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A Room at Mrs. D's

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When I moved to the city for a job, there was no way I could afford my own apartment. I finally found something I could afford but it was only a room at Mrs. D's house. The woman is crazy and yet I don't want to move out and do like her.


I was only there less than a week the first time she walked into the bathroom while I was in the shower. I know I locked the door but she came in anyway supposedly to put clean towels in the linen closet. The shower has a clear glass door and I just stood there with my hands covering my penis as she began talking to me. She is 63 years old and bluntly told me I had nothing she hasn't already seen many times. The tone of her voice was like a scolding almost and she told me not to be such a prude. I never met anyone quite like her and a little while later she actually asked me if I was ashamed of my penis. She made it like a joke and I wasn't sure how to take her for the first month or so. She was almost like a live-in comedian and had the most unusual sense of humor I ever experienced. I was only 18 at the time and aside from work I go to community college in the evening. I never had a steady girlfriend and was pretty shy around girls most of my life. Mrs. D. is only a year younger than my grandma. The house is old and there is no lock on my bedroom door. She thought nothing of walking in whenever she wanted. That first month she came into the bathroom three times while I was in the shower and I always locked the door.

She had a dinner for me everyday and the two nights a week she went to bingo she would leave me a platter in the fridge. She was and is one of the most comical people I have ever met and within a few months had no regard for my privacy. In some regards she was like my mother or grandma but they never walked into the bathroom on me. She often asks me about girlfriends but I have none I can talk about. She has a boyfriend but only goes out with him once a week, but about once a month she stays with him for the weekend. That's the only times I have total privacy. One night when she came into the bathroom I asked her how she got in. All she did was smile and hold up a butter knife for me to see. I guess I just laughed about it and oddly enough I wasn't as embarrassed as much as I was the first few times.

I had never seen her undressed and don't want to but she saw me naked or in underwear many times, only in the first six or so months. She always kidded around with me and still does so I kid around with her also. I asked her why she keeps coming in the bathroom when I shower and all she said is she likes to see a young man's body for a change. Then joked around about how flabby her boyfriend is. She didn't come out and say his penis was bigger than mine but did mention it in an awkward way, but not an insulting way. She had me laughing while telling me some of the funny stuff her and her boyfriend did and how they were old and feeble sometimes. She told me they had sex most of the time but also mentioned he had erectile dysfunction and burst out laughing. She is just the funniest old lady I have ever met.

After that conversation it was maybe a week or so when she came in the bathroom on me again. She came over to the door and slid it open a little and asked if she could wash my back. I thought she was kidding at first but she was serious and I let her do it. She did wash my back but also began washing my rear and I couldn't help getting an erection. I really didn't want to but couldn't prevent it. She just shook her head and said something about taking care of that next time. Then she just waved to me and walked out. I just stood there for a second wondering how a 63 year old woman who wasn't built well and wasn't even pretty, could get me excited like I was. I did masturbate and the next night when I came home from school she asked me if I did. I didn't want to admit I had so I told her I didn't and she only laughed and called me a liar.

The following night I got home later than usual and thought she was in bed. She left me a platter and after I ate I went to get a shower. The next thing I knew she was in the bathroom again and slid the shower door open a few inches and told me to hand her the soap. Here she was in this granny nightgown and not saying a word, I handed the soap to her. She had me turn my back to her and started washing my back and again my rear end. I almost immediately got an erection and when she told me to turn around I did. She reached down and with one hand held my scrotum and began jerking me off with the other. She had me cum within about thirty seconds and asked me if I liked it and if it embarrassed me. All I said was yes, no. As many times as she embarrassed me before I no longer was. Before she walked out she just said she liked me and liked to see me happy.

Now she masturbates me at least once a week but most of the time does it twice. The majority of the time she masturbates while I'm in the shower but also comes in my room with hand lotion and jerks me off. I no longer have inhibitions of her seeing me naked and when she does come into my room she even makes a joke of it. She knocks on the door and at first sticks her hand in holding the tube of lotion. She never takes any of her clothes off and never has asked me to masturbate her. When she comes in she just tells me to take my underwear off and most of the time she does it as I lay on my back. She never inserts her finger in my anus but does rub it with the lotion and sort of massages my testicles. When I'm in the shower she usually leaves as soon as I cum. In the bedroom she tries to get me to cum twice every time, and most of the time I do. She constantly is cracking jokes as she masturbates me and always asks how this or that feels. She smiles at me as she does it and I can't believe how much she is able to satisfy me. I still go to school and probably could afford an apartment now but I don't want to move out. I still don't have a girlfriend but have dated a few this past year. Mrs. D. still has her boyfriend and still goes to bingo twice a week. I have no way of knowing why she is willing to masturbate me so much but I can tell she likes doing it to me. She doesn't look like she would even be interested in any kind of sex. She tells me she likes seeing me naked and sometimes asks me to get undressed even when she isn't going to masturbate me. I do whatever she asks and am not the least bit shy around her anymore.



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