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A Surprising French Exchange Student

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In my mid teens I became close friends with a boy in my science classes named Zac. Zac was very athletic, as was I, and we spent many a weekend with each other surfing and rock climbing. By the time that this story is set, which is when I was sixteen, I had mostly completed puberty and had become quite masculine, with a prominent jawbone and wavy chestnut hair, topped off with piercing blue eyes-unknown to me, I had become what girls in my school year had deemed to be hot.

Late into the summer, Zac and I had become best friends, and it was no surprise to me when he asked me round his house to meet the French exchange student he had been paired with by the school. I entered his house, and noticed that his parents weren't home-according to him they had gone to see a rendition of Les Mis in London for the weekend, so he had the house to himself, and, well, the French boy. As I climbed the stairs to meet this mysterious boy, I wondered what he was like-whether he and I would get along well, and whether he would come surfing with us or not. Zac opened the door, and my jaw dropped. The student was no boy, but a beautiful French girl, who had just finished unpacking her suitcase. She had perfect pale skin, like a porcelain doll, and flowing scarlet hair, that cascaded down her back towards her long legs. She was, in essence, perfect. Zac smirked as he saw the mix of confusion and delight on my face, as I greeted her with an awkward smile.

Later that evening, Zac threw a small party for all of the Exchange students and those who hosted them. I spent most of the evening talking to the same French girl I met earlier that day, who was called Alexandria, entranced by her beautiful smile under the blood red lipstick, and her sparkling green eyes. By the end of the evening, she had began to show some interest in me-she was touching my thigh, and running her fingers over my chest, all of which made me wildly horny.

In school, I was renowned for being sexually inactive-I never slept with anyone, and people were almost convinced I was an android by my lack of sex drive. That night, however, changed my views on sex forever.

Alexandra, or Alex for short, had lead me upstairs to talk in quiet, away from the noise of the music. I thought nothing of it, but was still wildly imagining Alex on her back, her perfectly round breasts moving as she panted, gripping the soaked bedsheets. Once we were in the room, I was brought out of my trance as she locked the door, and walked over to the bed. I was speechless. She then undressed, revealing her laced black lingerie, and erotically ran her hand over her thighs, coming closer and closer to the lace of her thong. I walked over and sat down nearby, trying to conceal the erection I had got after watching her display. She smiled at me, then winked her big, green, pretty eyes, and leaned over, unbuckling my belt. I froze. She unzipped my trousers, and pulled them down, leaving me sitting there in my black boxers, exposed. She told me to relax in her smooth French accent, and put my hand on her thigh. I moved it up her leg, and began slowly stroking her, causing her to let out a small moan, as she reached in and grabbed my cock, now it's full 8 inches, and began stroking it. I was mesmerized, and started stroking her faster, as her breathing quickened and she flung her head back, groaning with pure pleasure. She undid her Bra, and continued, now fully nude, to stroke my cock. Her body glowed in the dim light as she climaxed, shaking the bed and digging her nails into my thigh as she made me climax too, as I convulsed and came onto her body.

We both fell asleep there in that room, exhausted from the orgasms we had had that night. Alex and I kept in touch for years afterwards, and had many other, deeper sexual experiences. I still remind Zac of Alex, and thank him for introducing us... Though he'll never know just quite how much happened.



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