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A Pleasant Surprise from Sister's Friend

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Hey, first off let me say I love this site and the stories and techniques it provides.

This happened to me about four days ago at my house in my room. My parents had left for work before I woke up (it was about 11:30 a.m.), so it was just my sister and I in the house. So I went to get something to eat and then came back up to my room to relax and watch TV. My sister knocks on my door and says she's going to go take a shower. I say 'ok.' Since my sister takes long showers I figured it would be a good time to have some privacy and masturbate. I closed my door a bit and popped in a porn tape before I stripped and laid on my bed. I figured since my sister had the water going she wouldn't hear a thing so I turned the sound up. I started playing with myself watching the movie. Then out of nowhere, my sister's friend Heather (not her real name) came into my room. I couldn't believe it. I had no clue she was in the house at all. I quickly grabbed a blanket and covered up and was saying, 'I'm sorry, I didn't know anyone was up here.'

Heather was about 17 and was a friend of my sisters for a while. She had black hair that reached down below her shoulders, a very nice face, blue eyes, and a killer body. She had a nice round butt and at least C-cup breasts. She was also very open minded and once and a while she would flirt with me out of fun. Needless to say I thought she was hot, but since she was my sister's friend I never made a shot for her.

Anyway I kept apologizing to her and she just stood there. She walked over and sat at my desk and said 'It's cool, mind if I watch?' Now I'll admit when something like this happens you want to say something 'cool' but I couldn't, I was in shock so I just muttered out 'What?' She said 'I love porn and I love watching it with other people.'

'Now sit on your chair and throw some shorts on. I don't want anything popping out too soon.' She said. From there she took off her top revealing a bra that seemed too small for her as she was almost bursting out of it She then took off her jeans and to my delight she had a thong on. Her ass was incredible. By now my penis was practically yelling for masturbation or anything to relieve the erection. She noticed this and took off her bra revealing two perfect tits. I mean they had a nice shape and were smooth and firm. Her nipples weren't small, but weren't huge either. 'Ok now your ready.' She said.

From there she took my shorts off and laid me down on my bed. She straddled me right above my dick and leaned down and kissed me. Then she started to crawl down, licking my nipples on the way down. From there she spit on my dick and started stroking up and down. I looked at her face while she was doing this and she looked like she was studying my dick, she was really focused on it. She started off kind of slow, but then she would switch to fast and then switch hands and then focus on my head. I was on the verge of coming several times but I didn't want the feeling of insane amounts of pleasure to end so I did my best to hold back. She noticed this and said 'Oh so that's you're game?' She sat up just a little and whipped the pre-cum onto her hands, spit into it for lube, and grabbed my shaft with both hands. She started stroking faster and faster twisting when she got to my head. I grabbed my sheets and was trying to hold off. 'You can't hold back any longer' She was right, I couldn't and from there I shot rope after rope of cum into the air. I watched with feelings of extreme pleasure and amazement that that much cum can be in the human body. This was the most I ever produced and I've been masturbating and what not for six years. It landed everywhere on my bed, the wall a little bit, and the floor. She seemed to avoid it.

We were both on my bed breathing, in what seemed like the same pace, just staring into each other's eyes. I started going limp and she said 'not so fast.' She started whipping the cum up with her hands and rubbed it all over her tits making them seem so much more smoother. 'It's your turn.' She said as she took off her thong. Now I've had girlfriends before, but I never went as far with them to see their pussies so this was my first one. So between seeing that and seeing her tits covered in my cum, I was back up and ready to go. She started laying down and then we heard my sister turn off the water. I punched the wall and said 'Fuck'! as she started getting her clothes back on. I sat there not saying a word, just watching this beautiful girl getting dressed. She was about to leave when she came back and started rubbing my once again limp dick. She did it for about 30 seconds before it was hard again. 'You still owe me my orgasm. I'll be back for it someday.' She said. I promised her when the next chance comes she'd get one. She said 'Good and if its good enough, I'll give you so much more than today, remember your promise.' Then she left my room. I turned off my tv, grabbed a nearby shirt, and started wiping cum off things while I heard my sister come up the stairs. Nothing was said to my sister and I'm still waiting to return the favour and when I do I'll write it down here.



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