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A Teenage Experience

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Don't ever try to tell me that its only girls who get moody. When my brother hit puberty...DAMN! Doors slammed, vile language, the whole nine yards!


Almost overnight Chris turned from an OK brother into what could be described as a total shit head. He never missed the chance for a snide remark, and when mum and dad weren't around, his language was truly appalling. As we are twins, and were always buddies too, this hurt. A lot.

One day that summer it was hot as all-get-out and our parents were away for a weekend break. I decided to go for a swim...er..without the costume. So, decently robed, I went to our pool, stripped off and dived in. I swam a few lengths and thoroughly enjoyed the water, and the nakedness too. Its always horny doing something daring, right? So, I hauled myself out and there was Chris. Towel over his arm and an obvious stiffy in his shorts.

'You fucking teaser' was all he said, but with such derision. I was mortally embarrassed at my brother seeing me naked as he usually slept in until gone mid day and this was only 8:00am. I grabbed my robe and scuttled out of the enclosure.

But half way across the lawn, something in me snapped. How DARE he! How DARE he talk to me like that. I spun on my heel and walked back in.

'Now listen to me. I am NOT teasing anyone. I thought you would still be in your bed jacking off'.

And with that I slapped him across the face. Hard. He grabbed me and we started to fight.

I can't remember EVER being so angry before or since. I know now what is meant by blind rage. I kicked, gouged, slapped and even spat at him. Of course, I was no match for him. He works out daily and is in the school wrestling team. It wasn't too long before he had me pinned on the grass and my robe had fallen open. He had my hands above my head and then he looked down. His cock had emerged from his shorts and my tummy was covered in sperm.

You know what, he actually started to cry. He was mortally embarrassed. Well, I seized the moment. I pushed him off me and onto his back and sat across his chest. His sperm ran down my tummy and towards my pussy.

I said 'Look. Look at me. You've just cum on your own sister you fucking perv. You ever, EVER talk to me like that again and I will tell mum.'

But the thing is, as I sat there, I realised how wet I was and how, for two pins I would have fucked him there and then. The very thought made me dizzy and I got off him and scampered up to my room where I jilled off to orgasms that were stronger than any I had had up till then, his spunk still on me.

A few days later we had a repeat performance except this time it was something we both wanted to do.

Brother/sister? It happens, I guess. Although I would love to know how many siblings have done something sexual with each other.

It was only those two times. Something definitely changed and he was nicer not only to me, but to the family. He found a girlfriend soon after and that changed him too.



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