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A Sister's Panty Story Part 1

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Long story, but worth it.


During the summer of 1994 I was 15 years old. I got good grades, I played basketball and lacrosse in school. I had great friends, and was pretty popular. Girls would say I was good looking, being 5'8 and 120 pounds, with kinda long light brown hair and blue eyes. I dated often, but still remained a virgin up until this point. I guess I was your typical suburban teenage boy. I grew up in a modest house in a middle class nieghborhood. Both my parents worked. My father was a sales manager at a large software company. And my mother worked for local dentist as a receptionist. Normally being 15years old and having the summer off with your parents at work all day would seem like an ideal situation for some personal freedoms, but I shared the house with my older sister Meagan.

Meagan and I had that typical strained brother and sister relationship. She was three years older than me, and was leaving for college in the fall. We got along good as brother and sister, but that was about it. Maybe it was the age difference, or that she thought I was the favorite child, or my popularity, but she seemed to resent me at times. Because of that, we never got along great as friends. She was attractive. Being about 5'10, she was tall for a girl. She had a thin, atheletic body from playing soccer all through her years at school. She had the same light brown hair and blue eyes that I had. Our similiar appearence were the only mannerisms in which we were alike. I always thought, she seemed to have the slightest desire to see me fail, or to catch me at something I shouldn't be doing. Just to prove to everyone that I'm not some great, special person as some people thought I was. On a Monday in July of 1994, she got her wish.

Being 15 and a virgin didn't mean I didn't have a sex life. It just meant that I had to be creative to have a sex life. I masturbated often, sometimes up to 3 times a day.I stashed porn mags and VHS tapes, along with gel in my bedroom, and used them at every convinence I could. Once I even called a phone sex 900 number because I was so horny, and needed something difdferent. My parents were so PISSED when the bill arrived later that month. My punishment was severe. I think that was the last time I ever recieved a true ass spanking with a paddle. I never called a 900 number again. But I was still always looking elsewhere for some new excitement when I masturbated. One day, I remember seeing a pair of my sister's panties in a clothes basket in the hallway. They were a green satin bikini sitting right on top. They looked so sexy with their reflective sheen and lace trim. My cock stirred in pants. Nobody was home so I stripped off my clothes and tried them on. They felt so good so electric! The fabric seemed to tickle and caress all at the same time. They made me feel sexy and naughty at the same time. Wearing them seemed so wrong, yet it felt so right. My cock hardened instantly. I admired myself in a mirror as I rubbed my erection through the sheer material. From that day on I would incorporate panties into my jerk off sessions when possible

So began the ritual of me sneeking into my sister's room and 'borrowing' her silky panties. Of course I would only do this when nobody was home. I would wear them for a bit, model them in mirrors, caress my satin ass, and stroke my cock through the fabric just to tease myself. When I couldn't take it no more, I would place a pillow on my bed and hump it while wearing the panties. And when I was ready to cum, I would sit up on my knees and pull down the panties and pump my cock with my hand until I shot the biggest loads. never did I want to leave any kind of evidence of my use in the panties. I did this for a few months, until a Monday in July.

It was early afternoon on that Monday. My parents were at work, and my sister was out for the day. She received a scholarship for college to play soccer, and my parents paid for her to go to a soccer day camp run by some famous coach. Mondays always seemed to be my horniest day of the week. I had a date with a girl named Kelly on Saturday. She was pretty hot, and we wound up making out heavily and grinding on each other, but no sex. Maybe that date contributed to my state of arousal today. But with nobody in the house, I wound up upstairs looking to play. I went into Meagans room, pulled open her underwear drawer and gently fished around. I found my favorite pair of her panties. They were white, nylon, low rise briefs with bits on lace around the legs. A little bow sat in the middle of the lace that circled the waist. They fit me great. My hard on could always stand almost striaght up without poking through the top. I stripped down, and put them on. My cock was already hard as I pulled them up around my tight, hairless balls. I went in to my room while rubbing my erection through the front. It felt incredible as usual. I pulled my blankets off, and placed a pillow right in the center of my bed. I climbed up and began my normal humping of the pillow. Each rise and fall of my tight ass brought massive amounts of pleasure. I closed my eyes and squeezed my mattress on my hands. The silk fabric molested my cock with each thrust. I grunted softly as I humped the pillow, and my face had turned red with intense pleasure. After what seemed like mere minutes, I was close to climax. But something went wrong in my brain. Instead of stopping and finishing with my hand outside of the panties as usual, something primal took over. I continued to fuck. I was telling myself to stop, but my body was not responding. Climax was due and I readied myself. I thrust deep into the pillow and threw my head back and moaned aloud as the cum erupted forth. With each deep thrust I took, another hot stream jetted out from my cock. With nine or ten deep thrusts, my orgasm seemed to last over a minute. I collapsed on top of the pillow, spent. I felt hot cum running down my dwindling cock onto my balls. I laid there briefly until my eyes sprang open as reality sank in. 'What did I just do!?' I thought. I quickly stood up and looked down. A massive wet spot was present on the panties as they covered my cock. 'Holy shit!' it would have looked as if I peed myself, if it weren't for the oozing gobs of cum.

I stripped the soiled panties off and left them on the floor, staring at them. I didn't know what to do. Maybe I could throw them out? I convinced myself though that Meagan would notice them missing. Using the washing machine was something I never learned to do thanks to mom. So I grabbed some Kleenex and began to mop the cum out of the panties. Some cum had blasted through and had left a wet spot on my pillow. But there was still plenty of my cum pooling in my sister's underwear. After an exhaustive time spent mopping and wiping out the panties, they just now seemed to to be just damp with my cum. I looked at the clock, and it was close to 4pm. My mother would be home soon, followed by either my father or sister. I got dressed, paced, then convinced myself the panties were dry enough to put back into my sister's drawer. 'I'll just put them on the bottom, everything will be OK. She'll never know' I thought. As I pushed my sister's panty drawer closed, I promised I'd never use her things again.

My mom came home as usual, followed by dad. Meagan called and was eating dinner at a friends house, so we ate without her. After dinner I didn't feel much like hanging with my parents, so I went upstairs. What a day. I was pretty sure I was in the clear from my earlier mistake. Now all I wanted to do was was just chill with some TV, and get a fresh start tommorow. Meagan came home close to eight o'clock. I heard her say hello to mom and dad. I muted my TV. I could hear them talk softly for awhile then she said she was going to shower. I heard footsteps and unmuted my TV as Meagan passed by the closed door to my room. I suddenly became nervous as she went into her room.

I could hear her stereo go on, and moving around. Including the opening of drawers. I told myself I was just being paranoid. Just then I heard a drawer slam, and her stereo went off. My door burst open, and Meagan stood there holding the pair of panties that I use earlier. She was still wearing her soccer uniform. Black shorts, white jersey. Her hair was in a ponytail. She even had her shin guards and cleats still on, with black under her eyes. All this made her appear even more menacing. She held the panties out in a clenched fist and said 'You fucking pervert! I know what you you've been doing!'

more to come......



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