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A Short History of Wanking - Part 4

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A masturbation journey from the beginning taking my hard dick to many varied territories, Ellie part 1.


At last I was on my way to wanking wonderland, masturbation mayhem and a jacking jamboree! Since I started to actually cum, I was at it day and night. That first sensational explosion though will remain with me for ever. Over the next few years I amassed a great collection of porno mags. During the early to mid 1970s there was a huge revolution in the adult mag world and we went from sneaky occasional glimpses of pussy and pubic hair to full page open pussy with every detail on show. This evolution happened over about three years and loads of new titles appeared on the shelves. Don't forget there was no internet at this time. Some titles even showed actual sex with crafty black stars on the pretext it was for educational purposes!! Certainly educated me, and gave my ever growing cock some great exercise. I suppose I was about six and a half inches (Seven on a good day) by now and the same measurement in circumference.

When my sister and I were growing up we were very close to our cousins. My father's brother and his wife lived close by and they had a son and daughter also. The son was a bit more than two years older than me and the daughter about the same age. We would do everything together. My cousin John was great fun and being a little older was always in charge and I suppose a bit of a role model for me. Eleanor (or Ellie) was cheeky, quite naughty and a bit of a tom-boy. Anyway, we all used to muck in together and had a lot of fun. Uncle Phil then got a new job on the other side of the country and so the whole family moved away. They bought a large house near to the coast and when we went to visit after they had settled in we had a great time exploring.

As time went by our visits became less and less frequent and then we didn't see each other for a couple of years. One summer holiday our parents asked if we would like to go over to spend a week with them and if so we could go on our own. As I was now just over 16 they decided I was responsible enough to go and look after my sister as well. It was all agreed and we went off to the coast by train and were met by John and Ellie at the other end. It wasn't really that far, just in those days it seemed a long way.

To say that my cousins had changed was an understatement. They had grown up, as had we I suppose, and were not just kids anymore but young people. When I thought back to Ellie in tatty old jeans romping around with us and what was stood in front of me now, it was difficult to imagine they were the same person. They both commented on how we had changed as well.

We went back to their house and I couldn't keep my eyes off my cousin. She was beautiful but still with those cheeky eyes and there was still something naughty about her. When little girls grow up, there are striking physical changes and this really struck home when we arrived at their house. She removed her coat and there was a figure of a grown woman even if she was only 16. I couldn't help it but my jeans were beginning to feel tight in the cock area as I struggled to hide my boner. Think of something else I kept saying to myself.

As it was early evening when we arrived, we all sat down to a lovely meal. My Aunt and Uncle are great fun and they have a very relaxed attitude. We sat around the table chatting and remembering old times. They were teasing me about how Ellie would love to show me and my sister around but perhaps I would prefer to be on my own with her. I remember going red and blushing slightly but thinking that would be fun. When it was time to go to bed they showed us to our rooms, it was a very big house and we had a room each. My room was quite big and had fabulous views over the coast. I remember looking out thinking that this week is going to be fun! I went to sleep quickly, it had been a long day and I was quite tired.

The next thing I remember was a knock at my door, it was morning and light outside. No idea what time it was but I grunted something and my aunt came in with a cup of tea. She left it on the side table and went off to prepare breakfast. A few minutes later Ellie bounced into my room full of life urging me to get up and get ready for a fun day. She was looking radiant and little did she know that under the bedclothes I was sporting my usual morning boner probably a seven inch one today. I was gently stroking it as she flew around the room opening the curtains and giggling. I was gripping my cock and giving it good long strokes. I had to stop at one point as I cold feel myself cumming and was scared she would see me shudder and jump. She flew out of the room and I got back to the job in hand. Five more strokes did it and my cock exploded with cum all over my belly and up to my chest. I have actually caught my cum in my mouth on occasion but this wasn't one of them.

I wiped myself off with an old T-shirt I had brought and when my cock eventually subsided, went to have a shower. After breakfast we went off further up the coast for a walk and then a bit of a laze on the beach. This was difficult because as soon as Ellie stripped down to her bathing gear you could fully appreciate the curves of her body. She was a big strong girl, not at all skinny but definitely not fat. She did a lot of swimming and cycling which kept her in good shape. My cock was at a constant solid state. I just couldn't stop looking at her, her gorgeous breasts and occasional glimpses of a beautiful mound between her legs. In my tight shorts I was struggling to hide my boner. I'm sure she noticed as she gave me some wide smiles and I'm sure she winked at me at least once. In fact her smiles and relaxed attitude also relaxed me and I began to not worry any longer.

The only way to get rid of it was to make my excuses and go behind the dunes for a pee and, if there was nobody about, a quick wank. It took about 10 strokes to release my cum and eventually my cock shrunk back. When I got back, Ellie asked where I had been. Just for a quick pee, I said. She gave me a broad smile and asked how I managed that in my state! I just smiled and said I managed! That's how the day continued, loads of teasing and loads of fun.

Later that evening we all watched some television and chatted away like old times. It was great to feel so relaxed. I was sat in a large chair and as there were not enough chairs or sofas for all six of us to sit together Ellie sat on the floor by my legs. Every so often I felt a slight tickling sensation on the back of my legs. When nobody was looking she was running her hands up inside my baggy trousers and squeezing my calf muscles. She could certainly tease and of course she knew what it was doing further up my legs. Eventually, as people started to doze off we decided it was time for bed. Sleep well, see you in the morning! was Ellie's parting shot as she winked at me.

Once in bed I had to sort out my rock hard cock and stroking it while remembering the time on the beach in the afternoon. How such a gorgeous body was causing havoc with my hormones and feelings. I had learnt by now that if you stroke slowly then the build up is more intense and the eventual orgasm is more powerful. It is difficult though to control this slow pace when all you want to do is pump cum all over your belly! I tried to avoid getting too much on the sheets for obvious reasons! I couldn't help it but gradually speeded up the pumping until the now familiar muscle contractions started and yet more semen flowed from my cock. I wiped it up as best I could and drifted off to a deep satisfying sleep.

I awoke with a bit of a start, I thought I was dreaming. I slowly opened one eye and it was light outside but what had startled me was the feeling that my thighs were being stroked. I then made out the shape of a figure kneeling beside the bed. It was Ellie and she had slid her hand under the sheet and was very gently caressing the inside of my thigh! For a little while I didn't move and pretended to stay asleep. The feeling was beautiful. Now, let's be honest lads, how often do you wake up with a limp cock? Mine was, as usual, in it's normal wooden state for this time of day. However, what was going on under the sheets was putting further pressure on things and it felt harder than ever. I couldn't stand it any longer and opened one eye and then the other and casually said Good morning. Ellie was kneeling there in her dressing gown smiling at me. Your calf muscles felt good last night so I wanted to see if the rest felt as good! I do quite a bit of running which keeps my legs in good shape and felt flattered that she had noticed. Slowly she edged her hand further up and was stroking the full length of my thighs with her finger tips just brushing the inside. I, very slowly and carefully, opened my legs slightly which gave her more access to the really sensitive parts.

They feel good and your skin is so soft. I was in heaven and I was fighting the need to grab my cock and stroke for all I was worth. I brought you a cup of tea as Mum is busy this morning as she has to go out early. Dad has already gone to work. Her hand was now getting to the top of my legs and she was gently brushing past my balls causing me to squirm with delight. In the next instant I felt her whole hand cup my balls and very gently squeeze. Hmmm! These feel good as well! My legs slid wide apart now as she continued to fondle my testicles. Now, let's see how you look after this muscle! as she grasped my rigid penis. She couldn't quite get her hand around it. Wow! Her hand gently stroked my cock, I thought I was going to explode instantly. Then she lifted the sheet and uncovered my middle. I thought it looked good yesterday in your shorts, even better to see it like this!

I reached my hand out and stroked the front of her dressing gown. I could feel her beautiful firm mounds and I'm sure I could feel her little nipples hard under the thin material. I found the opening and slid my hand inside. She smiled and winked at me (that was almost enough to make me cum on the spot). I gently massaged her beautiful young breasts over the T-shirt she had on beneath her dressing gown. She held my arm and moved it away from her breasts. Not today, let's just deal with this she said as she gave my cock a firm squeeze.

She slowly slid her hand up and down my shaft taking me to levels of pleasure I had not achieved before. I could feel a huge orgasm building inside me. My hips started to jerk upwards to meet her sliding hand. Every so often she would let go and give my balls a squeeze and stroke them. She went back to stroking and I knew this was it! Please don't stop' I whispered as my hips were now pumping furiously in time with her hand. I had to bite on the blanket to stop crying out as my cock exploded strings of cum all over my chest and belly. Some even hit me on the chin. Ellie also got a liberal coating on her hand which she continued to massage into my twitching cock. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that she was rocking backwards and forwards as I reached my climax. Her eyes had glazed over and she went a wonderful red colour. Wow, that was good, I blurted out. Wasn't bad for me either! she replied. She then licked some of the remaining cum off her hand which caused several more twitches in my cock.

She stood up, straightened her clothes and started to leave the room. You'd better get up the rest of them will be wondering where we are! I'm sure I could just make out a damp patch on the back of her dressing gown. Looks like the rest of this week will be fun, I thought as I jumped out of bed and into the shower.



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