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A One off With a Friend

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At least I think it was a one off


A few weeks ago my friend Jenny and I went on a hen weekend in Brighton. It was the usual high jinks with lots of drinking and dancing, flirting with guys and generally behaving a bit badly!

We were staying at different hotels but as hers was serving drinks later than mine, the two of us and another girl ended up drinking back there in the small hours. The other girl went to bed and we carried on chatting, eventually it was so late that Jenny invited me to crash in her room.

There was only one bed but we have shared before and just fell into bed and carried on warbling on about the hen do, her single life, and lots of other stuff.

I am not sure quite how what happened did. Jen was talking about being sexually frustrated and then started going on about how often she masturbates. She said she was at it every day and has even had mutual sex chat with strangers online. She has been single for a year and a half, so I was understanding about it and asked when she last got laid. Turns out that was over a year ago too. Poor Jen!!

Anyway as we were talking we were sort of snuggled together and I suddenly realised her hands were inside my T shirt, stroking my back. Then she started to run her fingers around my rib cage, really near my tits. We were talking about her solo sex still and I have always been turned on by other women masturbating, so I was starting to feel a bit horny. I slipped my hand in her nightshirt and started casually tickling her back.

Her response was to let her hands roam up on to my breasts. I couldn't believe it, but all the while she kept talking, saying how bored and horny she got. Now she was running her hands over my nipples, then pulling them a little bit. My heart was in my mouth but I made no move to stop her. Then when she lifted my t shirt up and started kissing my breasts, it was kind of past the point of saying anything!

I dumbly let my hands go to her boobs. They are huge, 36 Fs, and she moaned without any self consciousness at all. She slid her knee between mine and leaned over and suddenly we were snogging, my first ever girl on girl kiss. It got really passionate, rolling around on the bed over and over. She was running her hands all over me and I was doing the same.

She stroked my bits through my knickers and I think I did moan at that point. Then she slipped her hand down my waistband and into my pants, which were soaking by now. She stroked my pussy all over, then I gasped as she found my hard clit and started to gently massage it in tiny circles. She moved on to her back, took my hand and moved it up her nightshirt.

'Make me cum Hayley!' she blurted out, her voice strained with sexual tension. That was the only time either of us spoke.

I have never touched a girl's genitals before apart from mine. I was twisting her big nipples as I rummaged around down there, I think her clit is bigger than mine but it felt almost familiar, like doing it to myself. I knew exactly how to touch her and at what pace, and we basically teased the fuck out of each other's pussies for ages while groping and squeezing another's tits.

Then she started to thrust right up off the bed and I could tell she was close, but kept tickling her clitoris, slowly, pinching it a bit. Her fingers were working a fast and steady rhythm on my cunt and it was getting harder to concentrate, but I kept going slow until she sort of whimpered with desperation. Then without warning I started to masturbate her in quick firm strokes and she was panting and moaning and writhing against my hand. She came quite loudly and then lay there panting, her hand still in my knickers.

I could feel my clit throbbing and thought she was going to be selfish and go to sleep, but she didn't. After maybe three or four minutes she started to masturbate me again, leaning over and watching my face as she did. I felt the excitement rising in my tummy and as I thrust against her she slipped her finger up inside me. I came at once, trying hard to muffle my moans.

We lay there for a while without saying anything, then went to sleep. It wasn't mentioned the day after and I felt terrible as I have a boyfriend. (I have told him since and while a bit freaked he was ultimately really aroused by it!) Jen and I finally talked about it last night over a few drinks and agreed it was a one off. She was full of praise for my fingering skills though!

After recounting the story I think I will put those skills to good use now........



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