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A Singles Weekend Away

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My daughter reads this site daily. She suggested I post what happened to me on a week end away.


Well let me start at the beginning. About a year and a half ago I became a widow. In that time till now I had not been with anyone. As the months go by my need for company was getting stronger. Yes I would masturbate myself and that would make everything all-right for a a short time.

Anyway my daughter planned a three day event that her and I go away for a little time out and to meet other people who are looking for company too. She thought it would be a good idea for me to get away.

A week before we left we went through my closet to see what I was going to bring. Trying on skirts and pants, my daughter said is that the underwear you think your wearing next week? She called them grannie panties. Back to the store we went, to get something a little more sexy. On the way back home we also stopped at a place that does Brazilian waxing. My daughter said I am going to treat you to a Brazilian. You can't put on the panties we just bought with all that hair protruding out. So inside of a little while I was bald.

Arriving and checking in to our room. We were now getting ready to begin our search for in my case some well needed company. That night the banquet room was filled with singles all there for the same reason. Inside of about two hours a young handsome guy approached my daughter, she asked me if I would mind if she went for a walk with him and left me alone. No,No go have a good time and be careful.

I then walked to the bar sitting alone. When to my surprise I began talking to a woman about my age. She introduced herself as Barbra. Maybe a little older. We are both built the same. Very tall average weight and size. Before long we finished our drinks and she asked me if I wanted to take a walk around the grounds. I knew where this was going. I couldn't believe I was being seduced by another woman. In a short time her hand went to hold mine. I accepted her advance. We stopped walking for a second. In a lonely spot where she kissed me and said I want to take you back to my room. All I could say was all- right. My legs were now beginning to shake. After a year and a half my first time back in the game was going to be with another woman.

We got to her room and wasted no time. She started undressing me as soon as the door was locked. I was on her bed with only my panties as she began to remove her top. Leaving the job of opening and removing her pants for me.

Her nipples were just like mine, large and dark. Taking off her pants I could see she had a mound of thick dark pubic hair in her panties. Our hands were all over each other. I felt her slide her hands down to my pussy and with her fingers she inserted one deep inside me and her thumb was rubbing my clit. Her left hand was under my ass. Before long she put a finger up my asshole. Between what was going on with my pussy and a finger up my ass I began yelling, OH Barbra, Oh Barbra Think I am about to cum. This orgasm came from deep inside. Remember I have not been with anyone in over a year.

Now I was going to return the favor. Barbra was now laying on her back as I began sucking her tits then working my way down to her hairy pussy. First I ran my fingers through her pubic hair then I did the same thing she just did to me. Well the end results were just as good. I can't believe I was in another woman's bed. We stayed in bed a little while longer holding each other.

I told her I have to go, she said stay the night. OK I said and I did. We went for another needed romp together in the morning.

Telling her I was with my daughter this weekend. We don't have to tell her what went on I could introduce you as a friend. Barbra asked will we be back here tonight? You know we will I replied. For the next day and a half we enjoyed each others company.

On the way home my daughter asked how the weekend was. I said just great. I really had a great time. I see you met a nice guy. She said you seem very relaxed. Like all the tension came out of you. Did you and Barbara by any chance get together.I think you did she said with a smile. Mom nothing is wrong with that. I told her we did and I enjoyed it. She told me what the young man and her did and she enjoyed it.

I asked her if we could keep what happened this weekend to ourselves. As I drove the car she leaned over kissed my cheek and said what happened here will stay here....



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