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A Real Delivery Guy Story

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I've come across many 'delivery guy' stories and videos on line, BUT this actually happened to me


I was having a 'quiet' night in. I was watching some porn videos.

As the evening progressed, I became hungry and found a leaflet from a local takeaway/delivery food outlet.

I chose and called to place my order and was told it would be 45 minutes.

So, in the meantime, I continued to watch a great porn vid and decided to 'knock one out' as I had plenty of time.

I was surprised just 25 minutes when there was a knock at the door. My food had arrived mid-wank.

I'm not an exhibitionist like some, and tucked my cock carefully back in my boxer shorts. My hard-on subsided very quickly, so not tenting, I went to answer the door in T-Shirt and boxers, my modesty intact.

I keep a small tray of cash on a table next to the door for such occasions and so when I opened the door, I intended to use this to pay him.

The delivery guy was well-wrapped up on this cold, rainy and windy night. A huge jacket and hood on his head as he clutched my food.

He told me it was £12 and counting out cash from the tray, I realised it wasn't enough. My wallet was in my jacket in the sitting room, so I asked him to step inside out of the rain whilst I went to get it.

I turned round and proceeded into the sitting room, the video was still playing and I noticed the groans and screams of the actors was a little loud. Embarrassed, I hoped he wouldn't notice.

What I didn't realise was the delivery guy, who didn't speak the best English, didn't just wait by the door, but followed me into the sitting room.

As I took out my wallet and turned round, I was surprised to see him just a couple of metres behind me. Not looking at me, but just totally transfixed by the TV screen.


I took a step towards him, opening my wallet.

'Is good' he said, motioning his head towards the screen.

'Yeah' I stuttered, nervously.

To my surprise, he was gently rubbing his cock through his trousers. (Like a scene from an unrealistic video, I couldn't actually believe he was doing this).

The guy had removed his hood and he turned out to be a good-looking Pakistani guy, about 6ft tall, well-built and handsome around 25 years old.

'I like watch this' he added.

'yeah, cool' I replied, not really sure what else to say.

He placed the bag of food on the table and moved closer to the TV, still rubbing himself.

'Not see this in Pakistan' he said. His poor English and strong accent indicated he probably hadn't been in the UK long and I'm sure back home, it wasn't easy or perhaps not even possible to access porn. No wonder he was turned on.

I moved closer to him and the TV. He surprised me by suddenly lowering his zipper and quickly taking out an impressively large, thick, cut brown cock, which he didn't hesitate to start pumping with gusto.

This situation felt so hot. He didn't seem to even notice or care that I was only a couple of feet away and I immediately became erect again and without thinking just pulled out my cock through the fly and standing there next to him and only a metre from the TV screen, began to wank myself too, matching his rhythm.

We were both breathing heavily, pumping fast and hard. His musky smell seemed to intoxicate me and I moved my hand towards his cock. He seemed a bit surprised as I touched him, but withdrew his hand as I began to jerk him.

Unfortunately, he didn't reciprocate, but seemed happy for me to work on him.

He didn't last long and about a minute later, he started to groan and said something in Urdu, before arching his back, tensing and shooting an impressive stream of thick ropes of cum, most of which splattered on the TV screen.

He took out a tissue, wiped himself and popped his cock back inside his trousers, seeming unconcerned about either me or my pleasure (I hadn't cum).

Matter of factly, he turned to me and said '£12, please'

So, unlike stories I'd read with delivery guys and taxi drivers, my actions hadn't managed to get me a freebie!

A bit shocked and in silence, I paid him and he said thank you and walked to door and left, closing it behind him.

A surreal experience. I was still hard and feeling so horny, I scooped up what was left of his sperm, now trickling down the TV screen and rubbed it on my cock, lubing up for a fantastic 30 second major power wank before I shot my load too.

It was easily one of the most intense orgasms I'd ever had. The only thing that made me believe it had been real and had actually happened was the sticky goo covering my cock and abs and the intoxicating smell of a stranger's cum rising in wafts to my nostrils.

It is still today an amazing memory, which although I tried countless times, I've never been able to re-create.



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