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A Thrilling Jilling

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I am addicted to this site! I love it.


I have always had what I have considered to be a strong sex drive for a girl. I mean, I know girls get horny, but I seem to be horny 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

I have been jilling since I was 11 years old. I am always looking for new or different ways to jill. (That is why I love this site. So very informative).

Anyway, on to the point. I was sitting at home bored one night (about three months ago) had just read some stories on Solo Touch and decided to check out one of these sex chat room sites that seem to be everywhere. I couldn't believe some of the screen names that were out there. Most of them ranged from silly to just down right stupid. Of course every guy and his uncle were trying to send me a private message. But they were all just so annoying! I was about to log off when I got a private message request from someone who called themselves 'Wet Lips'.

Out of total curiosity I responded. I said, 'Hi.' She responded and we started talking. I told her that this was my first time visiting this particular site and we began to talk about how annoying all of the men were, and how sometimes we just needed a break from the onslaught of these sex crazed pigs. (Her words, not mine. Although I do agree). That led to where we each lived, wether we were dating anyone (neither of us were) and then all of a sudden she began to ask if I masturbated, (Well duh!) how I did it, how many times did I usually cum etc. Then she asked me, 'Are you playing with your pussy right now? I was a little shocked. I said 'Not at the moment. Why, are you?' She said 'Yes, you are making me really wet.'

Now, I will admit that I had fantasized in the past, what it would be like to be with another girl, but never talked with anyone about it. But here I was talking to a girl who was fingering her pussy while she was talking to me! She said, 'I'm tired of getting off all by myself, cum with me.' That was it! I was wetter than I had been in a long time. I informed her that my fingers were now in my pussy. 'mmmmmmm, yeah, rub that clit for me.' she said. I was losing control by now. I never expected to get this hot talking to another woman. 'Yes, I am rubbing it hard for you,' I said, 'I have two fingers pumping in and out as I rub my clit' I told her. (To be honest, I am rubbing my clit as I type this. I am so wet.) Then she said, 'I wish I was there with you right now.' I was working so hard on my clit that I couldn't type a response. She picked up on the long silence, and said, 'Your about to cum, aren't you?' I quickly typed 'Yes.' She said, 'Yeah that's right, cum for me, cum hard.' I started moaning and bucking in my seat. She said, 'Yeah, I'm gonna cum too. I'm so close'. I moaned out loud 'uuuuhhhhhh', and said, 'Yes I am too, I'm so close.' My seat was drenched and my fingers were flying over my clit at record speed, and yet it just kept building and building. (I swear I am about to cum for real right now), She said, 'Oh yesss here I go......cummmminggggg!!!' My pussy couldn't take anymore. I just exploded everywhere and I almost fell out of my seat! I cummed within seconds of this woman whom I had never met.

I am about to cum right here, I swear I am so close. Yes.... mmmmm, its gonna happen, I'm gonna cum ..... ohhhh ...... yesss I'm gonna cum....gonna.....cum.....yessss, here I go......cummminggggg!

That was awesome! I hope you came with me. Someday I would love to cum with another girl in person. I don't know if it will ever happen. However, I have 'Wet Lips' e-mail address, so we keep in contact.

I have got to go and clean up now. Bye!




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