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A Sunday School Picnic to Remember

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I am sure that most males, including myself, can remember the first time that they masturbated. It is probably one of those things in life that you never forget or want to forget- on the contrary, in my case it introduced me to something I really enjoy doing.
I remember that I was at a Sunday school picnic in a park that was quite a distance outside of the small town where I lived. The park was also in a forested area. I was talking to one of my buddies at the time and the conversation turned to sex. I mentioned to him that I had heard about "playing with yourself" or "milking your dick" from other guys but frankly was not really sure what it was all about at that time. I had heard that if you did do so, strange and very pleasant things happened. I think that I must have been about 13 or 14 years old- probably very late to begin. We started to wander away from the crowd down to a small stream. We continued to talk and there is where my friend showed me what I had been missing. We sat down on a log near the stream and talked some more about sex. After a short time we both loosened our belts and unzipped and partly pulled down our pants, lowered our shorts, and started playing with our dicks. He showed me how to stroke my dick slowly up and down and rub on the head and around the head with my thumb and fingers. As I started to do so, I noticed this new sensation building up in my penis- one that I had not ever had before. It was like I had to pee, but different, and I am sure that I could not have peed at the time. I loved the sensation that I had never experienced before, but at the same time did really not understand what was going on.
Meanwhile, my friend continued stroking his penis, started to move his legs around a lot more, began stroking faster, and began talking about "getting the tickle." Of course, I was not sure what he meant, but from his reaction and his expression I knew that he was really enjoying himself. He climaxed in a little while and I saw cum for the first time in my life. The milky color fascinated me and I did not know until then that I could also produce the same stuff that I had vaguely heard about through the grapevine.
Meanwhile, my friend encouraged me to keep going. As the sensations in my dick and body became more intense, so did the stroking until I reached the point of no return. With the final strokes, the tickle became very intense and I could not have stopped if I had wanted to- of course, I didn't want to stop. My body became very tense and this tremendous feeling built up, I straightened my legs and back, stroked my dick even harder, and reached my first climax. I saw my own cum for the first time. I then had a tremendous feeling and came down from the "high" that I was on after my first J/O session. I finally understood what "jacking off" was all about- thanks to my friend! Needless to say, I was hooked!
After that initial lesson from my friend, my masturbation habit continued throughout my teen years and on to my adult years where it still continues almost daily. Frankly, I love to J/O. Of course with more experience and practice, I tried various methods- and variety is the spice of life! I am circumcised quite tightly so I jack off both dry and with lube- depends on my mood. I also like changing grips. Another very pleasant variation is gently rubbing or teasing your dick head, the corona or rim, and the area under the head with your fingers to make it last as long as possible. That is what it is all about- why rush a good thing? For me masturbation is a natural thing and I do not understand how guys can feel guilty at all about jacking off. I am sure that males have been doing it since the first man and will continue to do it until the last man lives, regardless of the "moral" reasons for not masturbating. It is a healthy release for sexual tensions, is safe-sex, can be done in various situations, and is free. The desire to masturbate comes automatically- to curb that desire requires effort. So enjoy a good J/O session to the fullest!
Incidentally, I am sure that my Sunday school teacher would have had nearly dropped dead if he knew what I learned at the picnic! --Sign me "anonymous"



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