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A Tech Nerd Discovers Girls

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To set the scene this happened in the late 60's. I was an engineering student at an all male engineering school after an all male private high school. I was almost completely inexperienced with girls and quite shy. I had already fallen in love with computers, though at millions of dollars apiece for anything decent, nobody could afford a personal computer.

It was the end of the summer, a real stinker of a hot and humid August without air conditioning. I got a call from my favorite aunt asking a favor. They were the host family for Mary, a girl from Central America, going to a college about 35 miles from where I lived. My favorite cousin (a great looking blond) had been visiting Mary for a couple of weeks and were both arriving at the airport that afternoon. My aunt and uncle had been called out of town unexpectedly and couldn't be back for another few days. She asked me to pick up both girls at the airport and if they could stay at the house in our guest suite (2 bedrooms and a bathroom with a claw-foot tub on the 3rd floor) for a few days.

My parents and sisters were out of town on vacation and I was just finishing up my summer job. I said sure they could stay there. It turned out that I needed to leave for the airport, about an hour away in those days, very quickly to pick them up.

I had met Mary the previous year as she joined us for all the holidays and school vacations. She would shock everybody with the liberal usage of her favorite phrase 'cream in your jeans' as in 'Doesn't that just make you want to cream in your jeans?' and dozens of other versions.

She greeted me at the gate with 'Don't just stand there gawking and creaming in your jeans, give a hand with our carry-ons.' I heard all about her fabulous summer and all the boys creaming in their jeans every which way. When we got to the house we went up to the third floor and it was unbearably hot, about 110 degrees. We opened all the windows but there wasn't a breath of air. We all had dinner, made the beds and were covered with sweat. The outside temperature was all the way down to 85 and the humidity was even higher. My bedroom had the only fan in the house and I had it blowing in full blast. I was stretched out on my bed reading, completely nude. I heard the door knob turn and grabbed my sheet and pulled it up as they both came marching into the room in their bras and panties. Once again Mary said 'Don't cream in your jeans just because we are in our underwear. They were on their way through to the fancy shower in this old house with a total of 4 heads, 1 high and three down the side. The shower massage hadn't been invented yet but the side heads did a very stimulating job and the two lowest could be converged, from below and above, clitoris high.

They stayed in the shower for about 40 minutes, until they had drained all the hot water, with lots of giggling and other noises. I was very sure of exactly what they were doing and had an erection listening to them. This time they trooped out of the bathroom in their shorty nightgowns with matching briefs. I could see their erect nipples through the fabric and my erection reasserted itself most firmly. My cousin, Sally, said 'Let's go have desert now.' I told them to go on ahead and I would join them in a minute.

Mary saw my reluctance and burst out 'He doesn't want us to see him in his underwear!' I didn't say a word. 'I bet he is getting ready to cream in his jeans after seeing us in our underwear and shorties. Grab the sheet!' Before I could do anything they both grabbed the sheet and yanked it all the way down the bed, leaving my erection standing there in all it's glory with a surprised smiles on both their faces. I grabbed a pillow yo put on my lap and suddenly they are both wrestling me for the pillow. They start ticking me to make let go of the pillow, which worked. With the loss of my pillow I grabbed an arm and pulled Mary down on the bed and managed to get her bottoms down around her ankles. As my cousin bent over and bent down to help her I got the hem of her shorty and whipped it up over her head as she felt my hands and pulled back suddenly leaving her top behind. At that point they both piled on and started ticking me full on. They both lost their remaining item of clothing in the next minute. After a couple of minutes of tussling and rolling around Sally was straddling my chest and holding both arms down at my wrists with her breast above my face and my first closeup full on view of a wide open pussy. Mary was sitting on my legs behind her. Then she said 'I see you can't possibly cream in your jeans tonight so now we get we really get to watch you cream'. By this point she was stroking my penis lightly and holding my balls with her other hand. She asked Sally 'How long do you think it will take to make him cream?'.

At this point Sally suddenly noticed her position and where I was intently looking, right into her very juicy pussy. I was absolutely amazed. In those days even such pictures were difficult to come by and here I was seeing the real thing up close and personal, and catching the aroma of freshly washed turned on pussy all at the same time. At this point I said something like 'If we can get arranged more comfortably you can both watch and then I get to make both of you cream'. They hesitated for a few seconds before each saying that it was good with them.

We rearranged ourselves with Mary between my legs and Sally to one side. Then they started playing with my penis. They seemed to be exploring to find what and where it was sensitive. They both were giggling and trying to make it get stiffer and throb without quite making me cum, over and over. They were both totally fascinated. This went on for some time as I had copious amounts of very slippery clear fluid leaking out. When they tired of that game they decided it was time for me to cream right before their eyes. They both wanted hands on to feel that happen so for the last couple of minutes they were both stroking my penis. I started breathing very heavily, my penis stiffened and while still maximum stiff it suddenly started throbbing gobs of semen started spouting out, not very far, maybe an inch, running down on both their hands and they just kept milking it and milking it until I couldn't stand it any more. They both said that was one of the greatest things they had ever seen. After cleaning up I said, that now it was my turn, who is first?

Mary insisted that she should be first. I sat propped up against my pillows and she put her legs spread widely apart over mine and suddenly I was seeing another real live pussy in all it's beautiful splendor. I asked for an anatomy lesson and some instruction. Mary hesitated for a minute. From the way Sally was looking I don't think she had ever had such a good look at another girl either. Finally Mary pointed out all the landmarks and started rubbing herself, quite shyly at first. I took the clue and started slowly feeling each and every part and examining it all in detail, even pulling back the clitoral hood to get a look at her clearly erect clitoris. Then I started stroking lightly and was amazed as her pulsing muscles pulled my finger which had just been resting at the opening inside of her. I had never felt such things before. She had a very prominent g-spot though none of us had heard of that then. On the theory of 'if it is erect rub it' I was rubbing both her clit and her g-spot when suddenly her breathing got very heavy and she started grunting as her stomach started heaving around and her vagina started massaging my two fingers most strongly and she started outright screaming. Suddenly there was a flood of liquids pooling in my hand with my fingers in her and she started rubbing my fingers on clit very strongly. She heaved around most strongly for some time, quivering, grunting, screaming and settled down a bit and a huge smile came over her face but she said 'Don't you dare stop yet'. Sally reached over and started in on Mary's clit. In a couple of minutes she came around again and started heaving and thrashing and screaming. Sally and I were both sort of laughing in amazement as we watched this totally amazing orgasming as even more juices gushed out.

Then it was Sally's turn. She was also shy about having all the lights on and opening up in a full spread for both of us but did take the same position covering her pussy with her hand for a minute before taking it away. She had only very sparse blond hair making every part much more visible. I didn't see anything else like it again until shaving became popular 30 years later. I explored her slowly as I had with Mary. Her sensitivity patterns were a little different but her clitoris stuck out even more making it very easy to rub in all sorts of ways. Now we didn't have 'Truth or Dare' in those days but there were the 'Purity Tests' that were used in much the same way. Mary made some remark like 'I bet you just picked up a lot of points on the Purity test'. I agreed as it was all a first for me and I said 'I bet you did too'. They both nodded.

After a bit I slipped a finger into Sally and started massaging her g-spot because of the great effect it had on Mary. When her breathing got real heavy I started massaging her clit too and suddenly she started heaving around and making all sorts of faces but silently. Her belly heaved around and rippled in most amazing ways as I continued massaging her g-spot and rubbing her clit. Suddenly she screamed out 'Enough!' and I stopped but left my fingers in place just holding a little pressure.

When we were finished we all crowded into the shower together and washed each other and played a little. Because my room was 20 degrees cooler than any other room, even though still hot, we carried a couple of mattresses into my room and they slept in there for the next 3 days. We continued playing each evening until my aunt and uncle came back into town. We never had a repeat after that one period as things never worked out again. It is now just a fond memory of fondled mammaries and pussies from my all too distant youth.



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