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A Session with Sam

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This happened when I and my friend Sam were about 13, and had been masturbating for about 2 years or so.


As any super wanker knows, it is not true that no one can tell if a boy has been masturbating. (A super wanker is a boy who has jerked off more than 10 times in a day.) If a budding young lecher does it 10 times or more, if he is not circumcised, his foreskin will be so swollen and red that it looks like he has a doughnut around his pecker head. If he is circumcised, the swelling will look worse because the head is entirely exposed, and the doughnut is back of it.
Sam and I were on the swimming team, so we frequently saw each other naked. Before we became involved in any fun and games, when I first saw Sam naked in the locker room, the first thing I noticed about Sam was that he had the largest pecker I had ever seen for a boy of his age. It was truly impressive being about 5 inches long when it was soft. Like me he was not circumcised, and his equipment was as large soft as mine was hard. We frequently worked out together on weekends swimming in his pool at his house. I had been invited to spend the weekend there when his parents, brothers, and sisters were going to some function leaving Sam and I alone so we could work out in the pool. The day before I went to spend the weekend with Sam, I had given my peter a strenuous workout of 12 jackings not thinking about how it would look that night and the following day when I would be swimming with Sam. The morning after the JO, I noticed that my thing was showing the usual doughnut from excessive jerking, but I assumed that by that evening all would be back to normal.
That evening after supper with his family, we went to Sam's room to get ready for bed. Our usual practice was to go into his bathroom and talk to each other while one of us showered. This night Sam disrobed, walked to the bathroom expecting me to follow. I was in a quandary, I didn't know what my pecker would look like, but I didn't want to do or say anything to make Sam suspicious. So I took off my clothes and followed Sam into the bath room. He got in the shower without paying special attention to me, and we continued our conversation. When I looked at my pecker, to my horror, only half the doughnut had disappeared, so my penis had a canted off center look about its head and foreskin. About this time, Sam came out of the shower, and saw my thing. It was swollen and red. He was surprised, and asked,' What is the matter with your pecker?' I had to tell him that I had JOed 12 times the day before, and its swelling had not gone away. To my surprise, he said not to be embarrassed, he frequently had the same problem. Our conversation got the both of us horny, so we got into a JO contest to see who could come first. Sam won this one. The next day after his folks left, we went out to the pool to get in a morning work out. After swimming for about 2 hours, we went into the house, and resumed our last night's conversation. It turned out that we both JOed on average about 3 times a day, and occasionally 10 or more times. This got us all lathered up again, so Sam suggested we go up to his room lube up our dicks, and have another good one. I agreed. This time I closely observed Sam's equipment, and was astounded at his pecker's size. Replying to my question, he said it was 8 inches long hard. I eagerly asked what he did to produce such a big one. He said it ran in the family, his father and brothers were the same. We had this conversation while we were jacking, and since this was the second session we lasted for about 15 or 20 minutes. Sam could easily jack with both hands and still had several inches of pecker extending in front of his upper hand. Afterward we went back to swimming, and were doing so when his family returned. We got in another swim before supper, and after that went to his room for the night. We decided to sleep nude. After about an hour of erotic talk, Sam proposed that each jerk the other which we did. Then we fell asleep, but I awoke about 3 in the morning to pee. When I did I could hear Sam jacking away in his bed, so i asked him if he ever got enough jacking. His answer was I held the record for jacking as anyone could tell if they had seen my pecker when I arrived the night before.



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