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A Special Photographic Job, Part 1

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I like to think that I was a pretty good photographer when this happened about 38 years ago. In many ways it was the most unusual photographic session I ever had. This was in the early 70s. It wasn't easy to find a nude model at that time. Virtually all women had a full set of pubic hair, at most trimmed just a little around the edges. I did a variety of photographic jobs at that time. I did weddings, legal photography, a 'day with the family' albums and insurance photography. I had to be versatile and had all sorts of cameras and lenses for different situations. Sometimes I had assistants, sometimes I didn't. One day I got a call from the older sister of an old high school friend. She asked me if I could make some great looking 16x20 black and white or tinted prints of exhibition quality. I said 'what of?'. Then she asked me if I objected to doing nudes. I told her 'Not at all'.

In order to know what I needed to bring she told me about what she had in mind. She had inherited an antique piece of handmade black lace, quite sizable. Since she had received it she couldn't get an idea out of her head. She saw in her mind a whole series of nude and erotic pictures done with this lace, with details down to the posing and lighting. She made me promise to keep the whole thing secret as her family would be 'scandalized' if this ever got out. I don't know why she wanted the large prints as she never told me, but she insisted on having them. We made an appointment for the next Saturday as it was going to be an all day session. I brought all the gear, including lights, stands and spare bulbs that I would need. She had an old house with a big empty high ceiling living room that we could set up in. It was winter which was just as well as I had several kilowatts of lights and the room was going to heat up quickly. At the start I had no idea how hot it was going to turn out to be.

She also had an electric fan, candles and a variety of props for the various setups. She had made a list of all the must take pictures. It's like she had seen it all before. She asked me to keep her pubic area out of the pictures because she had shaved a couple of weeks before and it was all scraggly and only partly grown back at best. She was blonde and had sparse pubic hair anyway. Shaved was unusual in that time period as most women had a full bush. Baldy beaver was very rare then. I didn't ask her why she had shaved. I figured she had her reasons. I had never seen such however. During the first setup with the lace I could see that we were going to have a problem, both visually and physically. The scraggly hair looked scraggly and very uneven through the lace. The grown back hair was still short and stiff and caught the lace so it didn't flow smoothly. I took a couple of Polaroids so that she could see the problems. She sat there for a few minutes looking at the Polaroids and tapped then on the table as a variety of expressions went across her face and she suddenly blushed from her face right down onto her breasts. Then she said 'There's just no way around it then, I'll have to be shaved for these pictures.'

I said 'OK'. I was a pro. When I was working I didn't let anything faze me. I just did whatever it took to deliver. Her next statement though really stunned me. She said, 'You're going to have to shave me. I really made a mess of things the only time I tried to shave myself.' Remember, we are talking a two edged safty blade, not like these modern multi-edged blades that almost never nick sensitive areas. Shaving with those things left nicks even when you could see what you were shaving. This time it was my turn to blush and stammer. I hemmed and hawed around for a few minutes before finally agreeing. I insisted on taking some before, during and after photos. She agreed but insisted I be nude too so she could see my reactions to her widely spread pussy and my handling her labia. Basically I had no variation in reaction the whole time. I was totally hard just talking about it and stayed that way the whole time.

She got up on a table and spread her legs wide. I had my face close up to her pussy and got busy shaving with a bowel of water and a washcloth and towel. I got the pubic mound all shaved without incident. Then I had to start handling her more as I shaved both sides of the outer labia. Then I had to hold her clitoris to the side so I could shave that little tuft of hair on either side of her clitoris inside the outer labia. By the time I got to the second tuft her clitoris was firmly erect and she had gotten quite juicy and slippery. The more I tried to take hold of it and move it out of the way the more she started groaning and moving around causing me to lose my grip over and over. Finally she said 'Don't you ever tell my little brother about this or that you gave me an orgasm. I said 'Orgasm, When?' And she said 'Right now!' as she grabbed my hand and started rubbing herself hard and fast with my hand. Suddenly her orgasm started and she bucked around making loud grunting noises.

Watch for part 2.



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