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A Pleasureable Awakening

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When I was 15 years old, I was not experienced with the opposite sex and my only sexual experience was solitary masturbation. On a given Saturday morning, 'Diane,' a long-time childhood friend, awakened me early in the morning. (We had been friends since first grade-she and her younger brother often played kick ball and rode bikes together.) On this particular morning, she knocked on my window outside my bedroom-the window was open-and I was laying on my twin bed dressed only in my boxers with the sheet barely covering my privates. I had a raging hard-on, as I often did when first waking up. Diane asked if she could come in. She crawled through the window, as she or her brother had done countless times before. Diane was leaving for the weekend and she and her brother would not be able to go with my family to my older brother's baseball game that day.
I must admit I was startled when she woke me up-she'd never come that early before. I was embarrassed and pulled the covers over myself. Diane sat on the edge of my bed and made the usual small talk. Diane was sitting there in her short-shorts and t-shirt; she had no bra on. This was the first time I'd really noticed Diane was a girl! My eyes were stuck on her breasts. She must have noticed. Diane said something like, 'Staring isn't nice.' We began wrestling a little on the bed. Diane accidentally pushed the edge of my sheet off, exposing my erection. I was embarrassed and covered myself up quickly. I said, 'It gets like that every morning.' Diane giggled and said she'd seen her younger brother with hardons through his pajamas often and she had seen him tugging at his penis many times through his pajamas.
I laughed and tried to change the subject. Diane kept asking about how a hardon felt. She asked if it hurt and how it felt to 'spurt.' I said, 'I don't know.' That was a stupid answer; I didn't want her to know I masturbated. Diane then began touching my forehead and inched closer to my face. I was nervous, but excited. Diane continued rubbing my cheeks, down to my shoulder and then my chest. I didn't have a shirt on, so her touch felt so good. Diane rubbed my forearm and twirled her finger around my slight amount of underarm hair.
I was ready to burst. She then-out of the blue-took off her t-shirt. I had never seen live breasts before and my mouth just fell open. I couldn't say anything. Here was my friend since first grade. I never thought of her as a 'girl.' Diane then asked me about jacking off. 'I know you must do it,' she said. I finally sheepishly said, 'Yes, a few times.' (I actually would jerk off 2-3 times a day when I was 15 years old!) Diane then said, 'Show me how you do it.' I was embarrassed, but she continued to trail her hands down to my stomach while keeping her breasts right in my face. Diane finally said, 'I've got to leave in a couple minutes, please show me.' I lightly pushed down my sheet and my dick was sticking out of the flap a little. Diane laughed and said she'd never seen 'one' that was hard before. She'd only seen her brother's by accident when he was taking a bath.
I pulled the head of my dick out the flap. Diane said, 'No, I want to see it all.' I pulled down my boxers. Diane just sat there staring. 'Wow, it's so big.' (I am 8.5 inches now; I was probably 7 inches or so then.) I then put my penis back inside my boxers figuring out that was enough for her. Diane quickly said, 'No, I want to see you spurt.' I pushed my boxers down to my knees and covered myself up with my hands. My embarrassment quickly ended as I thought about getting to have a girl see me naked.
I began rubbing it up and down slowly with my right hand, while placing my left hand behind my neck. I was watching Diane's face and her smile. She was intent on watching. I asked her if she wanted me to continue, and she said, 'Yes.'
After a few seconds she asked if she could 'try.' I couldn't believe it; my heart was pounding. I could hear my mother in the kitchen. I was scared and excited at the same time hoping my mother wouldn't come in on us.
Diane grabbed my penis. I must say her hand wasn't the best at giving a hand job-not as good as my own, but she worked herself into a rhythm. I was breathing hard. Diane knew something was about to happen, but I don't think she knew about semen. I tried to tell her I was about to cum but I came fast and my eyes kind of rolled up in my head as I neared orgasm. Diane kept pumping, while I was tensing up and then I came. I actually exploded. Diane let go of my penis when the first squirt came. I quickly said, 'No, keep on going.' She then kept pumping me as I exploded all over my chest and her hand. She kept pumping me until I said, 'Stop.' She pumped a long time after the orgasm was over.
Diane sat there for a second rubbing her fingers in my cum. Then she quickly said, 'Gotta go.' She jumped up, put on her t-shirt and was gone. About the same time, my mother opened my door, to tell me breakfast was ready and I threw my sheet over myself. Cum stains quickly came through the sheet while she was talking to me. I'm sure my mother thought I had jerked myself off, but she didn't say anything.
I didn't get to touch Diane's breasts or to even reflect on the experience before it was over. My first hand-job from a girl was fast and furious and fun!! Diane and I met again and the next time, we had a mutual. I learned a lot from her.



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