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A Short History of Wanking - Part 3

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A masturbation journey from the beginning taking my hard dick to many varied territories, Zoe - eureka!.


Back to school again after my adventures with my mate at home (Part2). The first time you see a cock spurting cum sticks in your mind and I will admit I have occasionally drifted back to that day while stroking my cock.

Back in the environment of sex starved mid teen boys where every second thought is about sex is sort of fun. There were 10 of us sharing a large study room, a bit like an open plan office. Availability of wanking material was not a problem. Back then (early 1970s) 'adult' magazines were very different to those available today. Titles included familiar ones today: Men Only, Fiesta, Knave, Penthouse and the occasional Playboy. They focussed mainly on tits and back views of naked girls, full frontals and pussy shots had not yet arrived. My favourite then was Fiesta as it has a slightly more risque approach. There were always plenty of shots of girls in tight panties, some of these were wide open leg shots which drove the imagination of pre-pubescent boys wild. We would get our magnifying glasses out to inspect the tight mounds of pussy to see if we could see through the material.

You just helped yourself to a mag and went to the toilet to rub one off, all quite openly. In the communal dormitory at night all you could hear was a rhythmic squeak of old iron bedstead springs, heavy breathing and groans as boys came between the sheets. I used to lie there stroking my cock getting to the point of intense pleasure and stopping. I still had not cum and was a fairly late developer. My cock was growing slightly though and was now a little longer than my clenched fist. Sex, sex and wanking just went on day in, day out.

The end of term came around soon enough and back home for the holidays. Time dragged a bit and boredom started. I was missing the male environment and in particular the freely available mags. All I had at home was a pile of mail order catalogues where the most thumbed pages were the underwear ads. I must of spent hours stroking my cock looking at women in panties and bras. I even used to look for the girdle adverts in the women's magazines.

I usually had the house to myself in the holidays as my parents and sister were working. Fun and games with my sister stopped a long time ago so it was just me and my cock.

I decided to be brave and try to buy an 'adult' magazine so I went into town and found one of the quieter backstreet newsagents. They tend to stock a better selection of top shelf magazines anyway. I hovered about outside to check if there were any customers. There was a man behind the counter (good) and a woman in the shop (bad). I hung about waiting for her to leave and then rushed in. My eyes went straight to the top shelf and I spotted the latest edition of Fiesta. I quickly picked a copy and also picked up a local newspaper. I gave this to the guy behind the counter who seemed to take an age inspecting the magazine cover looking for the price. I paid my money and he put the magazine inside the newspaper and handed it to me with a broad smile and a wink! I hope he didn't notice I has a rock hard boner in my pants which I was struggling to hide.

I rushed home, upstairs and into my bedroom. As no-one was home, I stripped off my trousers and pants and lay on my bed to browse through my mag. I was absolutely rock hard and my foreskin was pulled right back exposing my hard shiny knob. After my experience with my sister (Part 1) I now knew this was OK and it would go back eventually.

Stroking gently, I turned the pages. This was well up to the usually standard with beautiful girls with magnificent tits and wonderful tight panties over delicious soft mounds and leaving little to the imagination. As I got to the middle of the magazine I was looking forward to the main photo-spread as this was generally something special. I turned the page and Zoe leapt off the page and entered my life. She was simply the most wonderful thing I had ever seen in my short life and here I was looking at her stroking my cock. If only she knew. She had lovely soft skin, perfect rounded breasts and a cheeky smile.

As I turned the page the feelings in my groin were getting stronger and I could feel my hips lifting off the bed. I turned the next page and what I saw I will never forget to this day. This was possibly the first time I had seen in freely available magazine a full frontal nude picture. She had perfect young breasts with no evidence of any sag but what rooted me to the spot was between her legs there was barely a hair to be seen. Just a soft layer of down like hair showing the top of a beautiful plump slit. This took me back to gazing at my sister (Part 1). The next page, the full double centre spread, she was standing with her legs slightly apart. Not only could you clearly see a gorgeous slit but the tips of her inner lips.

I was stroking furiously at this point and the intensity was getting to much and I let go. Zoe smiled back and I gripped tighter and stroked again. I couldn't stand it, I was getting feelings I had never experienced before. I let go again, looked at Zoe, felt her encourage me to go on. I stroked harder and suddenly I felt as though someone had hit me in the guts and kicked me up the backside at the same time. I felt my cock explode in my hand as I saw a small spurt of watery white liquid squirt out of my cock. I looked at Zoe, she smiled at me and a second bigger spurt went all over my stomach and the bed. I HAD CUM AT LAST! The feeling was overwhelming, I wanted it to go on for ever.

I felt my cock begin to soften slightly but not much. I just kept stroking very gently and continued through the magazine. I looked at the usual features, the striptease and the Reader's Wives, but my mind kept going back to Zoe. I turned back to see her sweet smile and beautiful body and felt these feelings come back to my groin. I am cumming again, bang, bang, bang as my cock twitched and my anus contracted fiercely. Very little cum this time but a very tired cock. I tried to wipe some of the white liquid off the knob but it was far too sensitive.

I had arrived, and my journey into the world of masturbation had begun. Zoe, my cock and my fist spent much of that holiday together. If Zoe happens to see this, thank-you, you made a young boy very happy!

I would wank up to three or four times some days. My cock certainly grew a bit at this time and my mind started wondering what it felt like for a girl to stroke it. I didn't have long to wait.......



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