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A Test of Trust (Pt. 1)

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This story begins with a real event on a campout in the late 1950s but soon slips into fiction.


We were on a campout on a sandy island in a Florida bay, four of us about 14, the other eleven boys ages 13 and 14. (see the 'Scout Grope' story last Dec. 21). The only adult along was the Scoutmaster. We older boys were responsible for running the camp. Our second night on the island the boys were all pretty tired from the long day, so we let them retire to their tents earlier than usual. The Scoutmaster said 'goodnight' to us, slipped into his tent, and soon I could hear his distinctive snoring. Allen and I were in our tent, shirtless in our shorts and underwear (it was a balmy night), and I think we both were looking forward to another chapter in the exploratory groping at genitals we had engaged in the previous night. I felt we needed something stimulating to precede our own evening of stroking each other.

'Let's initiate Rusty tonight,' I said.

'OK,' murmured Allen, a bit unsure what I had in mind.

We stepped outside our tent and roused Leo and Ike from their tent. I whispered to them through their tent flap. 'We're going to initiate Rusty tonight,' I said simply. I don't know if they guessed what I had in mind, but they seemed eager to do this. They crawled out of their tent, also in just their shorts. We four went over to the tent Rusty shared with a younger boy. I stuck my head in through the flaps. They were already in their sleeping bags, shirtless, seemingly asleep.

'Rusty, come on out here,' I whispered, shaking his leg but intent on not waking the other boy in his tent. 'The seniors need to see you.' I don't think he was asleep yet, but it was dark in his tent and I could not see whether he was apprehensive about this sudden rousting. He began to grab his shorts, but I said, 'You won't need those. Just your underwear is fine.' Rusty had a funny, questioning look on his face when he came on out. The mild night insured that we were still comfortable in our shorts, no shirts, and I knew Rusty wasn't going to be cold in just his white briefs.

'Rusty,' I explained, still whispering, as the rest formed a loose circle around him, 'we want to initiate you into the troop tonight.' Rusty had moved from upstate and, while he was not yet fourteen and therefore not yet a senior scout, he was older than the other new boys in the troop. He had a small, compact body, and he was strong. He was pretty sassy, maybe because of his smaller build. His complexion was very white, which amazed me, given how much we were in the sun. He wore his reddish-blond hair in a close crewcut.

'This initiation will involve trust. Do you trust us, Rusty?'

'Yes,' he said seriously.

'Are you willing to do what we say?'

'Yes.' Again, very seriously.

'Good.' I pulled a Scout neckerchief from my shorts pocket. I stepped behind him as I twirled the neckerchief into a blindfold. He didn't protest as I pulled it over his eyes and tied it behind his head. 'Is that too tight?' He murmured 'no.'

'Take my elbow,' I explained, and he reached up with his left hand to take the elbow I had pressed against his left arm. 'Trust me as we walk.' I led him and the other three boys about a hundred yards from the circle of tents, into a small clearing surrounded by bushes and low trees that would give us some privacy. There was a full moon that night, so we did not even bring flashlights. The moonlight also reflected off the white sand, creating plenty of light for us to see each other. We created a circle around Rusty, but not too close to him.

'Rusty,' I said, 'I want you to use all your senses to feel the presence of your fellow Scouts here. We are in a circle around you. Use your touch, hearing, and even your sense of smell to find us and tell us each name when you think you know.'

Rusty quickly understood that this was a sort of Blind Man's Bluff, so he began moving toward the circle. When he bumped into one of us, he would feel our bare chests and faces, and since we were different heights and had different builds, he guessed our identities pretty well as he moved around the circle. He knew there were four of us, so when he guessed the fourth he asked if he could take off the blindfold.

'No,' I said. 'That was the easy test. Now we'll make it harder. We're going to rearrange ourselves in the circle and this time you're only going to be able to touch us from the waist down. Understand?'

'Yes,' he replied, still taking things very seriously.

'Wait while we move around,' I told him, and we moved to new positions. The sand was warm on our feet, retaining the day's heat longer than the air. When we were in a new order, I unsnapped my shorts and in a single movement pulled down my shorts and underwear and stepped out of them. The others were briefly surprised, but when I motioned for them to do the same, they did.

Now we were four naked thirteen and fourteen-year old boys standing in a circle, maybe fifteen feet in diameter, with Rusty in the middle. The moonlight was brighter than ever, if that was possible, and I could see each other boy clearly. Other than Allen, I had never seen any of them naked, and I had seen Allen only in a dark tent, knowing his body through touch more than through sight. I could see how very different we were. All of us were circumcised. Leo, the physically largest and most muscular of us, had a huge penis, with a large bush of his reddish-blond hair, darker on his pubes than on his head. Ike was about my height, but with a little bit of baby fat, still. Ike's penis was thick and shorter, and he had less pubic hair. Allen was thinner than I, though not skinny. His penis, which I knew from the previous night's brief groping, was also thinner than mine, and just a bit longer. Six inches erect. But this was the first time I saw it in the light. He has just a small patch of hair in a horizontal strip above his penis, something I had not realized in the dark tent. My penis was beginning to swell as I gazed at the others, and I began talking to Rusty to keep myself from getting a full hardon in front of everyone.

'Okay,' I said to Rusty, walking up to him so he would not know my place in the circle. 'We've changed places. . . . maybe. Remember, you can only touch us from the waist down. Give me a few seconds to get back to my place in the circle.'

Rusty put his arms out in front of him and walked his Blind Man's Bluff walk toward the circle. I had hoped he would head for me first, but he headed in Allen's direction and touched Allen's right shoulder. 'Ooops,' said Rusty. 'Sorry. I didn't mean to touch his arm.' Rusty took a step sideways and now stood in front of Allen, whose face reflected his mix of nervousness and anticipation. Rusty reached out at about his own waist level, but as he was a bit shorter than Allen, his right hand brushed Allen's left hip. Rusty flattened his palm against Allen's hip and put out his left hand to find Allen's right hip. I could see the puzzlement on Rusty's face. He lowered his two hands along Allen's hips.

'Whoa,' said Rusty, pulling away his hands, 'this guy's not wearing shorts or anything.' We said nothing. Rusty paused, and then decided to go ahead. He reached out again. 'I can only touch him below the waist, right?'

I hesitated, not wanting my voice to reveal to Rusty where I was. I decided to disguise my voice by making it unnaturally low. 'Right,' I said. 'You have to guess who that is by touching him only below his waist.'

'Okay,' said Rusty, and I could hear in his voice how nervous he was. He brought his right hand over to Allen's penis and touched it tentatively. He petted Allen's pubic hair, then cupped Allen's penis with his right hand. 'Hmm,' said Rusty, beginning to get into the test. 'Thin and sorta long.' After tugging a few times on Allen's penis, which was swelling under the fondling, Rusty reached underneath his cock to feel Allen's scrotum. 'Nice balls,' he said, giggling in nervousness.

Rusty stopped the fondling, though he still held Allen's testicles in his right hand. 'I don't know how to do this. I haven't seen you guys naked. I can't tell who this is.'

'I'll tell you what, Rusty,' I said in my normal voice. 'I'll give you some clues about how to do this. And then we'll move around again so you don't know where I am from my talking. Let go of the person in front of you and move backwards toward the center of the circle. There, that's good.' Allen's penis was deflating to its soft state.

'Okay, you haven't seen us naked, but you've seen our head hair and maybe you can tell from the texture and, I don't know, maybe the denseness of our pubic hair whose pubes belong to which head. Also, you've seen our thighs and calves from when we wear shorts and bathing suits, so maybe you can tell from our muscles whose legs you're touching. This should be easier than you're making it. But you don't have to guess each time. Feel your way around the circle, and when you've touched all four of us, then tell us who you think is who.'

'Okay,' said Rusty, 'let me know when I can start again.'

'Oh, one more thing,' I said, having just realized how to put a new twist on this. 'Get rid of your underwear.'

Rusty stood silent for a moment. I could see him smirk, and then he grabbed his tighty-whities with his thumbs and pushed them down to the white sand, stepping out of them.

The bright moon shone on Rusty's very white skin, making it seem even whiter. What amazed me most was that Rusty was thirteen and didn't seem to have a hair on his tight body. Or maybe he did have some wispy pubes but his blond hair made them nearly invisible in the odd moonlight . In any case, I knew I would see them up close before too long.

Rusty's seemingly hairless genitals still looked like the small appendages of younger boys, though there was some thickening in his penis and testicles. And his muscles were pretty well-defined (Rusty was very strong for his size, I knew), so I guessed that his male hormones were kicking in enough to affect his muscles, but had not yet caught up to us.

I finally spoke. 'Count slowly to ten as we change positions, and then come on out to the circle again.' As Rusty counted we moved around a bit. Allen was now across from me, with Leo to my left and Ike to the right.

'Nine, ten. Ready or not, here I come.' Naked Rusty, still blindfolded, moved to his right and soon bumped into Allen again, across from me. Now familiar with the drill, Rusty put his hands on Allen's hips and reached for his genitals with both hands. After some fondling, he said, 'these feel a lot like the first penis and balls I touched, but I won't guess yet. I should feel his legs.' He moved his hands back to Allen's hips and kneeled on one knee to slide his hands down, feeling Allen's thin thighs and lower legs. He wisely, I thought, felt Allen's foot, figuring that he had seen our bare feet and that he might be able to remember who had big feet. Still kneeling, Rusty grasped Allen's left ankle with both hands and ran his hands slowly up Allen's leg, over the knee, and up the thigh. Since the beginning of Rusty's touching, Allen's penis had begun to swell, slowly at first, but by the time Rusty had slid his hands slowly up Allen's left thigh, his penis was sticking out almost parallel to the ground and still rising. Rusty's hands brushed Allen's nut sack and his left wrist came up against Allen's penis.

'Ooops, sorry,' said Rusty, pulling his hands away. But on second thought he reached up with his left hand and grasped Allen's penis. 'I guess I've felt it soft, anyway, so I might as well feel it hard, just to get a good sense of how long it is.' Rusty wrapped his left hand around Allen's cock, which became fully hard. Rusty let go of Allen's penis and stood up. 'I'm ready to move on. I think this is the first person I touched before you all moved, but I need to feel the rest of you before I can be sure.'

Rusty turned left and blind-man's-bluff walked his way slowly in Leo's direction, slowly swinging his arms around in front of him to find the next person. He soon bumped into Leo. Positioning himself in front of Leo with a hand on each of Leo's hips, Rusty then cradled Leo's hanging penis with his right hand.

'Wow,' exclaimed Rusty. 'This one's way bigger. And it's still soft.' But not for long, and it began to swell as Rusty grasped more of Leo's penis with his left hand. Rusty's right hand was up against Leo's pubes, grasping the penis's base, and his left hand has up against his right, like he would hold a baseball bat, but still another two inches or so of Leo's semi-erect penis extended past Rusty's left hand. And it was clear that Rusty's hands were having a harder time circling Leo's thick member.

'Wow,' said Rusty again. He then began doing something he had not done to Allen, slowly pumping the cock between both his curved hands. But then I realized that it was not so much that Rusty has doing the pumping as it was that Leo was moving his hips forwards and backwards, pumping Rusty's still hands as if they were a vagina. Somewhat startled by Leo's motions, Rusty pulled his hands away.

'Let's check your legs and feet,' said Rusty, kneeling in front of Leo, as he did in front of Allen, but on his way down his cheek grazed Leo's extended, semi-erect penis, and he jerked his head away as if Leo's cock was a hot poker. He resumed the inspection of Leo's feet and leg, just as he did Allen's, but this time, as his left hand brushed up against Leo 's scrotum, he paused to comment. 'These balls seem to hang lower and looser than the last pair,' he said, sounding a bit like a doctor dictating a physical examination. He used his left hand to move Leo's penis aside and fondled the testicles with his right. Leo did have large balls, I saw, and Rusty could no more close his small hand around one than he could around the thick root from which they hung. Rusty bobbled Leo's left testicle a bit and then rose from his kneeling position, careful to keep the penis pushed to the side so that it wouldn't brush his face again on the way up.

Once standing, though, Rusty did not let go of Leo's penis, and since I was to their side, I could see what was not visible when Rusty was kneeling. Rusty was getting an erection. His small penis was sticking out straight from his body. In its soft state, it was no longer than two inches, but now it was three, maybe four. Rusty started sliding his hand the length of Leo's penis, and after a few strokes Leo reached down with his left hand and started stroking Rusty. The small size of Rusty's penis meant that Leo was stroking Rusty with just his thumb and a few fingers, but I could see that Rusty's penis was getting bigger. Rusty stroked his hand up to the head of Leo's tool and played lightly with the head with his fingers, twisting and swirling his fingers and then alternating this light play with strokes along the bottom of Leo's penis. Leo's hips were pumping again, as were Rusty's hips. 'Better stop,' said Leo, and while we knew why he wanted to slow down things, Rusty seemed puzzled.

In the moonlight I could see that the tip of Rusty' cock was glistening, and I assumed that it was precum, which meant that enough of Rusty's hormones were working that he was producing fluids. I wondered if he was mature enough to ejaculate. Maybe I would find out.

(to be continued)



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