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A Sister's Point of View

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Growing up as one of four siblings, (two girls, two boys and twins to boot) spread about a year apart, meant that we hit puberty around the same time. My two brothers were a year older, but boys hit puberty later-it seemed like we all went into it at around the same damn time.


And suddenly, it was separate rooms for Jessica and me, while Mike and Rob had their own room next door. No more baths together, no more changing for swimming the same room.

Periods (yuck) came and boobs developed. Well, they did more for Jess than me, but hey, you get what you get.

There was a period of about a year when we girls kept ourselves to ourselves. It wasn't hostile or anything, I think the boys needed their space too, but when we got to around 15/16 we were all close family again, and that's when the curiosity started. I wanted to know what it was like for boys, and we used to sit up talking, all four of us late into the night.

Some nights, especially when the boys told us about 'wet dreams' and 'jacking off', I know both Jess and I went to bed feeling kinda antsy and wet. We, of course, had to tell them that we had sexy dreams too, not the kind boys have (Imagine waking up with your bed full of sperm, nightmare!)but that yes, we also masturbated. (By this time, my sister and I used to masturbate together sometimes although we didn't touch each other until much later.

So, one day, I was by the lake with Rob and he looked miserable, no, moody would be better. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that Mike had a girlfriend and that he was, well, jealous! Mike was getting, he said, 'to see REAL boobs'. I tried to make light of it for him and said something like 'Hey, it's no big deal. Boobs are boobs.' He still looked sad though, so I lifted my t shirt up and showed him my 'litte A's' as I call them. He stared and then asked questions. 'Did they hurt? Were they hard? Do the nipples feel nice?' I just took his hand and put it on me.

Rob cupped each breast, tweaked my nipples around a bit and, of course, got a hard on.

It seemed perfectly natural to unzip his shorts and get it out. In no time, I was kneeling in front of him and jacking him until he spurted onto my chest.

Then, because I was really horny, what is it about the scent of sperm???? I showed him how I liked to touch myself. He was a fast learner and yes, at the tender age of 16, he made me cum.

I told Jess about it, and she said, much to my amazement, that she had jacked Rob AND Mike before now. She also told me that she and Rob went the whole route.

From 16 onwards, I used to jack Rob off from time to time, and he would do me as well. Sometimes, Jess and I would do each other. It's something about having someone else do it that is so nice.

So, 28 now, and looking back, was it harmful to us? No, I don't believe so. four kids growing up on a farm miles from anywhere, I guess it happens. Jess going the whole way? Hmmm. For her, as she says, she got to lose her cherry to someone she trusts and knows well. (If nothing else, no-one is going to blab it around school, unlike a lot of the boys who always told everyone who they had shagged.) Me? Yes, Rob and I did a couple of times, and we also used to pee in front of, and sometimes on each other. I really can't remember how that started, but it was kinky and fun at the same time.

I am with another girl. Not that I am full lesbian, I love a good seeing to now and then, but I have been with Alison for about seven years now. Jess is married and pregnant. Rob is married, but Mike, Mr Fuck Every Girl I See, is in a relationship with another guy!

So, what do I think? I think it's a journey. You find yourself along the way.

Please, don't judge, this all happened, and recounting it has made me remember how horny I would get with my family sometimes.

There is another story, so bare with me and I will share that too.

When I was 24, our mom died real sudden of pancreatic cancer. One day, she had back ache and tummy ache, two days later she couldn't stop throwing up and two weeks after that we were at her funeral. No-one ever knew she was ill and by the time the symptoms showed it was way too late to save her. Dad was utterly devastated. They had met when they were kids, and neither of them had another person in their love life. (Dad told me that he and mom became 'an item' when they were both 14.)

So, a couple of years down the road, dad was still on his own and it was one of those hot, sultry days you get sometimes. Too hot to work, and nothing to do anyway. So dad was dozing on the lawn and I was next to him. I had asked him to put some oil on my back and he did.

When I turned over, (topless, I must admit) he had a hard-on pressing through his shorts.

Again, pure instinct, I told him 'Lie down', and rubbed oil into his legs and body before getting his cock out and jacking him off. It was the only time I ever did anything with him, but I am glad as all hell that I did. Over the next 18 months, I would 'help him out' now and then before the big C claimed him too. I know many people will think what I did both with my siblings and my dad was utterly wrong, but, respectfully, I really don't care. I was able to give my dad some close human contact during the last months of his life. I think, (at least, I found out) that he knew he was dying, he just never told us. He refused all treatment even though the cancer he had WAS treatable. I think he just missed mom too much and wanted to be with her.

So, here I am. Christina, living with another girl, having utterly mind-blowing sex and happy as anything.

This has been my story.



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