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A Technique for Preventing the 'Mess'

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A technique for preventing "the mess"
Hello, Thanks all for this comprehensive website. I have spent the past week reading it, and in my heart I send out a big thank you to all the people who have been brave enough to share their most personal experiences.
It seems that for guys, making a mess when they masturbate is thought of as "just how things are". But it's possible to cum in a way so there's no mess at all. And I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else.
I started flying solo at 11, but shot blanks for two years. When I started to be able to produce, I thought I better work out something to avoid "the mess"! I'm now 31 and my trick's always worked great. I told a few of my friends, and it works for them too.
Dicks don't finish right where they join onto the body. The rod of erectile tissue continues on inside you, to give it the ability to stand up. When you're erect, you can feel this by pressing against the area between your balls and your anus. (It's where your pussy would be if you were a girl). When you're ready to cum, put your other hand on this area. With your middle finger, push firmly and you'll be able to feel the dick root and the tubes for the fluid. Pick a spot quite close to where your balls join on. When you come, use your finger to push inward extremely hard on this spot, and you'll block the flow through the tubes. You'll feel your cum pulsing against your finger, but it won't explode out the end. No more nasty stains!
Some notes: This technique is only suitable for a hand-job. It's too hard to do if you're inside someone else. Also, the semen has to go somewhere. I think it sits in the urethra (and possibly up into the bladder) until you next pee. Then after you flush, it makes the water a little frothy! Finally, when you cum, a small amount of the pleasure is from the feeling of fluid in the last inch of your dick. That feeling is lessened a little. By varying the pressure, you can allow just a little to emerge at the head, without the big spurty thing! :-)
I'm not sure this will work for every guy, but it's sure been useful to me over the years. I hope it's useful for others too.
-- Mitch ( | ICQ: 34483675)



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