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A Satisfying Bath House Trip

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True Story


My wife was out of town and my daughter had gone to work. I had an appointment with my chiropractor / acupuncturist in the morning, and needed to deposit a couple of cheques at the bank and pick up a few things at the grocery, but after that I had the day free.

In the normal scheme of things, if I was home alone, I would probably get on the computer and eventually find myself reading the messages at any number of sites where this kind of story appears, and masturbating while reading about someone's fictional sexual adventures. This time, though, I had another idea.

I had been to the local bath house a couple of times, with mixed results. Maybe I'd been too anxious, too impatient, or too picky. This time I thought I'd give it one more try to see if my luck, my attitude, or my technique had improved.

Like most of us, I am pretty nervous about diseases, and one of the problems with bath houses is that if I find a willing and nominally attractive partner, I will eventually want to suck his dick.

I really just wanted to find someone with a nice set, and the patience to watch me while I watched him, and I'd get myself off on the sight of the other guy enjoying watching me, with maybe a little mutual groping.

I took my wife's car (Mine's a little too recognizable, and my bi preferences are still pretty much in the closet.), and drove over. I parked on the street, and emptied my pockets of everything but the room fee, my car key, some lube, and a couple of cock rings.

I entered through the inconspicuous door, picked a room, paid my fee, signed in under a pseudonym, deposited my car key in the tray, got my room key and towel (You can just get a locker, but then you have to depend on someone else having a room, and that you won't just want to do your thing in privacy.) was buzzed on through.

A couple of attendants were watching a Spanish Language program on the TV in the lounge, but other than that, I didn't see anyone. I hoped I hadn't come at a slack time, but I'd paid my fee, and would just have to see what came up.

In my room the space was just long enough for the bed, and just big enough for the door to clear the bed when it opens. The light was out, and I tried to turn it up and couldn't. I got the attendant, and was embarrassed when he showed me that I had to push the shaft (the knob was missing) to turn it on before turning the dimmer.

Well, here I was. I quickly disrobed, enjoying the feeling of being naked where it is accepted and appreciated. I slipped my chrome cock ring over my shaft and squeezed my balls through.

The feel of the weight of the thick steel ring tugging gently on my package felt good. A coat of my special lube, just to get me in the mood and fluff me a bit, made my cock and balls glisten in the dim light.

It was a bit disappointing to have to wrap the towel around my waist, but that's protocol. I had yet to see anyone just walking around naked, in the few times I'd been there.

First stop, the sauna. I'd had my best luck there before. Since it's a good idea to put your towel between your butt and the hot boards, it's natural to let your goods air out. No one showed, and I took the opportunity to massage my rod and sac a little so I'd look my best should anyone join me.

Eventually, I got bored with that, and switched to the steam bath. Hanging my towel on the hook outside, I stepped into the misty darkness. There was a black dude in there, but he left almost as soon as I arrived. I moved into the far corner and sat down.

Pretty soon another guy came in. The steam generator had come on, and it was so thick that I could not see any more than a vague outline. That was all right with me, as I was enjoying rubbing my hardening penis, imagining that he was doing the same in his corner.

It was really getting hot, and almost exactly at the same time, we found we couldn't take it any more and started out. He held the door for me, and I saw that he was a tallish black dude, and he had a beautiful two-tone cock, sort of Lindt bittersweet over Hershey's milk chocolate, hanging long over a pair of balls dangling low in a scrotum relaxed by the heat. Yum!

Unfortunately, he just dried off and left.

A cool shower felt good then, before trying the sauna briefly. The steam (and my wanking) had washed away the lube from my cock and balls, and I walked back to my cubie, taking the long way to see if anyone in the other rooms was open for business.

Lo and behold, there was a bearish guy right next door who had thought of something I had not considered. He had a laptop on the bunk, running a DVD with several windows mostly showing women sucking cocks. He had the door slightly open, the customary invitation.

I decided to relube and offer to join him. In my anxiousness, I spilled most of my greasy lube on the floor, but I quickly used my towel to clean up, and squeezing my hard shaft through the second, smaller cock ring, I took a second to admire the gnarly effect, wrapped myself loosely in the towel, and poked my head in his room.

'Mind if I join you?'

'Come on in.'

I entered, sitting on the bed next to him. Spreading my legs, I displayed my now rock-hard cock with its two shiny rings and coat of greasy lube. 'Nice nipples!' I said, indicating the naked woman on the screen, who was sucking a long thick dark cock that poked through a hole on a partition.

'Yeah. I'm bi. I like women, but I also like to watch guys beat off while I do, too.'

'Me too,' I replied, looking deliberately at the nicely proportioned cock in his hand. It was bigger than mine - a really gorgeous piece. I told him so.

He just grunted as we both stroked our penises and watched each other, with an occasional glance at the computer screen to see if anything original was happening.

It was pretty standard stuff, but seeing a cock slipping in and out of a good-looking woman's mouth, or sliding in and out of a wet-looking pair of pussy lips wasn't exactly causing my dick to wilt.

Watching him wank his impressive penis didn't hurt, either.

I wondered if he was just into watching, and finally asked him if he'd mind if I copped a feel.

'Help yourself,' he replied.

I reached over and softly caressed the top of his penis, which was sticking out between his legs and curving down slightly from horizontal.

I was surprised that, with all that porn-watching and meat-massaging, he wasn't fully hard. That was all right, though, as I liked that his cock was so long even when it wasn't hard.

He grasped my bone, and I sighed at the feel of his hand around my hot hard shaft.

There we were, two veteran masturbators, enjoying the kind of recreation that goes straight to the mesolimbic dopamine center. In other words, we were in heaven on earth, wanking each other.

Seeing his hand stroking my swollen, veiny cock and bulging balls - feeling his hand sliding up and down the oil-slickened skin and squeezing my engorged cockhead - feeling his hot, thick cock in my hand, running my thumb up the underside to the head as it got harder, while two women sucked huge cocks on his laptop screen - WOW!

I offered to get some lube. He said he had some, and fished it out of his computer bag. He slicked up and stood up to tape some paper over the window.

That put his package right in front of my face. No, I wasn't going to suck it, as much as I wanted to. Not this time! I reached out and felt the slickness on the top side of his long dick, from the tip, over the corona, to his full bush.

I grasped the shaft and stroked it a couple of times, and he sat down again.

We stroked each other and ourselves for minutes, and I was enjoying sliding my cock rings down and making my cock stick up all hard and gnarly, just for him to watch and feel.

Finally I had to ask him to hold up, as I was getting too close to cumming. I took matters into my own hand, and carefully stroked my fiery cock. I wasn't much better at putting it off than he was, and a couple of pearl drops oozed out of my cum slit and added themselves to the lube that greased up my tingling cock. That was it.

'I can't hold off any longer,' I exclaimed. True to my word, I squeezed my cock hard and milked it expertly, sending jets of hot semen burning through my urethra, past the restricting rings, and flying out my cum slit, over my shoulder and onto my chest and belly. I hadn't had an orgasm that intense in years!

He watched in appreciation, and cumming for him added to my own excitement.

'That was great!' I understated.

'Yeah!' is all he could say.

'And messy,' I chuckled. 'But worth it! That's what the towels are for.'

I thanked him, saying I hoped to see him there again sometime, and left to wash the remaining semen off in the shower, and dress.

I won't be so reluctant to go there next time!



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