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A Sunny Afternoon With My Neighbour

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I thought she was shy and boring. This happened last week. I would love some feedback!


I live in a quiet suburb. Our next-door neighbours are rather straight and boring. Peter is about 43, a teacher. His wife, Trisha, is probably a couple of years younger. She works for a large chemical company and might well be earning more than her husband.

At any neighbourhood gatherings I find I have nothing much to say to him and she is rather mousy. I have noticed, however, than when she has had a couple of drinks she is rather more voluble and seems to come out of her shell and is even slightly flirty.

One very hot midweek afternoon I was at home alone and the street was very quiet. I was about to close my daughter's bedroom window before going out when I looked down into our neighbours' garden. Trisha was lying on a lounger in a bikini putting sun cream on. I pulled back from the window and watched her. She has small breasts but quite a trim figure that I really hadn't noticed before. She rubbed some cream on her stomach and then unclipped her bikini top to cream her small cleavage. She did not reveal her breasts, taking care to keep covered as she rubbed the cream in. It quite turned me on to see the rather straight-laced lady touching herself quite naturally thinking she was not being observed.

I pulled the window to; she looked up at the sound put her hand to her eyes and waved when she saw me. As she waved, one small breast fell out of her bikini. She looked rather embarrassed. I reopened the window and told her to enjoy the lovely weather. She quickly covered up and said she was. I asked why she was not working and she told me she was having a few days annual leave. "You picked a great week for it," I said and she agreed. I shut the window and went downstairs.

About five minutes later, I was in the garden with a beer and I leaned over the fence to ask her if she would like one. I was amazed that she had now removed her bikini top and her pert breasts were in full view, white and creamy. She sat up and covered herself with her arms and said she would love a beer. I told her that she should get maximum exposure on such a lovely day and she smiled shyly.

I went to get another bottle from the fridge and went back to the fence. She got up to take the bottle, still topless but coving her breasts with her arms. As she took the bottle she exposed a nipple.

"Please don't mind me," I said. "Wouldn't want to spoil your tanning session."

"No, you are right," she said. "I shouldn't be so shy, why don't you bring your drink and join me?"

I grabbed a couple more bottles and walked around to her side gate.

"One cold beer might not be enough on a day like this," I said as I sat down on sun chair next to her.

We chatted for a while and she finally moved the arm that was covering her breasts. She seemed to forget she was topless. She had small areolas but rather large nipples that seemed to grow as we talked.

"It is nice to feel the sun on our skin, don't you think?" she asked me.

"Oh yes," I said, "very nice indeed." And I am sure she smirked.

When we had finished our two beers I said I would nip back next door and get one more for each of us. "Lovely," she said.

When I returned she was lying back down with her bikini top just covering her pubic mound. As I walked around her bed chair, her hip bones were protruding and I could see down into her pubic area.

I saw a large mass of brown pubic hair which turned me on immediately. I sat down and gave her a beer and we drank in silence for a while. Finally I said that in these days of the fashion being for a shaved pubic area it was nice to know that some women preferred to be natural down there. She coloured slightly and asked if I meant her. I told her I couldn't help noticing as I walked round her that she must have a rather full bush.

"I don't see the need to follow trends like that," she said and I told her I totally agreed.

This turn in the conversation had produced a hardening of my cock in my thin shorts which she seemed to glance at.

I followed her look and said, "Sorry, the beer and conversation must have had that effect. I don't know what would happen if I saw any more."

She didn't take her eyes off me but just peeled down her bikini bottoms. She was indeed very hairy and I just gasped and said she looked wonderful. "Can I touch?" I whispered.

"Be my guest," she said. "It's the least I could do for the beers."

I lightly brushed my hand over her bush and she gasped slightly. I got braver and eased my middle finger onto her slit. As I opened it I found it was slick with wetness and I spread her lubrication onto her pussy lips and then to her clitoris. She gasped again and I massaged her clit and the surrounding area with my finger. She moved her hips in rhythm with me and after a few minutes she sighed, "Mmm. I'm coming." She was very wet and she bucked up to my hand and then fell back.

Needless to say, I was completely hard now and told her I needed release desperately.

"Let me watch you," she said. I pumped my cock with my hand that was now wet from her lubrication. She didn't take her eyes from me as I built up a fast pumping motion.

"Here I come," I said and ropes of cum shot out onto her thigh.

"Wow, that was the sexiest thing I have ever seen," she said. "What powerful shooting."

"Well, you did rather turned me on," I told her.

"Did I?" she asked.

"Of course," I said "You are very, very sexy."

"I don't think I am," she said.

"Oh yes you are and this is a lovely way to spend a sunny afternoon," I said.



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