's. They weren't playing. They were just stood in the driveway talking. I really felt uncomfortable; I almost turned and fled.

'Mollie, are you okay? We were worried, you left in such a hurry,' Tommy said.

I don't know why but I started to cry. Tommy came over and nervously held me. It actually felt good to have Tommy hold me. All I could do was cry on his shoulder. He whispered in my ear that everything would be good.

Years later I marred Tommy and we have been together for twenty years.



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