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A Ride in the Rain

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Fiction whose origins are in mundane fact that I've embellished. First submission in a long long time.


I didn't have a car in college, so on the rare weekends when I could go home, I had to take two buses and then hitchhike the last 20 miles. On this particular November weekend, I'd gotten out of class two hours early and was looking forward to getting home sooner than usual. As I stood in a cold, light drizzle with my thumb out and my breath making plumes in the air, I hoped I wouldn't have to wait too long for a ride. My luck held, and within ten minutes a car stopped. The driver was well-groomed, a salesman, who said he was going very near my home. He said that dropping me off at my house wouldn't be a problem. So I tossed my battered laundry case and my overnight bag in the back seat and got in front.

'You must be pretty cold from that drizzle outside,' he said next, 'I've got a flask of hot tea, and a shot from that might take the chill off.' With that he pulled a flask from the back seat and held it out with his right hand. I took it and tried to drink as nonchalantly as I could. It burned, but I kept a straight face and handed the flask back. 'Thanks,' I said. I was staring out the window, watching the soaked landscape glide past, when he asked his first question.

'Are you taking some laundry home for your Mom to wash?' the driver asked. 'Yes', I replied. 'I did the same when I was in college,' he said. The next thing he said really took me aback. 'Is your Mom going to find stiff, pale-yellow stains on your underpants and T-shirts?' 'What ... I'm sorry, what did you say?,' I stammered. 'C'mon, you heard me right the first time,' he replied, 'I was talking about cum stains. From cumming on your underwear or using your underwear to wipe up after you've jerked off. And don't be embarrassed. My underwear had the same stains when I was your age. It's normal. Has your mother said anything to you about it?' 'No,' I said, 'she hasn't.' 'That's good,' he replied, 'I think most mothers realize what's going on with a boy your age. Mine certainly did. She never said a word, just washed my stuff and put it back in the laundry case.'

He was silent. The driver came back to the subject of masturbation again, this time more directly. 'So, how often do you jerk off?' I hesitated, but he pressed for an answer, saying 'C'mon, I know how it used to be when I was your age, and I haven't changed. I still jerk off now, even though I'm married. I'm on the road two weeks out of every month and I try to cum every chance I can get. It's O.K. if you don't want to answer, but I'm still curious.' I decided to answer anyway. 'I jerk off about three times a week, maybe a couple more times on weekends. I obviously don't have a car, and I'm really shy, so I don't date. Jerking off is one cheap way to have some fun.' 'Good for you,' the driver replied.

After a brief silence he abruptly asked, 'What kind of cock do you have anyway? Cut? Uncut? Small? Average? Large? What exactly?' 'What do you mean 'cut'?' I asked, never having heard the term before. 'I mean 'circumcised',' he said, 'you know, no foreskin. So which is it?'. 'I'm cut,' I said and trying to appear casual and continue the conversation asked 'What about you?' 'Me, I'm what they call 'uncut' or uncircumcised',' he said. I'll show you my cock later if you want, so you can see what an uncut dick looks like. Right now I'm more interested in seeing yours. I'm kind of an expert on cocks and I can tell you how yours compares with what other kids your age have.'

'No, that's O.K.,' I said, 'I don't think I really need to know.' 'C'mon,' he said, what's the big deal?' I couldn't think of an answer and then he said, 'Look, suppose I take mine out first. That way you might feel less embarrassed than if it was just you showing me your cock. What do you say to that?' I hesitated and then said 'Alright, go ahead.'

'O.K.,' he said, 'but remember you're gonna show me yours too, right? I mean, fair's fair, right? No chickening out after I've got mine out for you.' 'Yeah,' I replied, 'I'm not going to weasel out.' My cock twitched involuntarily. Somehow, deep down, I actually wanted to see this guy's cock, and furthermore, was excited at the prospect of showing him mine. So I said 'O.K.' and waited. He took his foot off the gas so he could brace his foot against the floor, raised his hips up off the seat, unzipped his fly, and pulled out a semi-flaccid cock, uncut as advertised but larger than any cock I'd ever seen. He must have been wearing boxers, or no underwear at all, because there was no fumbling, no struggling. As he sat back down and put his foot back on the gas I stared at his intensely purple glans peeking out from its collar of skin and I recognized the glint of precum on its tip.

After I'd studied it a while, he said 'C'mere.' 'It's not going to bite. Besides, you're not going to get a very good look at it over there.' So I slid closer to him and studied his cock close-up, fascinated, until he said 'O.K., now it's your turn.' I reached down and unzipped my fly with a trembling hand that I hoped he didn't notice, fumbled through the tight, uncooperative fly on my briefs, and finally extracted my own cock. I was surprised to see I also sported a glistening smear of precum on the tip and realized I was completely unaware of how much I'd been turned on. 'Nice cock,' he said, 'you really shouldn't be worried that it's too small. If anything, yours is slightly larger than average. Tell you what. Hold it by the tip and lift it up so I can see the underside.' After I did, he glanced at it a couple of times and said 'It looks fine. Nice veins, well-formed ... nothing to be concerned or embarrassed about that I can see.'

I let my cock drop back onto my lap and focused my gaze on his cock. 'Will you look at that rain just pouring down!,' he commented, nodding to his right toward the passenger side window. I turned my head and followed his gaze. Suddenly, my whole cock was grasped firmly in his right fist. Naturally, I jumped, but he simply tightened his grip and gave my cock a slight tug. 'Stop. Now just sit still and listen to me very carefully. Everything will be fine, O.K.? I had to do that because if I asked you first if I could touch your cock, you would probably have said no. Am I right?' He gave my cock another slight tug. 'Right?' 'Yeah,' I said, 'you're right. Nobody's ever touched my cock before, and I would have been scared.'

'Right,' he said. So pay close attention. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm actually going to do the exact opposite. But first you have to promise me something. In a few seconds, I'm going to loosen my hold, but I'm not letting go, just holding your dick less tightly. You have to promise me you're not going to pull away or do something stupid. Will you make me that promise?'

I hesitated a second, and while I did, my cock involuntarily twitched twice. 'Feel that?,' he asked. 'Your dick knows better than you what's coming. Maybe you should let your dick do the talking for you, for that matter, let it do the thinking for you too. If you do, you'll see what a terrific time we-and our dicks-can have. Because what I'm planning to do is give you your first handjob, one of the best you'll ever have.

Problem is, I can't do that and drive at the same time. We need to find an out-of-the-way place where I can concentrate my full attention on you and your cock, not the road.'

'Then we're in luck,' I said, 'because I know this area. About a mile down the road, on your right, you'll come to a dirt road. Another quarter-mile down that road is an abandoned farm. There's a big, empty barn with the doors open that we could park inside of.' 'Perfect,' he said. As we drove he held onto my cock, running his thumb over my glans and smearing precum with it. The problem was, the more he smeared, the more by cock secreted. 'You better stop,' I said, 'I think I'm really close to cumming.' 'Sorry,' he said, 'I should focus on driving instead.' He stopped teasing the head of my cock but still maintained a light grip on it as he drove.

Soon enough we were pulling into the barn. He killed the engine and the lights. 'O.K., show-time!,' he said, 'and it's going to be amazing ... right?' 'Yeah, ... sure,' I said. 'Damn right,' he said. There was something in his tone of voice that said he was now in control, that he'd be telling me, rather than asking me, what to do from now on. The tone of voice also implied that things could turn nasty, or at least embarrassing, if I didn't do exactly what he said. Like being left in an abandoned barn, far from a telephone, while he drove off with my belongings.

So I forced myself to calm down and focused on doing exactly what he said. 'The first thing you're going to do is get out of the car and undress completely. Your mom might overlook cum stains on your underwear, but not on a nice shirt or pair of pants. You can put your clothes on the back seat when you're done.' I got out of the car, opened the passenger side rear door and sat down on the back seat. I took off my shoes and socks and then stood on the dirt floor of the barn while I took off the rest of my clothes. Somewhere outside a crow was cawing, and I could smell the dirt, the old dried manure from long-gone milk cows, and the hay abandoned in the loft.

When I started to get back in the front seat, the driver said 'Wait! The next thing I want you to do is take a good long piss. I don't know how full your bladder is, but the only thing I want to see coming out of your cock is semen, not piss. So keep the door wide open, stand where I can see you, and piss away.' I prayed that I wouldn't suffer from 'shy bladder' and fortunately, I didn't, releasing a good steady stream that steamed briefly and then sank into the barn floor, except for some foam trapped by bits of straw and hay.

Next he said 'O.K., get in the front seat. I want you to kneel facing me, with your knees apart, and then sit back on your heels. I did as he said, holding onto the seat back with my left hand and the dashboard with my right. My stomach muscles were fluttering as I began to realize for the first time exactly what was about to happen. The whiskey and the prospect of a really great orgasm won out over any reservations I may have had. My cock twitched in anticipation. There was still some residual heat in the car so I didn't feel cold at all, just apprehensive.

I realized that while I'd been peeing, the driver had slid the front seat back as far as it would go and raised the steering wheel out of the way, so he'd have room to maneuver. He had also gotten out a tube of lubricant. 'Here, kid, put some of this on your cock,' he said.

So I squirted a thin stream along the upper side of the shaft and smeared it all over the shaft and head. The heat from the blood stiffening my cock quickly took the chill off the lubricant. The driver turned toward me, cupped my balls in his left hand and encircled the shaft of my cock with his right. That first touch was electrifying, and the slow pumping and squeezing that followed felt even better.

Between firm full-length stroking and shorter, teasing thumb-and-forefinger strokes on my glans, it didn't take long for that sweet, sharp tickling sensation to grow stronger and stronger in my dick. In less that two minutes I said 'Watch out, I'm gonna cum right now!' and the driver replied 'Don't worry, it's leather upholstery.' I instantly shot a big creamy spurt that landed partly on his pants leg and partly on the seat. The rest of my cum squirted onto the seat and then run down my cock and over the driver's hand. He continued stroking and squeezing, until he was sure nothing more would come out.

'So,' he finally said, 'how did you like that?' 'It sure looks like you enjoyed it!' I couldn't speak for a few seconds, but managed to croak 'Amazing ... terrific ... I've never ...' and then trailed off into a dazed silence. He jolted me back to reality with another curt instruction. 'There are some moist towelettes in the glove box. Please use as many as you need to wipe your cum off my hand, the seat, and your cock too.' After I did what he asked, I looked around for some sort of trash container. He said 'Just put them back in the glove box. As a memento.' Then he said. 'Now it's your turn. Time to return the favor.' 'You ready?' he said. 'Yeah, I guess so,' I replied. 'O.K,' he said,

'why don't you have another drink first while I drain my bladder.' He got out of the car took a good long piss himself, then walked around the front to the passenger side, while I took another drink from the flask and watched his upright cock swaying like a metronome as he walked.

He opened the passenger door and said 'C'mere. I want you to sit with your legs out this side of the car, feet on the ground and knees spread as usual.' I turned and slid toward him and did as he instructed. He moved in and stood between my legs with his cock at about the level of my chest.

'Ready?' he asked. I nodded. 'Then put some of that gel on my cock and start stroking.' After I put the lubricant on his cock I grasped it with my left hand and started a slow steady up and down movement. I didn't have a clear idea how to jerk off somebody else, so I just did what I thought would feel good, and used some of the same techniques he'd just used on me. I cupped his balls with my right hand, just like he'd cupped mine. 'That's surprisingly good,' he said, 'considering this is your first time. If you can learn how to give handjobs this well, and so quickly, I wonder how quickly you'd learn to suck cock ... but, never mind, I forget you've got to be home soon.'

I was engrossed in watching his foreskin slipping up and down as I stroked him, and seeing his glans grow even more purple and engorged than before. Soon he began to moan and thrust his hips in sync with my hand movements. 'Get ready, kid,' he said 'I'm about to cum. And when I do, I don't want you to move or duck or try to dodge what's about to come flying at you. You understand?' I nodded and within seconds the first spurt landed on my chin, followed by several more that landed on my chest, stomach and finally my abdomen.

Following his example, I continued a firm, slow stroke to ensure every last drop came out. The cum on my face and body quickly chilled. Finally, he signalled me to stop and rested his forearms on the roof of the car while he recovered. I watched his cock grow softer and paler until he leaned down and said 'Thanks, kid, you were terrific. But all good things must come to an end. Now it's time we both clean up, you get dressed, and I drive you home. Get some more of those wet wipes and clean me off, then yourself. After wiping the cum off both of us, I didn't need to ask again, but simply put the used wipes back in the glove box. Then I got dressed while he stood staring out at the drizzle falling past the open barn door.

We drove the rest of the way to my home in silence, too spent to make conversation. As he let me out about a block from my house, he gave me one of his business cards and said, 'Chances are we'll never meet again, much less do anything like what we just did. But if you can get away for a day or even a half-day, and I happen to be near where you are, we just might get together and play some more. There are things I could teach you and places we could go that I think you'd find enjoyable and interesting.' I took the card, shook his hand and said 'Thanks for showing me things I'd didn't realize existed, and giving me experiences I never dreamed I would have. I guarantee you that I'll call you at the next opportunity, and if you can't make it, I'll keep calling until you can.' I watched as he drove off in the rain, while I tried to imagine what our next encounter would be like, because I was absolutely certain there would definitely be a NEXT encounter, and another after that, and another ...



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