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A Sister's Panty Story Part Ii

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See 'Sister's Panty Story Part I 10/1/08


I could hear her stereo go on, and moving around. Including the opening of drawers. I told myself I was just being paranoid. Just then I heard a drawer slam, and her stereo went off. My door burst open, and Meagan stood there holding the pair of panties that I use earlier. She was still wearing her soccer uniform. Black shorts, white jersey. Her hair was in a ponytail. She even had her shin guards and cleats still on, with black under her eyes. All this made her appear even more menacing. She held the panties out in a clenched fist and said 'You fucking pervert! I know what you you've been doing!'

I bolted up from my bed, and my heart began to flutter in my chest. 'I know what this is!' she hissed as she approached me with those damp, white panties clenched in her fist. She was holding the panties inches from my face.'Do you think I'm stupid?, I know you've been going in my drawers for awhile now' I was frozen and could barely breath, let alone talk. I began to tremble as emotions of panic and self loathing washed over me. My sister has a fiery temper, and I've seen her mad like this before. I braced myself for a possible slap to the face. She stared into my face. 'Let's go and see what mom and dad have to say about this...' She said with a wry, venomous smile. She quickly turned and headed for my door. 'Meg please don't' my vioce cracked as I could feel myself about to cry. I grabbed her arm and pleaded 'Please, Meg. PLEASE!' Tears began to stream down my face and I started to sob. She stopped in her tracks and turned towards me and sighed. A look of disgust was plastered on her face. 'Whats going on up there you two?' my mom yelled from the botttom of the steps. I lighty sobbed as Meg and I looked at each other in silence. 'Well?' my mother asked again. 'Please' I whispered. Each second that ticked away seemed like an eternity. Finally Meagan turns and replied 'Its nothing, Tyler was in my CDs again...its all cool now.'... 'Well keep it down then, and Tyler, stay out of Meg's things.' Meg closed my bedroom door and turned towards me. She said 'Explain yourself' and flung the panties at me.

She sat me on the bed and stood over with her arms crossed. She demanded an explaination, and if she thought I was lying she said she was going to go right to mom and dad. My vioce still cracked as I confessed. I told her everything. I told of how I would use her panties when I masturbated, which drew snickers from her. And that I've beeen doing it for a couple of months. She said she knew I was going through her drawers. I told of how I felt so ashamed, to which she seemed sympathetic. She made me swear to never do it again, and I agreed. 'But' she said, 'You still need to be punished.' I swallowed hard and wondered what she had in mind. 'Like a spanking you mean?' I asked. 'Wait here' she said, and went back into her room.

She returned a short while later with a clothes basket filled with a bunch of her panties. 'Whats that for?' I nervously asked. She dumped the contents of the basket on the floor. In the pile of spilled panties, there were of all sorts and styles of underwear. G-strings, briefs and low rise all of differing styles and trim, all in diverse fabrics such as satin, cotton and nylon and all in different colors and patterns. She smiled and said 'Remember that story dad tells of when grandpa caught him smoking? and grandpa made him smoke like a carton of cigereetes until he got sick?' 'Yeah' I squeaked. 'Well say hello to your cigrettes. If you want to wear panties, then thats all you'll wear' I looked at her shocked. She began to open my dresser drawers and remove my underwear by placing them in her basket. ' I'm taking your underwear and you get mine. You'll get yours back when I feel like it.' I became embarrassed at the notion. 'Meg come on.. I'll do all of your chores for like... until you leave for college... please' She was unfazed by my pleas. 'Your going to wear panties under your clothes everyday, all the time. And believe me, I'm going to check, so don't get any ideas of going to school commando.' she told me. 'Thats insane' I said. 'Lets get mom and dad and see if they think its a good idea' she said, to which I got her point. She told me to stand up and strip naked. 'What? are you nuts? why?' 'It starts now. You'll be sleeping in panties just like girls do. You can wear a half shirt if you get chilly' she said with a smile. I could tell she was really starting to enjoy this. I reluctantly stood up and started to get undressed by taking off my shirt. I asked if she could leave and give me some privacy, but she said 'Hell no, you don't respect my privacy, why should I respect yours?' I slipped off my shorts and then my boxers. Since I was frought with fear and axiety, my cock and balls had seemed to retreat and they appeared very small and shrunken. I tried in vain to cover my shame. 'Aww, look how cute that wittle fellow is. He looks cold, maybe you should grow some pubes to keep him warm.' she said sarasticly of my practically hairless groin. 'Here put these ones on.' she said as she tossed me a pair of g-stringss. They were pink with red stars and made of a silky, shiney satin. My hands trembled as I pulled them on. 'My, you look pretty' Meagan gleefully said. 'If I come in here in the middle of the night, you better be wering those... nighty-night' she said and went to her room snickering.

More to come... Part 3 is coming soon



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