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A Special Gift

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Two days ago Linda did it to me really hard for about fifteen minutes and I most definitely wasn't disappointed. It was extremely stimulating and I masturbated very shortly after our session.


I'm Darlene. I'm thirty eight and work at a large company in a major U.S. city. Over the past five or so years I have come to be good friends with three other co-workers. We do things together every once in a while and just generally enjoy each others company. I am divorced now due to an abusive husband. I enjoy working out often and I believe my figure is one of my assets.

About a block from where I work there is a very up-scale looking massage parlor and I have commented several times to my three friends that one day when I have a few extra dollars I'm going to treat myself to a massage after one of my workouts. Well, last month was my birthday and when I arrived at work I received a nice card from each of my friends and then I was handed a separate card which contained a gift. It was a gift card to the massage parlor and it read, one special full-body massage. Needless to say, I was just sooo excited. I told them that on Saturday I would do my workout and then shower and drive over to the massage parlor. I promised them I would tell them what it was like on Monday.

Inside I was greeted by a very pleasant woman who I assumed was either the owner or the manager. I handed her my card and she called for 'Karen.' Karen was a lovely young woman who looked to be about twenty or so. She wore white slacks, athletic shoes and a form-fitting black stretch top. It wasn't hard to see that she wasn't wearing a bra. I thought that to be a bit inappropriate for the work place but no big deal. Karen was very friendly and lead me to one of the massage rooms. I expected bright lights and tile floors with a massage table in the middle of the room. I was quite pleasantly surprised when I walked into a room that had low-level recessed lighting, hardwood floors and art work on the walls. I was enjoying this before we even started. The massage table was covered in nice leather and you could tell it wasn't cheap. On top was a sheet of white paper like you see in a doctors examining room.

Karen handed me a large towel and told me to remove all my clothes and cover up with the towel. She left the room and I just stood there. I knew I would have to remove my clothes but I didn't think I would have to be naked. After several seconds I told myself to act my age and enjoy this new experience. I stripped and hung my clothes on the tree provided in the room. Shortly afterwards Karen knocked and then came into the room and told me to lie on the table on my stomach. I was careful to keep the towel around me as I got on the table. Karen told me to 'lift up' and she pulled away the part of the towel that was under me. She also managed to brush the back of her hand against one of my breasts and I jumped just a bit.

She immediately began to fold the top of the towel down to the small of my back. I could feel the cool air from the ceiling fan blowing down on me. Karen proceeded to massage my entire back and even my neck. Next she started working on my calves and it was just so soothing I imagined I could actually feel my muscles relaxing. Now she moved up to my thighs and her pressure was a little harder on those larger muscles. I was truly enjoying this. As she worked my thighs I could feel her fingertips brushing up to where my butt meets my legs. It's hard to describe how I felt at this point. It physically felt nice but I was also a little anxious about where she was touching me. I most definitely wasn't ready for what came next.

Karen completely removed the towel and now my bare butt was exposed. I let out a little yelp and she told me to 'just relax.' Again I told myself to stop acting like a baby and a prude and just enjoy the experience. Karen massaged both cheeks and it felt wonderful. Several times I felt her thumb bump into my butt hole and I instinctively clenched my butt. She told me to 'spread a bit' and she kneaded the insides of my cheeks. I could feel my red face but I was also enjoying this tremendously. Karen then placed the towel back over me and told me to turn over. I was covered from my neck to mid thigh with the towel.

Now comes the shocker. She folded down the towel to my hips totally exposing my breasts. I quickly placed my hands over my breasts. Karen gently took my wrists and put my hands down at my sides. I really wanted to say stop at this point but I didn't. After all, Karen was also female. She proceeded to massage my shoulders and then my stomach muscles. Karen then gently took hold of each of my breasts and began to massage them. My breathing was now getting more rapid and I knew that my nipples were hard. Every few seconds she brushed her finger over one of my nipples. Chills went through me and I was getting that sensation down below that comes from sexual stimulation. Karen told me I had great tits and her using the word 'tits' instead of breasts excited me even more. I was now enjoying this and had no intention of stopping her.

Karen asked me if it felt good and I said, 'wonderful.' She then took a nipple between her fingers and rolled it and then pulled on it. Then she did the same with my other nipple. This went on for about five minutes and then she started to massage my thighs. This time I could feel her fingers just barely touching the lowest point of my pussy. She applied slight pressure to the insides of my thighs and I immediately spread my legs several inches. Karen then folded the towel over onto my stomach exposing my trimmed pussy. She massaged the area around my pussy and then with her two thumbs she pressed down on my puss and began to rub. My whole body felt like it was now tingling. She then said, 'I'm going to caress your cunt.' she gently ran her fingers all over it several times. Then with one hand she spread my pussy lips and with the other she started rubbing my clit. The physical feelings that were now travelling through me are impossible to describe. I knew I was really wet and I imagined I could actually smell myself.

I was now intensely aroused and I couldn't stop myself from thrusting my hips upward. I raised my knees and spread open my legs. Karen then whispered to me, 'do you want me to make you cum?' I practically pleaded with her to make me cum right then. She told me not yet and proceeded to rub my clit for a little bit and then she stopped. She reached into a drawer in the side of the table and pulled out a glass rod (dildo) and inserted it into my wet pussy. She moved it in and out like a penis while using her other hand to gently squeeze my clit. I pulled on my nipples until they hurt. The physical sensations in my body continued to become even more intense until finally I reached one of the most powerful orgasms ever.

I just lay there panting like a dog. She removed the rod and put it to my mouth. I licked/sucked the liquid from the rod while Karen continued to squeeze my clit. For a second or two I thought I might throw up from swallowing my goo but I didn't. I couldn't help it but I started to lightly pee myself. Karen quickly put the towel between my legs and told me to sit up. The peeing stopped. Karen asked me if I enjoyed the massage and I told her it was wonderful. She then said, 'you got what your friends requested and paid for and there is one more part to your experience with me.' 'I'm now going to spank you for all those times when you have been a naughty girl.

I told Karen that I really didn't care to be spanked. I finally left feeling sexually satisfied. Needless to say, I filled my friends in on Monday on every detail except the spanking offer. One of them told me later in private that she was getting wet just listening to my story. It was she who then told me about Solo Touch. Since you don't know me and I don't know you I'm going to admit to you now that believe it or not I'm sorry I didn't allow Karen to spank me. The idea of a thirty eight year old woman being spanked hard really stimulates me. If I can manage to get up enough nerve I'm going to ask my best girlfriend Linda to do it to me. I'm like 97% sure she will. I'll wait to send this until I see Linda.

This was my very first sexual experience with a woman and I'm sure you can see that I loved it. I now hope I can find a woman so that I can again experience such an intense sexual encounter.




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