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A Surprise While Fishing

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A boring day fishing turned exciting.


About a decade or so ago I was fishing along the banks of my local river. The spot where I was at is pretty remote to get to, but across the river is close to a local college. I had been out for an hour or so, and I started to see people walking by on the other side. I was pretty well disguised by the overgrowth there, so nobody saw me. Besides, there was nothing on my side to look at anyways- just a lot of weeds and trees.

Things got interesting when I saw two college girls and one guy sit on a fallen tree. They started looking around to see if they were alone, and I instantly recognized that they were up to something. The tall brunette was the first to take action. She took off her shirt without any fanfare and set it on the tree. Her shorts came next, and she was now standing there on the trail in just her bra and panties. By this point I had set my fishing pole down so I could concentrate, so I wasn't moving at all.

Next, the blond stood up and peeled off her shirt, setting it on the fallen tree. After her shorts joined the shirt, they stood in their underwear looking for any people walking. I figured that was the end of their little game, but the brunette reached behind her back and undid her bra and let it drop to her waist. Her dark areolas were very evident, and so was her dark patch of pubic hair when the panties went next. The river at this point is about 200 feet across, so I could see some, but not much detail.

The blond stripped naked and joined her, and they walked into the river. There is an island in the river here, and I was afraid they were going to go on their side of it. Nope. They came over to my side. At this point they are maybe 50 feet away from me, and still have no idea that I am there. I slowly backed up into a little more coverage, then sat down on my knees to watch.

The blond was a natural blond, long hair, small and petite, and her body was so pale that her small breasts just kind of blended into her body. The brunette had bigger tits- I'd guess a full C or a D- and jiggled nicely as they approached me. The blond sat down on the water's edge and the brunette got down between her legs. I now had front row seats for my first, and last, girl on girl sighting.

After the shock wore off, I quickly pulled my already hard cock out of my pants and started to jerk off watching them. I figured if they were naked and having sex in public they weren't about to say anything if they did indeed see me. It was obvious that this was not either of theirs first time, and the blond writhed on the sand and played with her small tits while the brunette went down on her.

I must have been overexcited because I didn't last as long as I had wanted. Since I figured I had been pushing my luck so far with being caught, I sped up and shot a load on the weeds in front of me. I hastily stuffed my dripping cock back into my shorts, then gathered up my supplies and got the heck out of there.

At that point I didn't care if they saw me, but they made no obvious sign of seeing me. To this day I can still see those two walk into the water naked and holding hands. It has led to many jerk off sessions for me, and a part of me secretly regrets that they didn't see me.



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