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A Test of Trust (Pt. 6)

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The last instalment about that initiation at a Scout campout


'Can you do that to yourself?' asked Rusty, still lying down on his back. 'Can you make yourself cum without touching your penis?' I hadn't thought about it. I was improvising with Rusty.

'I honestly don't know,' I said. 'I've never tried.'

'Well, you've won all the games, so go ahead and try.' The other three added, 'Yeah. Try. Let's see it.' A challenge.

'Okay, I'll try. It would be neat to see if I can do this. Who knows, it could come in handy during boring classes at school.' The boys all laughed.

I lay back down on the sand. The moon was lower in the horizon now, but there was still a bright moonshine from the sky and the white sand.

I pulled my knees up, feet flat on the sand, as Rusty had and began spreading and closing my knees, pumping blood into my pelvis area. At the same time, I began firmly rubbing my lower belly in circular motions with my fingertips. I felt my penis slowly begin to fill with blood. But an erection was not an orgasm, and I was not sure I could get there myself.

I thought of asking Rusty to come stand beside me, to give me some visual stimulus, but then I decided, no, I can do this myself.

I continued pumping my knees and stroking my stomach. I decided to stimulate more skin, so I alternated my light, brushing stroking of my stomach, chest, and nipples with strong strokes up and down my thighs, stroking their insides when I spread my knees and stroking the front when I drew my knees together. I played gently with my pubic hair as I pinched my left nipple with my right hand, then swirled my fingertips around and across both nipples simultaneously with my hands as I continued pumping my knees open and closed.

My penis was nearly erect and I had to be careful not to touch it or my balls as I rubbed my body.

Then I remembered something that I had discovered a few months earlier by accident. One night in bed I had been touching my anus lightly while jacking off and pressing with a few fingers between my scrotum and anus when I discovered that the muscles there were getting very hard. That's when I remembered from sex ed class that the prostate was in there somewhere. I had wanted to keep from coming so soon, so I stopped stroking and playing with my anus and I tried to relax all my muscles and take some deep breaths to come down from the edge. All of a sudden my anus started quivering involuntarily, and I began to feel what I thought was the beginning of an orgasm, but not quite the same. It felt like the orgasm I got with the thumb-finger technique, but this time I wasn't touching my penis at all. In fact, my penis was softening at the same time that this other feeling was building. I expected the usual feeling of an orgasm, but my body became wracked with a different sensation, an orgasm that must have lasted twenty or thirty seconds. Wow. When I had tried to reproduce that feeling in anther jacking session, I had no luck.

But now it was worth a try. The sexy evening, capped by my erotic treatment of Rusty, had engorged my whole pelvis. I imagined my prostate swollen with fluids. I closed my eyes and began letting my whole body relax. At the same time, I began tightening and releasing my anus muscle, getting a rhythm. My knees were pulled up and I was pumping them slowly open and closed. My penis was not getting hard, but I could feel myself getting close to reproducing that orgasm, or whatever it was, I had a few months earlier, quite by accident. I figured that relaxing as many muscles as possible must have had something to do with it, so I stopped pumping my legs and left them still. I continued tightening and loosening my anus muscles, trying to relax everything else. On one cycle, I tried holding my anus tightly closed for a few seconds, and that did it. My anus began quivering the same way it had that magical first time and I began shaking all over. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through my body, and the boys later told me that I was making strange noises through it all. Finally the feelings subsided.

The four boys were now standing around me in a circle, their eyes big with wonder.

'Jeez,' said Leo, 'what was that? We thought you were having a fit.'

'Yeah,' said Allen, clearly worried about me. 'You okay? It seemed like you passed out for a minute.'

'I'm fine,' I assured them. 'I just had the best orgasm of my life.'

'But your penis wasn't hard,' said Rusty. 'How did you cum that way?'

'I can't really describe how I did it,' I answered. 'Maybe I can tell you later. Let me just lie here and enjoy the feelings.'

Leo sat down in the sand and the other three followed his lead. They all were absent-mindedly tugging at their penises, though, of course, nobody was getting hard. It just felt good.

Ike spoke up. 'Because you never had a hardon and stayed soft through this orgasm, does that mean you can go again right away?'

'I don't know. Why?'

'Well, Allen and I still only have had three orgasms apiece, and it's been a while since those. I don't know about Allen, but I think I could go again.'

Just hearing that exhausted me. Allen seemed to perk up from his drowsiness.

'What do you have in mind?' I asked. I was still lying on my back, enjoying the ebbing feelings from the no hands orgasm. Or whatever it was.

'I dunno,' replied Ike, almost apologetically. 'You're the one with all the great ideas. What's left to do? I guess we could just do a regular jackoff, but after all that happened tonight, I'm not sure I could be happy doing just that.' The other boys laughed in agreement.

'Yeah, Jake,' said Leo, 'you've ruined us for regular hand jobs.'

'Well, there is one thing we haven't done tonight.' They were right. My hands free orgasm seemed to leave me ready for more.

'What's that?' asked Rusty.

'Let me show you. Rusty, lie down here beside me, your head beside mine.' He did. 'Leo, get me my shorts from over there, please.' Leo went back to where we had shed our shorts in the circle hours earlier. He found my shorts and brought them back to me.

'Here, Rusty, put these shorts under your butt.' I helped him position them. I didn't want sand to intrude on the next act, and it was important to keep a layer of cloth between the sand and Rusty's butt. 'Now, Rusty,' I continued, the other boys all ears, 'tuck your penis and balls as far back between your legs as you can.' Rusty did as I said, and when he moved his hand away the illusion was remarkable. In the still-bright moonlight Rusty looked like a pale pubescent girl with a soft bush of fine blonde hair. 'Keep your legs tightly together.' I rolled on my left side and began stroking his pubic area with my right hand, as I would a girl-just rubbing his soft hair in a circular motion. Then I rolled on top of him, resting my weight on my forearms. I was positioning myself for a 'Princeton rub,' though I didn't know that term yet. I spat into my right hand as I rested on my left, spread spit on my swelling penis, pumped it a few times with my fist to stiffen my erection, and then slowly slipped my penis between his thighs, pubic bone to pubic bone. Now resting on both forearms, I began pumping my penis in and out, in long, slow strokes, bumping our pubic bones together on the downstroke and almost withdrawing my penis from between his legs on the upstroke.

'Keep your legs together tightly,' I said, between strokes and breaths. I could feel the end of my penis barely hitting the cloth underneath him. I scrunched my forearms closer to his shoulders and grasped his shoulder blades into a sort of hug. My face was buried in his right shoulder as I slowly pumped between his thighs. Rusty was hugging my upper body and he was rubbing his hands up and down my back and moving butt.

Rusty had his eyes tightly shut in what I guess was a combination of pleasure and an attempt to keep control, as my penis was sliding up and down the top of his, tucked between his thighs. Suddenly I felt the rising tide of another orgasm and I pushed one more time deep between his thighs, holding myself there as I came. I had buried my face again in his right shoulder, and I surprised myself by gently biting Rusty as my orgasm hit me in waves. He flinched but didn't cry out. He hugged me tighter.

My orgasm was pretty dry, but I continued to shudder. I had leaked some precum, which had mixed with my spit, and the slipperiness between Rusty's legs meant that my shriveling penis soon popped out from Rusty's grasp. When that happened he let his thighs relax and his own genitals came into view. He began stroking himself, eyes closed, still lying on his back, while I moved my face close to his and tongued his ear again. Soon his body stiffened and he uttered a single 'ungh.' His very red penis was pulsating again in a fully dry orgasm. I was sure that hurt. I gently stroked his body with my fingertips as his breathing slowed.

'Very impressive,' said Ike, somewhat sarcastically. 'Very good. For you. But what does that do for us?'

'That was just a demonstration. This is the closest you're going to get to having sex with a girl on this campout-having sex with a boy you can pretend is a girl. Now Rusty and I will be the girls for you two.' I looked over at Rusty, and he didn't seem to protest. 'Go get your own shorts so your juices get on them, not on ours.'

Ike and Allen quickly fetched their shorts and stood there, totally naked and holding their shorts, waiting for the next instruction.

'Who pairs up with who?' asked Allen.

'Up to you two,' I said. Allen and Ike looked at each other and began a whispered huddle. Rusty and I smiled at each other, wondering who was going to be the guy to our girl. I felt a little worried as they huddled. What if neither wanted me? What if both wanted to pretend that Rusty was a girl? Eventually they finished and turned to us.

'Get rid of that cock, Jake,' Ike said to me, smiling and taking a step toward me, holding out his shorts. I smiled back and took his shorts, spreading them on the sand and sitting squarely on them before lying back down. I tucked my penis and balls between my thighs, closed them tightly, and enjoyed the illusion of looking down on my female genitals. Ike was excited enough that his penis was already at half-staff. As Ike took his position over me I could see Allen position himself over Rusty. I could not see Leo, but I guessed he was watching all this, maybe stroking himself again. That Leo.

I turned my attention to Ike. Ike was poised over me, stroking his penis a few times to get it hard before sliding it between my legs. 'Make it slippery with spit,' I suggested, and he did. Pretty soon he was ready and he was trembling as he lowered his hips toward me and slipped his penis between my thighs, which I tightened around his tool.

As he began pumping he put his head beside mine. 'Oh, Jake,' he said softly, 'I wish you were a girl.' This was exactly what I had said to Allen the previous night. I didn't know what to say in response, but I hugged him a bit harder. The rub of his hard dick against my semi-soft one was not in danger of giving me an erection, but I was enjoying the rubbing, even as sore as I was down there.

Ike wasn't taking it slowly, as I had with Rusty. He was thrusting with strong, rapid strokes. 'Oh, Jake, oh, Jake' he whispered against my cheek. And then I could feel his whole body stiffen. I could feel his wet cum dripping down into the crack of my butt as he continued softer, slower, rhythmic thrusts until his penis softened and popped out from between my thighs, as mine had with Rusty.

Speaking of Rusty, I looked over at Allen and Rusty. Ike's full body weight was against me now and I rolled him gently off me. Allen was working slowly, and Rusty had his eyes closed again. Allen seemed very tentative, not really in teen rut, and it looked like his penis was not as hard as he needed it to be. Finally he stopped and rolled off Rusty, who opened his eyes in surprise. He had been enjoying that.

'I just can't get hard again,' said Allen, obviously feeling dejected and embarrassed. 'I'm not the stud you guys are.' We all laughed, and even Allen smiled. Rusty was still lying there in the moonlight, his genitals still tucked away, and I could swear he was a young girl rather than a young man, so soft and pale were his skin and hair.

'I think we're done,' I said, gazing at the scene. Five spent teenage boys, twenty-some orgasms in about four hours, all reclining against white sand as the sinking moon still bathed us in bright light. 'Rusty, consider yourself initiated.' He smiled broadly.

'We've gotta clean up,' I said.

'Yeah, and I gottta pee again,' added Leo.

I got up and led us down to the water's edge. This was the tropics and the air was still mild, with enough of a breeze to keep away the mosquitoes. And I knew that the water was pretty warm, so I plunged in and waded to my waist. It was pretty tepid. 'Come on in, it isn't cold at all.' And they all splashed in.

'Ahhhhh,' said Leo.

'You just peed, didn't you,' I asked.

'Absolutely, That's what's so great about the bay, you can pee in it anytime.' We probably all added our pee to the great salty mother of us all that night.

We slowly waded back out, found our shorts, and began the singe-file walk back through the trees to the campsite. We whispered our 'good nights' so as not to awaken the Scoutmaster and younger boys, and retired to our two-man tents, I decided to sleep without underwear, and because it was a mild night stretched out on top of my sleeping bag. Allen did the same.

'Good night,' I said.

'Good night,' he replied.

I closed my eyes, still too excited to sleep after four hours of the sexiest play I could imagine. Relax, I told myself, and I tried to relax every muscle. Who knows, maybe I could relax my way into another of those fantastic orgasms again.

'Jake?' whispered Allen.

'Yeah?' I asked.

'I think I can do it now.'

I smiled. I tucked my genitals down between my legs and pressed my thighs together. Allen couldn't see those moves in the dark, but he would soon find out what I had done.



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