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A Panty Fetish?

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I think I might have a panty fetish. How much of one, I'm not sure. I'll tell you my experiences and let you decide.


First, let me ask, ?What exactly is a panty fetish?? Is there a specific definition? Are there certain behaviors that qualify? I really don't know.

Is this an early indicator? When I was very young (I have no idea how old), I went into the bathroom I shared with my sister (ten years older than me, in her teens) and got her bra and panties out of the dirty clothes basket and put them on. I'm not sure why. I don't think I was turned on by them. I don't remember smelling them (maybe the bra, though I don't know why). I didn't masturbate in them (I didn't start masturbating until years later when I was thirteen). The only thing I can think of is that I was just plain curious. I didn't really understand why my sister wore different underwear than I did. That's just a guess. Anyway, when I got caught (yes, my mom or dad-not my sister-caught me wearing them as I stood on the counter in front of the mirror) and was asked what I was doing. I think I said that I was seeing if they still fit (presumably, my sister).

Did it make sense? Not now. Did it satisfy my parents? Probably not, although they let it drop. I don't remember getting into any kind of real trouble over it. However, I do have one memory (again, while I was very young; before or after, I'm not sure) of being in my parents' bedroom with my mom and sister. I said the word ?bra,? not really knowing what it meant, and my mom swatted me. So there you are. Decide for yourself.

Well, when I was eighteen, I was staying in a 'dormitory' during the summer. Each bedroom housed two guys or girls, who shared a bathroom. Guys and girls were both housed in each of the four halls. There were two laundry rooms, which everyone shared. At some point (I don't know why, because I'd previously never even thought of doing this), I started looking in the washers and dryers when I entered the laundry room to see if a girl's clothing was inside. Well, nothing much happened right away (a combination of bad luck and lack of nerve). Then one time, I found a nice pair of panties. I don't know what they were made of (not cotton though). They were soft and smooth. I thought the area which came into contact with the girl's pussy was smoother, slicker, than the rest. The panties were already clean when I found them.

Well, I smuggled the panties to my room, where I enjoyed them very much. I smelled them (even though they were clean), and rubbed them on my face. I put them on and they felt good, though they were too small for me and my boner pressed painfully against them. And of course, I jacked off in them. Then I washed them, careful to make it seem as if they might have already been in the washer or dryer I happened to put my stuff in. I was very concerned about getting caught with them, though to my knowledge no one ever reported them missing or initiated a search for them. After having them for only a brief while, I think I discarded them in the space between the backs of the washers and dryers and the wall so it would look like they might have fallen back there by accident.

Another time I was in the other laundry room and I emptied one of the dryers to put my stuff in. There was a long counter with a sink at one end along the back wall where I piled the stuff. While doing this, I observed three pairs of panties. They were thin cotton, and one was bright orange, the second was hot pink, and the third was dark purple (best as I can remember). Well, I was very turned on by these panties, but I was too afraid to take them. So I didn't. But I took every opportunity to feel them while I was in there.

One time, while I was briefly staying in a two-bedroom apartment located in the back of the 'dormitory,' I woke up from a nap and left my bedroom to find the apartment empty. However, I found a bundle of clothes on the coffee table. When I looked through them, I discovered they belonged to a girl because they contained a bra and panties. The bra wasn't of much interest to me (just didn't seem very sexy), but I looked at the panties. They were still warm (at least, I think they were; it's been a few years). I then gave into the impulse I'd been harboring for some time and smelled the panties. Well, I can't describe the smell, but contrary to my expectations, I didn't enjoy it. I think I felt a little sick about the whole thing. Why? I don't really know. Maybe because I was invading someone's privacy. Maybe just because I wasn't turned on by the smell like I thought I'd be. Anyway, I didn't even think about using them to masturbate. I just bundled them back together and replaced them on the table where I'd found them.

I later found out that my roommate and his girlfriend and another female friend of ours had gone swimming. For some reason, the second girl had left her clothes there. I can't even figure out how she happened to have changed in our apartment (if that's what she did), since her room was just down the hall from us.

And there have been occasions when I've tried getting into my cousins' panties (not while they were wearing them). When my dad and step-mom got married, I stayed at my aunt and uncle's house. They let me sleep in my cousin's room. She was in junior high at the time, I think. While I was in there with the door shut, I took the opportunity to look through her dresser drawers, but I didn't find anything interesting. This occasion provided one of my most frustrating masturbation experiences. I don't usually like to masturbate when staying in a relative's house, but occasionally I do (or try to). This time I was in the shower, trying to jack off, and everyone was getting ready for the wedding. It was one of those times when no matter what I tried. Nothing worked. I jacked and jerked, used soap to lubricate, but it was no go. I finally gave up. If I'd had more time and been under less pressure, maybe...

Another time I was staying with my grandparents for Christmas. There was a different cousin staying with us. Her overnight bag was in the bathroom, and I took the opportunity to poke around in it while I was in there. It wasn't very rewarding, however, because I didn't want to do too much. I didn't know if she'd be able to tell if her stuff had been disturbed. Plus, the bathroom door didn't lock. I did feel a bra (not very interesting) and some panties, but nothing happened. Also, I thought I could feel a plastic bag in her overnight bag which I assumed contained dirty clothes, but I didn't dare try to get into it for the same reasons, only more so.

All of those are real experiences. That doesn't even take into account my fantasies and reactions to panties in the stories I read. I've had dreams and/or fantasies about being inside a girl's room and being able to go through her drawers and explore her panties. Also, I'd like to be alone in a store and be able to examine the lingerie department. And I get a thrill the stories that have panties in them-well, not so much the panty stories-just some of the stories that have scenes where it describes a girl in her panties, or taking them off, or giving them to a guy, or something similar.

Now, I've wished for panties to masturbate with. I'd love to have that smooth, soft material to rub on my cock. Also, I'm a little turned on by putting them on, though only in private; however, I don't want to buy new panties. That's just not the same as having some a girl has actually worn. The only problem with that is I don't have a girlfriend (haven't had one for years), and I don't have any girl friends whom I could get panties from. That leaves me with one possibility I've looked into, but never acted on: buying used panties from the Internet. Well, like I said, I've never done it (for lots of reasons), and probably never will. So, until I have another girlfriend, or girl friend, I don't have a source, and my fetish, if that's what it is, lies dormant (except for the thrills in the stories, of course).

Well, that's it, I guess. If I've left anything out, I'll have to save it for another story. In the mean time, thanks for reading. If you have any thoughts about my experiences, feel free to comment. Hopefully I'll learn something. Now, I also hope some of you might have gotten some enjoyment from my story, though I doubt it. While my experiences are real, they weren't very entertaining. Like I said before, it's up to you to decide.



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