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A Quiet Garden

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Some years ago, when I was 14 and still at school, I had an adventure that I often think about.

Living near to my school, I walked there each morning and back each afternoon. I always walked along a lane which ran past the backs of a row of large houses. There was a high wall all along the length of these houses, and each one had a small wooden gate set in that wall.

One afternoon, I spotted that one of these gates was open, so I looked inside. The house seemed empty, so I walked across the garden to investigate. I couldn't get into the house, but looking through the windows, I could see no furniture: clearly, no one was living there. The garden was quite large, and there were tall hedges around three sides of it, which meant it was not overlooked by any other property.

I wandered around, and found, at the bottom of the garden, a large hut which must once have been a private sports store because inside it, I found an old tennis net rolled up in a corner, and there was some croquet equipment. After about half an hour, I left to go home for tea. As I did, I noticed a bolt on the inside of the wooden gate, but it was a little rusted. I pulled the gate to behind me. Why it was open that day I have no idea. It might, of course, have always been unfastened but I'd never noticed it before. I thought about the place a lot that night and decided that if the gate was still open the next afternoon, I'd explore again.

The next day at school, I felt horny all day and I was just aching to masturbate. Suddenly, I thought, 'Why don't I go into that garden, if the gate's still open, and do it in there?' I couldn't wait for the end of school!

On the way home, I found the gate was still unfastened, so in I went. I managed to loosen the rusty bolt, so I bolted the gate behind me and walked down to the hut. My heart was beating fast and I was eager to begin my adventure. Once inside the hut, I stripped off my clothes, even my shoes and socks. I went to the door, opened it and looked around just to reassure myself that all was deserted and that nobody could see me. Satisfied that I was safe, I took a deep breath and-naked!-stepped outside.

For a while, I strolled round that garden, enjoying the warmth on my nude body (it was summertime), and as I did, I began to erect. That felt even more exciting. I was a little scared by what I was doing, but the excitement made that worthwhile.

Soon my penis was so hard (about 7' long) that it bounced with every step I took. (Have you ever had that experience?) By the time I'd walked right across the grass, I was aching to 'come'. I took hold of my penis and began very slowly to slide my foreskin back and forth. It wasn't long, of course, before I speeded up my rubbing. Then, for some reason, I decided I'd run once around the garden before making myself 'come'. So I did, my penis bouncing with every step. Once back at my starting point, I was raging! I grabbed my penis, stood on tip toes and began to rub hard and fast. In no more than a minute I could feel the orgasm rising. I belted away, and just before I 'came', I looked down. As the rapture exploded somewhere behind my rigid penis and my testicles tightened in their sac, I ejaculated strongly. The semen, in four gigantic bursts, shot forward at least a yard on to the ground. Still rubbing, I fell to my knees and masturbated until I was 'dry'. As the ecstasy faded, I fell on to my face and rubbed my penis back and forth in the warm grass.

At last, virtually exhausted, I rolled over on to my back and lay there until I got my breath back: 'Wow,' I thought, 'what a climax!'

I must have stayed there a quarter of an hour, just thinking of what I'd done; and then it suddenly dawned on me that I was still hard. I sat up and took hold of my penis and rubbed it experimentally. 'Yes,' I thought, 'I'm still rigid and I can 'come' again.'

This time, I rubbed slowly, enjoying the feeling of wanking openly in full daylight. Soon, the excitement began to mount again. I lay back in the grass, therefore, and really went for it. Moments later, I felt the climax building up again so, stretching out my legs and pointing my toes (which always intensifies my orgasms!), I began to rub harder. It took me a little longer this time, but when the climax came-well, let's just say that it was worth waiting for. The spurts of semen shot a foot in the air before landing on my chest and stomach, and then the remainder dribbled down my shaft and on to my fingers.

After I'd finished 'coming', I flopped back in the grass and lay there until I came 'down to earth'. For quite a time, I stayed there just enjoying the feeling of naked, unrestrained freedom. Eventually, I rolled my foreskin forward, stood up and went back into the hut. I took a couple of paper tissues out of my jacket pocket where I always keep some, so that I can clean up after having a quick wank (which I often do!), and I wiped my body and my right hand. Then, I dressed and went back to the little gate. Unbolting it, I looked out to see if there was anyone about. When there wasn't, I stepped out and closed the gate behind me. Walking home, I decided that I'd go and masturbate in that deserted garden again.



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