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A Short History of Wanking - 6 (Ellie 3)

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A masturbation journey from the beginning taking my hard dick to many varied territories, Ellie part 3


It was still dark when I was aware that there was someone else in the room. I thought I heard the door close gently and through half closed eyes in the gloom I could just make out a figure kneeling by the side of my bed. Then I felt a hand slide under the bed covers and touch my arm. I tried not to jump but this warm soft gentle hand stroked down my arm until it found my hand. I knew this was Ellie, well who else could it be? She grasped my hand and held it for a few minutes. It just felt so relaxing just lying in bed holding hands and staring at each other in the dark.

'What time is it?' I asked.

'Early!' was the answer.

We kept our voices down, even though in this big house the walls were very solid and sound didn't carry. Slowly she pulled my hand out from under the covers and leaning forward she gently pushed my hand inside the front of her dressing gown. She appeared to have nothing on under her dressing gown and my hand came into contact with something very warm, very soft while very firm. I was holding her breast. I felt like pinching myself as I had gone to sleep the night before dreaming of this and when I wake up it is actually happening. I have never felt anything so soft and warm in my life.

'Oh that's lovely, please be gentle' she sighed as I gently caressed her soft flesh.

I found her soft warm nipple and as I rolled my finger around it I could feel it harden. I tried to gently squeeze it between my fingers but this made Ellie jump and slightly back off.

'I said gentle!' she whispered.

I slid my hand out from her gown and put my fingers to my mouth to give them a liberal coating of saliva. I slid my hand back and gently circled her nipple with my lubricated finger. She gasped and then her breathing got deeper. I could feel her push forward on to my hand. This time when I rolled her nipple between my lubricated finger and thumb she moaned and started to pant in shallow breaths.

If she was enjoying this half as much as I was, then I was happy. After several more finger lickings her whole breast was slippery and it seemed that whatever I did created more groans of pleasure and squeaks of joy.

'I have got two you know' she joked.

She opened the front of her gown and there they were, the two magnificent breasts I had seen yesterday in the field.

'I saw how you were looking at me in the field and wanted you to touch me then' she whispered. 'Sorry, I realise I must have put on a bit of a show and didn't mean to make you cum in your shorts!'

I smiled saying that was the first time that had ever happened. I realised after that as I was gently rocking on the ground that there was just enough friction to make me cum. I was now spoilt for choice as I had hold of both breasts and getting the most glorious reaction and noises out of Ellie. Incidentally, to say my cock was rock hard was an understatement. In those days I would always wake with a hard on but today it felt like it would burst. It may have gone past the seven inch barrier! I could have laid there for hours just caressing these wonderful orbs.

I slowly became aware that as Ellie was panting and sighing, she was pushing her hips forward in a rhythmical way. Just very slightly, but detectable none the less. I let my hand gently slide down the side of her body, following the curves of her waist and out again above her hips. As my hand reached her hips I felt the top of a pair of panties. So she wasn't quite naked under her dressing gown but near enough. My hand felt round and over her glorious round bottom.

She was still moaning and sighing 'That's lovely, don't stop!'

I ran my hand gently over her round cheeks and back up her back and over her breasts again and again. She was so soft and warm.

This time I slid my hand down over her firm tummy, trying not to tickle her. She did jump a little but slowly relaxed again. Eventually I plucked up courage to run my hand further down her front and over the top of her panties. With my heart pounding I felt her lovely soft mound and as I caressed it I could feel her gently pressing against me. I could feel her heart pounding now and she was shaking ever so slightly. I cupped my hand over the delicious soft mound between her legs and pressed. Both of us were silent, we were both shaking and our hearts were pounding. I could hear the blood rush in my ears. I slowly moved my hand further back between her legs until I felt a large wet patch of material. I thought she had pissed herself it was so wet. I pushed my fingers up a little pushing the wet panty material against her. She groaned and bucked her hips a couple of times.

My cock twitched slightly. It was crying out for attention but that would wait for a minute. My fingers were getting quite damp with this warm slippery juice. I lifted them to my mouth and no, she had not pissed herself, this was pure pussy juice and as I took a deep breath I had to clench my ass cheeks to stop myself cumming. While my hand was away, Ellie slid her panties off and pushed them under my pillow. A present for another time!

I slid my hand back down the front of her until I touched the top of her hair. She had lovely soft pubic hair and it felt lovely just to run my fingers through it. I gently slid them backwards and forwards slowly getting lower each time. I could tease as well and this was my opportunity. I eventually got to the top of her little slit. Now, even though I didn't know it at the time, all pussies are different. Well, they are in my experience and over the years I have seen quite few.

I ran my hand right underneath her and it was clear that although she has beautiful hair above her pussy it felt as though there was none around her slit. She was so soft and smooth and absolutely soaking wet. As I explored with my middle finger I found the groove between her parted lips and it slid in effortlessly. Her pussy was wide open and it felt like she had nice inner lips like soft petals of a flower. She was getting very hot now and as I gently slid my finger up and down the valley between her lips she pushed her hips in response to my every move.

I was amazed at how wet she was (I was later to learn that this level of wetness was fairly unusual).

Slowly as my finger teased her backward and forwards I started to just tickle the entrance of her opening. It felt beautifully tight but with this level of juice that would not be a problem. My middle finger then just pushed gently against her hole. I felt her slightly stiffen as I did this and then she groaned and sighed as she relaxed and pushed her whole body down against my finger. I didn't move but she slowly slid down until my whole finger was up inside her hot tight hole. She was panting hard and grinding her pussy against my hand. Suddenly she started to buck like a wild animal pumping my finger furiously in and out of her red hot soaking hole. I managed to get a second finger alongside and this only caused the action to get more furious.

Suddenly she clamped her legs tight together and shook from head to toe. I tried to move my fingers but she clamped her legs tighter.

'No, don't move, please'. she panted.

Even the slightest movement from me started her spasms off again. When she got her breath back, she stared at me. 'How did you do that? I have never had an orgasm like that before!' Eventually she relaxed and I slowly slid my hand out from between her legs. I remember thinking to myself that I would never wash that hand again, ever! She got a tissue off the side table and cleaned herself off a little.

She smiled at me and winked 'Don't worry, haven't forgotten about you!'

It was getting slightly light now and she opened the curtains a little to let some early morning sun in to the room. She had not done up her dressing gown and in the beautiful yellow light of a summer dawn I looked at her body. Those beautiful tits and that soft downy pussy.

'You have seen my cock, come here and let me see your pussy.' I pleaded.

My imagination knew what it looked like from the feeling of my fingers but to actually have a close look is better. She stood by the side of the bed with her legs apart. I was looking up at the most glorious sight in the world. I was correct about her slit.

'Do you shave between your legs?' I asked. 'Occasionally, there is very little hair there anyway, I just keep it trimmed. I get very wet there and it's better without hair'.

She decided that was enough and knelt down again by the side of the bed. She slid her hands under the covers and this time made straight for my cock, which by now was feeling decidedly left out! She then threw the covers off which left me lying back on the bed with everything on view. She was holding my cock away from my body and was very slowly rubbing up and down the shaft while staring at the swollen end knob as my foreskin slid back to expose it. The feelings were fantastic and I half closed my eyes as I looked up at the ceiling. She had pulled my foreskin completely clear of my knob and I was suddenly aware that I could feel warm air blowing on my cock. She was leaning forward and was about six inches away from my cock gently blowing at it. I suddenly jumped as I felt the tip of her finger gently touch the highly sensitive rim of my knob. She slowly teased me by just touching it and then slowly tickling around one side. Wow I was so close to bursting. I thought I had better warn her as I didn't want it to be a surprise. I was bucking my hips as she was still slowly stroking my shaft.

'I'm cummmmming! I gasped.

She stopped stroking and squeezed my cock firmly. The imminent feeling slowly went away. 'When I'm ready!' she said.

Still squeezing she rubbed over the head of my knob again. She tickled very gently over the hole on the top and I suddenly felt like I was about to pee. I had to grip hard to stop myself. 'Careful, I might pee' I gasped.

She smiled at me 'That would make a bit of a mess wouldn't it!'

She sat up beside the bed and started stroking again and once more the intense feelings started to build and my hips were beginning to pump with her. I was thinking please make me cum, I can't wait any longer. I can't bear it. She must get me there. She was slowly stroking when I felt the first explosion build up. She could tell by my panting and my cock suddenly swelling even more that I was about to blow.

'Don't stop, I'm cumming'.

She leaned forward and pointed my cock straight at her chest just in time as I sprayed her tits with strings of white cum. There must have been seven or eight squirts of spunk before it went to a clear liquid. She let go of my pulsing cock and started to massage my cum into her glorious breasts.

'It's supposed to make them bigger you know!' she said as she paid particular attention to her nipples.

She then leant forward, picked up my less than firm cock and rubbed the end clean with her thumb. I thought I was going through the wall! Intense pleasure shocks went straight down my cock to deep inside me.

'We had better go and see if anyone else is about yet'. I said.

It was about seven o'clock and fully light now.

'In a minute' she replied. 'No hurry'. With that she stood up, slipped her dressing gown completely off and got into the bed beside me. We lay there and hugged for what seemed like ages. I was going the miss this when I got back home. We hugged each other closely but that was all. We eventually heard voices in the distance and sound of people moving about. She slid out of the bed and I got one last look at her fantastic body before she covered it up to leave the room. I got up and had a shower thinking about what had been one of the best weeks in my life so far. As I packed my things I checked under the pillow for anything I may have left there and suddenly remembered Ellie's panties. They were just your average girl's panty but these were Ellie's!! They were still very damp and when I held them to my face her beautiful pussy aroma filled my nose and gave me yet another immediate hard on. I folded them up and packed them carefully. I will look forward to looking after those.



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