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A Special Birthday Present

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I love stories that involve masturbation and crossdressing. Here's one.


A special birthday present

My birthday was coming up Saturday and my wife had hinted around that she had a special treat in store for me. Friday night, we just hung around the house, made some pizzas, and didn't stay up too late.

I'd had a long week at work, so Saturday morning, I slept in a little later than usual, and when I woke up she was already up and dressed. As I sat up and rubbed my eyes, I saw that she was wearing a very soft and gauzey pink dress, sort of a babydoll style. She sat down on the edge of the bed and smiled sweetly at me.

'Happy birthday, sweetie. How you feeling this morning?'

Well the sight of her, combined with the already existing 'morning wood' I was sporting under the covers was making me feel that so so nice feeling in my belly, and spreading all down my legs, and all over my body.

'I feel good', I said. 'Feeling lazy'.

'Fine, it's your birthday and you can be as lazy as you want. You just relax and sit back here and let me give you a birthday present.' As she said this, she propped up two pillows behind me and plumped them up.

She swung one leg up onto the bed, and smoothed the front of her dress down over her thighs, but not before I caught a glimpse of silky panties, and the tops of thigh-high nylons underneath it.

That glimpse had an immediate effect on my lingering hard-on, and I adjusted its position under the covers as it grew, and as I started feeling more and more aroused.

She slowly shifted forward, up onto her knees and facing me, then lifted up the front of the dress and showed me her silky panties, which were full-cut white briefs. Letting the dress drop, she leaned toward me and slid back the covers, revealing my now quite hard cock, and she pressed herself up against me, moving slowly and letting the front of her panties brush back and forth on my cock. The dress was sliding back and forth across my belly, and she took it in both hands and wrapped it around my cock and caressed me gently with the soft material.

I was losing my ability to think coherently at this point, awash in pleasure and arousal. She started murmuring softly in my ear, something about knowing how much I like silky girls' things. She also whispered, 'Sweetie, I know how much you like to stroke yourself while I am watching you. Will you do it now?'

With that she took my hand and guided it down to my hard cock, and placed it over the head and wrapped her hands around it. She looked me deeply in the eyes and said, 'go ahead and make yourself feel good, baby - but not too fast. I want to give you some nice lingering pleasure for your birthday.'

She slid the covers back to my feet, and I began stroking myself slowly as she continued to look right into my eyes. My cock seemed to get both bigger and harder as she watched.

She stood up and walked over top the full-length mirror, and looked into my eyes through the reflection. 'Oh baby, your cock is so big and hard! Please keep stroking it for me, I love to see that!' She swayed back and forth as she talked, her dress moving gently back and forth. She really did know what turns me on!

Then she slowly lifted the dress off over her head, revealing the full-cut panties and matching bra she was wearing. She turned around a couple of times in front of the mirror, then stood facing me again. She leaned over to her dresser, opened the top drawer, and took out some things and came over to me.

'OK honey, time for some birthday presents.'

She handed me a pair of silky white briefs, just like hers, and a babydoll dress of a similar style to hers only light blue instead of pink. 'Baby blue for my baby,' she said.

'I know how much you like the feel of silky material all over your body,' she said. 'Put these on and we can help you feel so good this morning!'

I was a little shy about it but did as I was told. As I slid the panties up my legs she took the waistband and helped me, adjusting the waist and then cupping her hands over my cock once they were in place. Then she took the baby-blue dress and said 'lift your arms up.' I did so and she dropped it down over my chest and body. She smoothed it into place, murmurring 'what a pretty boy you are now, sweetie. You look so good, and I love to make you feel this way!'

Then she started caressing my chest, finding my nipples under the soft gauzey material of the dress, and I shuddered with pleasure. Continuing to slide one hand across my chest and belly, she put the other one under the front of the dress and onto my cock inside the panties. Then she took my hand and once again guided it down to my cock. As I began slowly caressing myself through the dress and panties, she sat back and began sliding her fingers down inside her own panties, closing her eyes and letting her head roll back. Her long hair swung a little bit from side to side as she began pleasuring herself.

I was feeling really hot by now, and slid the panties I was wearing down to my knees so I could take my cock in hand and begin really stroking. She opened her eyes and saw this, and smiled as she slid her own panties down, took them off, and wrapped them areound my cock with both hands and began sliding up and down, the length of my cock.

'Does that feel good, baby?' she wanted to know as she moved the silky panties up and down on me, faster and more firmly. I gasped 'yes' jsut as my cock began throbbing, several pulses, and she kept the panties wrapped firmly around me, milking every bit of cum out of me. As my orgasm subsided, she kept her hand in place. I opened my eyes and she was smiling broadly at me.

'Happy Birthday dear!'



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