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A Scary Afternoon With Alice

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My girlfriend Alice and I had heard enough about jilling from other friends to last us a lifetime. Neither one of us at thirteen had ever masturbated and one Saturday afternoon we decided to try some of the things we had heard about jilling. We knew that the desired results was an orgasm and we knew that to do that everyone said you had to stimulate your clit.

We took off all of our clothes and climbed on top of Alice's bed. We started making out with each other and soon decided that we would take turns trying to make the other one have an orgasm. We knew that if you had an orgasm then you would 'cum' but we weren't quite sure what exactly this was. Alice was going to do me first and I had to help her find my clit. It was a little knob of flesh that looked a tiny bit like the head of a penis with no hole. Alice said it was reddish and looked swollen.

She started to rub it and rub it over and over and all of a sudden I could feel this physical sensation rapidly building up inside of me. It was all tingly and felt like little bolts of electricity going through my pussy. It got stronger and stronger and I arched my back and held my breath and curled my toes. I felt a huge feeling of release around my pussy as if a dam had broken. The intense physical feelings were ebbing now. Then Alice said, 'Oh my God, look.' I looked down between my legs and saw cloudy gooey looking liquid oozing out of my pee hole. I didn't know exactly what it was and I was panicking big time.

Even more stuff came out and ran down into my butt crack. I just kept saying, 'oh, oh, oh.' Alice's mouth was open and she was visibly shocked at the sight. The stuff sure as hell wasn't pee. I started to cry because I didn't really understand what was happening. I wanted it to stop and it did. Alice ran into the bathroom to get tissues to wipe me with. The stuff was on me and on the white bed sheets. Alice was worried that her mom would see the stains and know what we did.

After I calmed down I asked Alice if she were ready for me to make her cum. She said she changed her mind and that some other time she would have me do it to her. I did do it to her about two weeks later. When she came, stuff came out but not nearly as much as when I came. I continue to masturbate since that scary day. If I wait at least a week before masturbating I can easily fill a tablespoon with ejaculate.

I put it into my mouth and swish it around on my tongue and then I swallow it. It tastes a little bit sweet. I gave a boy a handjob once and the taste of his cum is similar. I've masturbated other girls and even a forty two year old woman and none of them produce as much cum as me. By the way, the sex was best with the older woman by far.



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