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A Shower Encounter

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A few weeks ago my wife, kids and I went to the beach nearby where we live. After spending a few hours there, we were about to leave. As we were preparing to leave I went up to the bathroom to take a pee and to wash the sand out of my swimming trunks. As I entered in the shower room there were two guys already in there naked and showering. I couldn't help notice that their dicks seemed to be semi-erect. As I entered I suspected that maybe I had interupted something. Anyway I continued to take my position under the vacant shower head that happened to be between these two guys. I turned on the water and closed my eyes as I let the water run down over my head and shoulders. With my eyes closed I could not get the image of those semi-hard cocks out of my mind and I quickly found myself becoming aroused. The guy on my right seemed to be in his late teens early twenties. The guy to my left was probably in his late twenties early thirties. They both had nice sized cocks. One was about the same as mine the other slightly larger. I am 33 years old and in good shape. I am 5'11' about 170 lbs, dark brown hair, have a nice tan, moderately hairy and my dick is six inches cut.

So I slowly open my swim trunks and let them drop to the floor. I then stepped out of them and was completely naked too. I then turned around to face the other two guys. I saw the guys were checking me out as I was also looking at them. Then I noticed that the guy on my left began rubbing his cock more than just necessary for washing. I then looked to my right and the younger guy started doing the same. I knew then that I had definitely interrupted something but they seemed comfortable with me being there and possibly joining them.

At that point my dick started getting hard which really made me nervous because we could be caught so quickly in such a public place. Anyway as my dick started standing up straight I started rubbing it back and forth. So there we were with all three of us openly rubbing our cocks. Then the guy to my right moved over toward me and grabbed my cock and started pumping it. I instinctively grabbed his and started doing the same. The guy on my left moved in and the three of us started alternating cocks. It was very hot. Then I felt myself about to shoot my cum and motioned to the guys thinking they would move back. Instead the guy to my right moved closer to me and started pumping me hard pointing my dick toward his stomach just over his cock (I guess I was slightly taller than him) anyway I shot my cum on his stomach. He continued stroking his cock. I must have been really turned on because it seemed I had cum more than usual and I had already had sex that very morning with my wife. Then the other guy to my right came second. He shot his load in the shower drain. I was already nervous so as soon as I shot my load I started to quickly rinse off and pull my trunks on and leave. I left the other guy to come on his own. We never spoke a word but it was a hot experience.

As I was leaving the building there were three 12-14 year old boys coming in. I thought wow.....that was close. I then went and met up with my family and left.



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