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A Special Show (3)

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Continued from Dec. 12 2011


Mary came down to the house this morning and said she still could not believe what we did the day before. She was still excited about watching her brother and Jerry jacking off and shooting cum into our panties. She told me that when she got home she had a talk with Mark and wanted to know why he rushed out of the room so quickly. He told her he wasn't sure but he felt embarrassed and didn't want to talk about it. I told Mary that he had nothing to be ashamed of, after all his cock was bigger than Jerry's. Mary wanted to know if I was serious about shaving her pussy, I told her that was up to her. She wanted it done but she also wanted Jerry and Mark there just like we had planned before. I told her that wouldn't be a problem, we would do it at her place. I explained to her how we would go about it.

I got to Mary's place the next day around noon, since it was raining we had to change plans. Mark was in his room playing a game. Mary and I went into her room that is right across the hall from his, we left the door open just enough so he would be able to see and hear us.

We started fooling around and once we knew we had Mark's attention, Mary told me how hot it made her watching our brothers jack off and that she wish it would happen again. Mark was now in the hall listening to everything. She asked me if I would shave her pussy and I told her 'I would.' We heard Mark by the door, not sure what he was doing, I yelled and told him that he had better not be jacking off and to get his ass in here. He came in and it was clear he had a boner. We told him to give Jerry a call and tell him what 'the girls were doing'. Jerry showed up in record time.

We had the boys strip and stand there with their hard cocks pointing straight out and their hands behind their backs so they were unable to touch themselves. I shaved Mary and I don't know how but I managed to do it without one nick, my hands were shaking the whole time.

Mark and Jerry just stood there like they were afraid to move but their cocks would jerk up every once in awhile & both were leaking pre cum. We had the boys jack off then stop, jack off then stop, we did this for like 15 minutes. Mary and I were jilling the whole time and our pussies were soaked, we rubbed our pussies with our panties. I took my panties and held them to Marks face as Mary did the same with hers to Jerry. We saw their cocks jerking and their legs start to shake, I grabbed Marks cock and felt it pulsating, I pumped it a few times and he shot cum into the panties. Mary did the same with Jerry.

The boys started to leave but I informed them that there was one more thing. I asked them if they could get hard and cum again today for us. They both sort of laughed and said 'sure.' I was going to ask when but noticed that they both started to get hard. I reached out and took hold of Marks cock and felt it growing in my hand. Mary had Jerry's cock in her hand. We started stroking their cocks as they grew bigger and harder. We would change the speed and grip as we jacked them off, by the sounds they were making I'm sure they liked it, I know Mark did. I noticed that when I stroked Marks cock really hard and fast his balls would slap against my hand and his ass cheeks, I think it may have hurt him a little but he seemed to really like it. After about 10 minutes, Mark said he was going to cum and that he did, all over my boobs and hand. Jerry started to cum also but Mary caught his cum in her panties.

We hope the boys want to do this again, if so I'll let you know



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