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A Sort of a Honeymoon - Part 2

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You need to read Part One to really get the gist of the story


In Part One I told of backing out of a wedding. It was a decision I might never had made if my sister Angela had not been with me and presented such a contrast. It was not a contrast in looks or personality that did it, although Angela came out ahead on both. It was the fact that I could talk to Angela in a way I didn't think I could ever talk to my intended bride. Call me crazy, but the craziness developed further as we headed back home.

Angela and I didn't talk much as I drove fast to get as far away as I could from the wedding fiasco. Still, nightfall found us in the middle of Iowa, coming up on the town where we had spent the night on the way over to Nebraska. 'Let's stop at the place where we stayed before,' Angela said. 'It will be one less hassle.' The motel manager recognized us and said he was happy to put us in the same room as before. He winked slightly as I signed us in again as Mr. and Mrs. I followed his glance down to Angela's hand, which revealed that she had forgotten to turn her ring around this time.

After a mediocre dinner, during which Angela kept assuring me that I had made the right decision and that everything would be better for everyone concerned, we got back into our pajamas and settled in for the night. Only this time, instead of a light kiss on the lips we kissed each other for real and then hugged closely and kissed each other some more. Even though I was feeling rotten about myself and what I had done, the hugging and kissing nevertheless had their inevitable effect and soon my stiff cock was pressing against my sister's thigh. I didn't try to turn away, nor did she. On the contrary, she snuggled closer so that my cock was prodding into the space where it wanted to go. 'I believe your penis doesn't know the wedding was called off,' Angela said. 'Nobody told it,' I said. 'I expect it could use some tender loving care,' she said. 'Indeed it could,' I said, seizing her hand and moving it down to the head of my cock. After one little squeeze she moved her hand away. 'Sorry, but I'm not going to do it for you,' she said. 'That would be incest.'

I couldn't get my addled head around that concept. I tried to put my hand between her legs, but she pushed it away with a gentle, 'No, not that either.' 'So I'm supposed to just go into the bathroom and jack off like it's any another day?' 'No, stay here. I'm with you.' I rolled over onto my back, took my cock out and began slowly to stroke it. She lay next to me, kissing me and stroking my thigh. Then she unbuttoned my pajama top enough to bare my chest and started kissing and licking a nipple. I had never experienced that before. It produced a sensation that spread all over my chest and belly and down to my cock. I slowed my stroking down to hardly any motion at all, so that I could keep the sensation alive. But the build-up was irresistible and I soon felt the welling up that meant orgasm was near. I never speeded up. I just let it happen. What happened was the greatest burst of semen I had ever had or have had since. It completely drenched my pajama tops and left me gasping.

I got up and stripped off my pajama tops. Then, finding that the bottoms had caught some too, I took them off as well and got back into bed completely naked. Without a word, Angela took off her pajamas too and lay back down beside me. 'My turn,' she said, and began stroking herself. I tried to replace her hand with mine, but she said, 'No. Same rule.' So she went ahead masturbating and I did for her nipples what she had done for mine. Only hers sat atop gorgeous breasts, not terribly big but with an amazing shape even as she lay on her back. I could tell she was trying to go slow, just as I had. Her orgasm, when it came, was not loud but it seemed like every cell in her body took part in it.

We showered together and we fondled either other's genitals. It appeared that according to Angela's rules it was not incest if you were standing up. But we didn't carry it any further. We went to sleep, still naked in each other's arms. Back on the road next day, we said nothing for an hour about what had happened. Then Angela said, 'It was wonderful, but there'll be no repeats. Do you agree?' I didn't say anything. I was too miserable. I felt that a wedding had actually taken place and that there had been a one-night honeymoon with a beautiful woman whom I had been closer to than I could ever be with any other woman, and now it was over, permanently over.



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