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A Polka-dot Orgasm

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The polka-dot in the title refers to my favorite pair of boxers: khaki green w/ white polka-dots. (The Gap has the BEST selection of boxers ever!!!)


This is my second experience to be posted on Solo (first was 'Sharing My Love For Her', May 2003). As in the first story, I will be using the names 'Ethan' and 'Samantha' in place of mine and my girlfriend's real names. However, as the last experience was very romantic, this one is more comical.
This past Monday night, 'Samantha' and I were laying on her bed at about 11:30 PM. She had just gotten back from a week long vacation and this was the first day I had been able to spend time with her since her return. We had just planned an afternoon full of sexual activity for the following day, since we were both very pent up from the week she had been gone. I was getting ready to walk home.
In between our making out, she would casually touch my cock through the jeans I was wearing. After a very short while, I became hard. (She liked to tease me!) Another few minutes passed and I sat up on her bed and told her that I was leaving. She replied, 'Before you go, I expect a kiss.' I knew what she was thinking in her dirty mind, so I sat back down on the bed and slipped her pajama shorts and mesh string-bikini down to her knees. The lining of the bikini was wet with her come; her scent was strong.
I leaned over and gently ran my tongue along her slit, up and down a few times. She moaned. 'It's not fair,' she said. 'I haven't had sex in over a week.' I replaced her underwear and shorts and, once again, sat up in preparation of leaving. But, she pulled me back down and had me lay my head against her pillows. She lifted my shirt and started rubbing my cock through my jeans, like she had before. My green, polka-dot boxers stuck out of the top of my jeans and she commented about how much she liked them.
After a minute or two, the rubbing started to get much faster and more intense. I actually began to moan a bit. 'Would you be able to come just by me doing this?' she asked. I thought and replied 'Probably.' Well, needless to say, we both wanted to find out for sure. 'Samantha' kept going. While she rubbed me, I pulled her closer and we started kissing. (We always kiss when masturbating each other). The friction caused by the material of my boxers was overwhelming.
Having not orgasmed in days and days, it did not take me long to prove that I could, in fact, come by 'Samantha' simply rubbing her hand against me. I began to squirm and moan as I thrust my head back into her pillow. 'Samantha' loves to watch my facial expression as I come, because it turns her on. I made sure to give her a nice show.
My orgasm lasted a good twenty seconds, as I released in tiny spirts inside of my boxers. Neither of us could believe that I had actually come inside of my pants. I ran into the bathroom to clean up, but it was too messy. The top of my boxers were covered in wetness. Some fluid had even dropped inside of them and made a huge spot on my pubic hair. I decided to just leave the mess until I got home. I would wash up in the shower. 'Samantha' and I laughed at this experience, both agreeing that it was the messiest we had ever had sexually.
The next afternoon went along terrifically as planned, but, as much as I hate when other people write this, 'that is a story for another time.' (Maybe I'll write about it in a few days)!!!



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