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A Present for Tommy

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My brother Tommy had just turned fourteen when this happened a few years ago. I'm his sister Marie and I was sixteen. I had very little spending money and I wanted to be able to give him something for his birthday but I didn't know what. Then the light bulb in my head went on and I had a great idea. Tommy's birthday was a Saturday and our parents both worked on Saturday. Mom worked part time and dad full time. Usually we slept a little later and then we both took turns playing with our computer.

This particular Saturday I knocked on his door around nine a.m. and then went in. I wished him a happy birthday and bent down and gave him a kiss on the top of his head. I told him I was sorry I didn't have a real gift but I did have something I wanted to give to him. He just smiled and said, 'what?' I told him to lie back and to close his eyes. Tommy said, 'OK, I'll bite.' He did what I had asked. I told him to lift up his hips and when he did I placed a pillow underneath him. I then told him to lift up again and when he did I pulled down both his pj bottoms as well as his undies all the way to his ankles.

Tommy immediately opened his eyes and covered his penis with his hands. He blurted out, 'Marie, what are you doing??' I told him to put his hands down or I would punch him in the balls. He hesitated and then put his hands down at his sides. I took his penis in my hand and gently began to squeeze it and just fondle it. Tommy said nothing. In a very short time I could feel it and see it getting hard and erect. I continued to fondle it. It was now totally erect and real stiff. A drop of clear liquid came out of the hole which I first thought was a drop of pee but it wasn't. It was thicker and slimy. I spread it over the head of his penis and another drop came out. I spread that one also. I learned how to jack off a boy from watching my friend Judy do it to her boyfriend. I knew what to expect.

I now went into the bathroom and put a bit of lotion in my palm. I came back and started to stroke Tommy's penis. He started to move his hips upward as if he were trying to meet my hand. I just kept stroking. With my other hand I very gently squeezed and pulled on his balls. At one point I got a bit carried away and squeezed too hard. Tommy loudly said, 'OW.' I relaxed my grip. About a minute later I could tell that something was about to happen. He kind of stiffened his body and raised his hips. Then globs of cum started to shoot out of his pee hole. I loved watching it happen. The stuff was on my hand and all over his belly and some got on the sheet. I put my hand to my mouth because I really wanted to see what the stuff tasted like. I covered my tongue with it and then I swallowed it. I honestly didn't care for the taste.

Doing this to my brother had made me real horny but for whatever reasons I didn't want Tommy to do stuff to me. Actually I was thinking of someone else during this time. I jilled that night while in bed and I was thinking of that person.

Tommy thanked me after I wiped him off and a little later he asked me if I would do it to him again some other time. I didn't know if I wanted to or not so I just said, 'we'll see.'

I saw Judy the next day and I couldn't resist telling her what I did to Tommy. She thought it was super cool. Just recently she told me about this site. She suggested I send in my story so that's what I'm doing.

Tommy and I didn't have any type of sex together so I don't see that there's anything wrong with what I did to him. It's not like we did incest or anything like that.



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