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A Personal Excitement

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Just enjoy the story!


'Tis a Saturday summer morning and you wake up even before the alarm goes. You are going out for your early morning run at about 6.30 along the beach but your thoughts wander. Ideas gained from readings and viewings you've done make you start to feel a bit raunchy, already. No, I'm being firm, I'm going out, but the ideas persist. I know: later I'll indulge myself.

But there's one image which persists in your mind, the image of that woman crouching, taking a photo, legs slightly open in the position women......no, don't even think of that, get up and out!

You leap out of bed, slightly disturbed, feeling a bit heavy and swollen, glance at yourself in the long mirror as you pass and head for the bathroom.

Your run and exercise pass by followed by a swim in the warm waters of the Gulf, all invigorating. The shower beckons: you spray it about yourself paying particular attention to your loins, spraying it on the head, from behind and again you have that swelling feeling. I must be strong your mind intones, not touch, not think of that woman in the picture. Nonetheless, after your shower you stop by the long mirror, admire yourself from before and behind, you crouch (like the woman); your balls hang low, heavy, after your warm shower, your penis has now risen to full attention. You flick it, you handle the dangling balls, you move away, select clothes to wear, stuff yourself into them. Later, later, you think, then I'll indulge myself.

The morning goes by, your tennis with your friends is good in the afternoon; nothing is scheduled after a few drinks with them. Throughout all this the image, the image of that crouching woman, keeps popping up.

You think you will skip any ball games on the TV this night; you'll indulge in some internet browsing which is bound to be arousing! Girls in short skirts, girls in nothing, girls exhibiting their chests, a search for a site or two where there are girls with hairy pussies, even hair under the arms. You look for women where you can see up their skirts, see their panties, see an unclothed pussy with a wisp of hair. You see girls crouched: oh no! That thought again! I should not go there!

Women crouching: now, you think it's extremely erotic, the view from the front, legs apart, the pussy visible. Your cock is tucked into too tight a space, you release it, you strip, you return to your viewing. You give your cock a single rub, you see it glisten. Your attention is back on the screen. That thought again, a girl crouched, on her own, in the woods, say. You have not done this before but you've wanted to; it's crossing a new threshold. You feel your pulse has increased at the thought: yep, I'm going to do it! Enough of this pussyfooting around! Take the plunge, move into a new area! Your cock is rampant. Yes, I will!

You find Google, enter the words you've been skirting round all day in your mind. There, it's done!

It turns out that, as with most searches, there's plenty of variety. You view your fill: your excitement is high. It's time I indulged myself you think. Some lotion is poured onto the straining cock and you adopt the position you tried momentarily earlier in the day. You crouch in front of the mirror where you can watch as your hand begins a slow motion, holding yourself in the middle, legs wide, looking at your heavy balls hanging. With the lotion you can slide your hand right up to the top and right down. You try the tantalising motion that you've read about. You feel your own balls, play with them as your hand works. You put both hands on your cock and slide them. You are now close to your cumming....

....you pause....

............you wank fast....

........................you slow....

...................................you speed up again....

...............................................you cannot wait, you've got to cum, you have to see the juice, you want the pleasure of spurting across the floor. You look across at the image on your computer screen, the one you really liked since your search. You can see the woman crouching, legs apart, see her closely cropped fleece....

......see her legs and......

......and this is enough to tip you over the edge......

........and then it happens.

Your cock spews forth its manly liquid; you're so sexed up that you're astonished at its force, at the distance it flies out in front of you. Pulse after pulse shoots out towards the mirror, eventually waning as your hand continues to help your cumming and the juice flows gently.

You subside onto the floor, amazed at the intensity of your orgasm. You have not had such an intense pleasure for quite some time on your own. This is masturbation taken to a new height, you think. And that girl is still there on your screen, and beyond her there are others waiting for you to view at another time when your strength has gathered, when you are ready once more to be induced into pure pleasure.

As you lie on the floor I make a sound that startles you (back early from being away for two weeks).

Hello Pete. Was that good? I ask from the hallway door.



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