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A Night To Remember (Forever)

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A few years back I was working in sales and was on the road a lot. One week I happened to be in our neighboring state near the town where two of my nieces, Ann and Jill were attending college. Ann and Jill were not sisters but first cousins. Their mothers are sisters to my wife. Since I was in the area and had some time to kill I called them up. They, along with two other girls, were renting a house near the college. They were excited that I was there and wanted to get together that night and party. The truth be known, they knew I had money and they were probably broke.

Let me stop here and give you some details. I was 40 years old at the time and Pam and Ann were both 20. The two girls sharing the house with them, Deb and Ellen, were 19 and 21. We agreed on a time and I told them I would pick up steaks for everyone. I arrived at their house at the appointed time. We cooked the steaks and the girls opened some baked beans and baked some potatoes. It was most enjoyable dining with four beautiful young women. A description of the girls: Ann was small, about five-four with long brown hair. Her tits are a little on the small side but she has a really nice ass. She had a great tan. Jill's body is not much different from Ann's but Jill has reddish blond hair. Jill has a pale complexion and was without a doubt the most beautiful of the four girls. Deb was about five-eight with short hair that was jet black and a body out of this world. Beautiful tits and ass. Ellen was a little on the chubby side, not fat but full figured, but she had a great body. She was a red head and very pretty in the face.

We ate and I sat and talked as the girls cleaned up. For the next hour we talked about family and everything else that came to mind. Somehow the conversation turned to sex and masturbation. We started talking about all the slang terms for masturbation, things like 'whipping your willie', 'fucking your fist', 'slapping your monkey', 'pulling your pud' and on and on. Ann is pretty outspoken and usually says exactly what's on her mind and in the middle of the slang terms she turns to Ellen, the chubby girl and said, 'Hey, you said the other night that you have never masturbated a guy so now is your chance. I'm sure Uncle Larry would love to feel your fingers around his cock.' You could tell Eva was embarrassed but she also looked interested. Ann also being one who is always thinking of ways to have fun then said something that really got my interest. 'How about we play a game. We put a blindfold on you, meaning me, and each of us take turns jacking you off. That way you will not know if all of us participated nor will you know who did it. It could be the same person doing it each time or it could be two of us or all four of us. Only we will know.' She asked me if I was game and I assured her I was. All the girls seemed eager except Deb. She was not sure she wanted to join in Ann's game.

Jill got up and started looking for something to use as a blindfold. They found a black cloth and applied it to my head and completely covered my eyes. They asked me to lie on the floor and as soon as I got on my back I could feel several pairs of hands taking my clothes off. They didn't stop until I was completely naked. My dick was hard by the time they got my clothes off. As soon as I was naked I felt a pair of hands on my cock. I have no idea who they belonged to. I suggested that it was unfair for me to be naked and for them to be dressed plus I could not see them. They quickly shed their clothes and a pair of hands returned to my cock. It wasn't long until I could tell that a different pair of hands was touching my cock. They were very deliberate and were taking their time. It was apparent that they did not want me to cum quickly. Occasionally I would feel a pair of hands fondling my balls as the other pair of hands rubbed my dick. My hands were reaching out and feeling naked bodies and hairy pussies but I have no idea who I was feeling.

The thought of four naked beauties looking at me and playing with me as they were, was pushing me over the edge. It wasn't long until I announced that I was going to cum. When I said that, the hand on my cock started going up and down my shaft faster. I couldn't see it when it happened, but I know I shot a huge load of cum. After I came I could tell another pair of hands were playing with me, rubbing my cum all over my dick and balls. I heard someone whisper, 'I'll bet we can make him hard again.' And they did. It wasn't long until my dick was sticking straight up. Those pussies that I had been caressing from the start that were fairly dry to start with were now soaking wet with pussy juice. As they took turns jacking my cock I was busy fingering two pussies and rubbing two clits. I would rub a clit for a few minutes and then I would hear that person start to moan and they would cum. I had a pretty good idea who it was from their moaning but I could not be sure. With a pair of hands playing with my cock and each of my hands working on a pussy, it was pushing me toward a second cum. One of the girls sat on my chest as she jacked me off and I could feel her wet hairy pussy on my chest. The odor of aroused pussy filled the room. Soon I came again but the game continued.

They continued playing with my cock and continued to get in a position for me to get them off. By the time our little game ended, I had cum three times and I know I heard at least ten orgasms take place. Finally we were all exhausted and it ended. They asked me not to remove my blindfold until they were all out of the room. I asked them to give me a pussy massage before they left to get dressed. Each girl straddled my body and I could feel pussies rubbing my body from my head to my feet. They rubbed pussy juice all over my body. Once they finished, they said to give them until the count of 20 before I took my blindfold off. I did as they asked and when I removed my blindfold I was in the room by myself. I got up and started to take a shower but I decided to leave their drying pussy juice on. I slipped on my pants and shirt and opened the door and walked into the living room. All four girls were sitting there fully dressed with a sly smile on their faces. When I said something about that being the hottest night of my life they all looked at me and said, 'What are you talking about?' One by one they said, 'I decided not to participate in the game so I didn't do anything.' My comment was, 'Yeah, right.' As far as I know one or more of them could have been telling the truth. What I do know is that more than one pair of hands touched my cock and I know that I touched at least two pussies. The truth be known I'm pretty sure that all four of them participated in the game, a game that I enjoyed. I looked at Ellen and asked her if she fulfilled her dream of jacking a man off. She blushed and said, 'You'll never know.' I did know because I could tell when I was playing with Ellen's pussy because of her size.

That took place 15 years ago and I still get hard every time I think about that night. I don't know whatever happened to Deb and Ellen but I know that Ann and Jill both graduated from college and are both now married and working in professional jobs. I saw both of them last year at a family reunion and talked to them about what happened that night. They both smiled and said, 'Oh, we didn't join in the game. It was Deb and Ellen that did it to you. My reply was, 'Yeah, right.'



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